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Meet the Designers - Rug Edition

Vittoria Ardore
Vittoria Ardore
Dec 14, 2023

At DressMyCrib, it's no secret we're big fans of rugs. Rugs are foundational elements that bring warmth, comfort and character to any living space. 

Though in our opinion often overlooked, rug design is an ancient art form driven by creative visionaries who pour passion into every thoughtful detail - from colors, shapes and textures to intricate patterns. 

Inspired by the huge increase in talented young designers, we spotlight some of the top innovating minds in contemporary rug design along with their unique stories.


Based in Latvia, Ilze is a seasoned teacher with six years’ experience in the education field. These years, though filled with beauty, challenges, and fun, ultimately led her to a pivotal decision to transition away from teaching. However, in this shift, Ilze found her true passion—tufting and rug making.

The journey to tufting was a series of unforeseen events, and Ilze attributes her venture into this creative realm to her sister. Not only did her sister play a significant role in inspiring Ilze's tufting journey, but she also contributed by crafting most of the illustrations for the rugs. 

When you invest in IlzesRugs, you're not just purchasing a unique rug; you're acquiring a piece that embodies the collaborative spirit (and a touch of sisterly love) between two talented sisters.

Ilze’s funky snail rug is a great illustration encompassing the essence of her style. This acrylic rug features a snail design, making it ideal for kids’ rooms – or your own. 

Caroline Kaufman

New York textile designer and artist Caroline Kaufman is known for her experimental fabrics, hand painted prints, and whimsical perspective. 

Guided by a respect for storytelling and craftsmanship, Kaufman’s work explores the intersection of art, design and functionality. 

“She is perhaps best known for her recent, wildly complex tufted textiles, which play with madcap colour schemes and zany patterns to produce functional rugs that look just as at home on the walls of a gallery,” writes Rosie Lesso.

Kaufman’s fiber-based practice utilizes color, texture and pattern to investigate nostalgia and the unconscious, unfiltered nature of creativity. Her synesthetic relationship with color translates imaginative daydreams into vibrant motifs. 

With a BFA in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute along with prestigious grants and features, Caroline’s nostalgic yet forward-thinking creations find expression in livable fiber art residing at the crossover of past sentiment and playful possibility.

Her tufted art is bold, complex, and full of personality.

Happy Rugs

Madeline Ronzoni is a 23-year old rug artist known for her @happy.rugs TikTok and Instagram presence.

She has been creating and sharing her signature tufted rugs reflecting simple joys since 2020. With demand for her experimental designs outstripping capacity, Madeline sought an ethical partnership with artisans to eliminate multi-year waits for customers. 

By collaborating, her team sustains high quality production of uniquely playful rugs with one of the most luxurious and durable fibers for rugs, hand-dyed New Zealand Wool. Guiding the process from original vision through to nurturing partnerships for realization, Madeline aspires to push boundaries for non-traditional rugs reflecting what makes life happy.

Her works include Wiggles, Boba and Flower Clouds.

Tarta Gelatina

Behind indie brand Tarta Gelatina are Paz and Marcel, a creative designer duo residing in Barcelona.

Their aim is to infuse joy into living spaces through thoughtfully crafted modern homewares, all while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.

As a small brand, Tarta Gelatina take pride in managing every aspect, from designing their products, to photography, graphic design, social media, and customer support, all conducted from their home studio. Occasionally, their cat, Curry, lends a paw in their creative endeavors!

Her rugs include cheeky, whimsical colors, designs and shapes - just like the Jelly Worm rug.

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