Runner Rugs

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What Are Runner Rugs For?

We have all been in a situation where you have a narrow space in a house, and you don't know what to do. This is incredibly confusing if you want to dress up the flooring. Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind while looking for 'clothing' for your floors is rugs. So, what kind of rug to put in the narrow and long space in your house?

The best solution - runner rugs! Runner rugs have become quite trendy over time, and now many people use runner rugs worldwide. The thing is that they become the go-to for a lot of interior designers because for long narrow space it creates the illusion of an elongated area and gives character.

So, what are runner rugs? Runner rugs are rugs that are longer than they are wide. They have a specific appearance because of the more extended look you can fit in different narrow spaces such as hallways. Of course, they come in only one shape, which is rectangular. These rugs are usually used where there is a lot of traffic in the home; that is one of the main reasons they are called 'runners.'

Since these rugs are pretty trendy, naturally, you can find many of them in today's markets. And it can be quite a difficult task to choose from, especially if you are purchasing one online. To help you make the decision easier, try to see it with the AR tool. This tool helps you see the rug in your space from your smartphone, and the best thing is you don't even need the app. Another thing is that you need to narrow the list of the runner rugs, so we prepared you the most popular runner rugs that people go for:

Kitchen Runner Rugs

There is a vast misconception that kitchen doesn't need a rug. It is wrong to think you don't need to put a rug in the kitchen. Some may say that you won't have the time to clean the rug and it will always be dirty, while there is some truth in that still the rugs in the kitchen helps to open up the space and give a unique character to that space. Also, it softens the flooring if you have hard floors and defines the area.

Photo by Kaleidoscope Living

We, same as New York Times bestselling author of many books on the home Melissa Michaels, like kitchen runners, and have collected a few things why runner rugs are the perfect fit for any kitchen space you have:

1. A splash of color.

Colors are always fun; you can choose from many colorful options for rugs. It will add a touch of fun to the space, make the room appear more prominent, and open up the space. So, for example, runner rugs in this color scheme:

  • Light-colored runner rugs - make a small kitchen appear more prominent. This is a great way to make the kitchen feel spacious with the pale-colored rugs and give a contrasting look to the space.
  • Bright, vibrant colored runner rugs - these colors bring more energy to the kitchen because you have to be excited with all the cooking. So, the colors like yellow, lime green, orange - will be the perfect fit.

Pro tip:If you are still unsure if a runner rug is perfect for the kitchen. We suggest you use the AR tool using your smartphone and see the rug in your kitchen space. Make your decision process more manageable.

2. Addition of pattern and texture.

This is also an exciting way to bring life into the kitchen space; you can always add a rug with patterns or a natural texture.

So, for example, patterned runner rugs are always a way to decorate because the patterns make the kitchen have more of a personal feel to it. Also, do not forget about the function - if you are a messy cook, then the patterns of your runner rug will hide the stains and crumbs more effectively. But do not neglect to vacuum the rug; you still need to do that.

We mentioned the texture or specifically natural texture. It means when the rug is made out of natural material, like sisal, jute, seagrass. Natural fiber runner rugs are always a good choice for the kitchen because they are easy to clean. Also, the beautiful natural texture and vibe they give will help your kitchen space stand out and be more inviting to spend more time.

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Hallway Runner Rugs

We covered that the runner rugs can transform even the most minor places in your home. The most popular place to put a runner rug in the hallway. Why is that?

Photo by Old Brand New

Well, hallways have this aura that sometimes is quite dark and dreary, not to mention uninviting. Also, there is a lot of foot traffic in the hallway, and to have that comforting feeling under your feet can create only a runner rug. It is designed to fit your hallway in the best way possible.

Having hallway runner rugs will help you brighten up the space in that specific area and transform that area into a warm and inviting space. Also, another benefit of runner rugs in hallways is that it protects the floors from everyday wear and tear.

While choosing hallway runner rugs can be challenging because you have to decide the color of that rugs, or if it will have a pattern that can grab the attention immediately while coming into the space or even the texture of that rug - this is the hard part. But overall, the runner rug for the hallway is relatively easy to choose; you need to consider these two things - how long it should be and how much space it should cover.

Size of a hallway rug. Standard hallway runner rug is between 2 and 3 feet wide and can range from 6 to 14 feet in length. The best way to choose the sizing of a runner rug for the hallway is to match the shape of your space. While looking at the size of the new runner rug, it is best if the length of the rug does not extend into the other area of the house.

Another solution for choosing hallway runner rugs is using the AR tool. This tool is designed in a way that will help you see the runner rug in your space only using your smartphone.

Flooring coverage with hallway runner rug. Another important thing is to decide on the width of your runner rug. Regardless of the length of your chosen runner rug, the best solution for the hallways is to have runner rugs as a centerpiece. This means that the runner rug has an equal space left around the longer sides of the rug.

Hallway runner rug should help you define the space and the path to other rooms, so it doesn't need to be like a wall-to-wall carpet. The best thing while doing this is that you leave a bit of space between the wall and rug, so you have lovely flooring showing through, which can enlighten your room more and make the hallway look lighter than before.

Outdoor Runner Rugs

Outdoor spaces are where the decorating process is the most exciting because this space has so much potential and endless possibilities or even designs you can do. One way to start to build your outdoor space is with rugs.

Photo by Porte + Hall

The beauty behind every outdoor rug is that you can choose from different rugs, just like the rug's material or the size. For example, runner rugs are an excellent choice for a high-traffic area, like terrasse.

We mentioned that material is quite crucial while choosing outdoor runner rugs. So, what are your options for these outdoor rugs:

  • Synthetic fiber outdoor rugs - most of the synthetic rugs are made from polypropylene, nylon, polyester. These materials are waterproof and will be perfect if you place them outside. Also, the rugs made from this material come in many colors, so you don't need to worry that you won't find the match and synthetic is relatively easy to clean and care for.
  • Natural fiber outdoor rugs - with this one, it can be tricky because natural is also jute or seagrass rugs, but these rugs are not suitable for the outdoors. You need to look for the materials like bamboo or sisal. They not only add texture to your patio but also will be an excellent choice for an all-natural look you may go for.

When you decide on the material, you need to know about the natural wear that can happen, especially using runner rugs for high-traffic areas. We made you a simple four-step list on how to care for your outdoor runner rugs or any runner rugs in your house:

  1. Rotate. It may sound confusing, but the best practices show that you can minimize the wear by rotating your rug 180 degrees. It is best if you do this step once a year. This step can help prevent fading in one spot, and your rug will wear evenly over time.
  2. Always read the label of your rug. Tags are essential, especially when we are talking about the rugs. You can find most of the information about the rug on the label. If you read the label, you will know how to care for your rug properly.
  3. Spot cleaning your rugs. Stains on the rug can happen to anyone, so the best thing to spot is to clean them. This is the best way to keep the rugs clean between getting them to clean for the professional cleaning.
  4. Vacuuming. Regular vacuuming for your runner rugs is a must. This helps you remove deeply embedded dirt and prolongs the life of your rug. All the rugs experts recommend that you should vacuum your rug weekly.

If you see that you still have some doubts about choosing the rug you like, you can check how that rug looks in your space with the AR tool. Use your smartphone and find the perfect rug!

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Black and White Runner Rugs

Photo by Jonesville

We mentioned that the color of your rug is essential, but what about the one particular classic that never goes out of the style - black and white rugs. This is the classic combo that people choose when looking for a perfect runner rug. Not only is it a design staple but also a safe option because this combo color can fit with any interior design.

Since the runner rug can become the center of attention when you first come to the room, then you can look at different patterns to make sure that you have that attention-grabbing thing in your space. We have a few examples that most people look at the black and white runner rugs.

Black and White Runner Rugs With Stripe Patterns.

Stripes are one of the most popular patterns you can ever find, not only in this black and white color combo but also in other colors. This patterned runner rug can be a bold choice, but the stripes create this playful, dramatic, formal, yet casual feel in your space. So, you don't need to worry about the rug being overly too bold.

If you happen to purchase a black and white runner rug that has horizontal stripes, then that rug will help you create a more spread-out space, and it may appear more prominent.

Pro tip: if you are still unsure if a black and white runner rug will fit your home space, we suggest you see it before purchasing. How does it work? It is simple: use the AR tool using your mobile phone and choose the rug more efficiently.

Black and White Runner Rugs With Geometric Patterns.

Another classic combination - geometric patterns. These patterns became staple in the 1940s when the mid-century modern design became more popular, and this pattern is still respected to this day.

Various geometric shapes on the runner rug will create a unique and contemporary look in your home. So, while looking for a black and white runner rug with this pattern, you need to look at a few details why this rug will be perfect for your space. Rugs have these factors warmth, isolation, and zoning.

It is true that you hardly now see the home without the rug because, for most people, rugs have that special thing where they give even the most minor places warmth and inviting feeling. Another great thing about the runner rugs is that they are a natural way to have isolation; the rug will absorb any loud noise or echo. Also, people usually use runner rugs to create zones in the home or divide certain places.

Photo by TLC Interiors