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A rug in the bathroom space is one of those things that can make or break the overall look. We say that it is a must to have some bathroom rug. But the more significant challenge is choosing one. 

Everyone loves to make fast decisions, so we present you with an AR tool to ensure such efficiency. This tool lets you look at how the desired bathroom rug will look in your space before purchase. Take your smartphone and try this AR tool to see how that rug fits your bathroom.

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What are bathroom rugs?

There is no secret that the bathroom is our private sanctuary. So, naturally, you would want to style it best because the right style can make the bathroom your relaxing oasis. While keeping that thing in mind, you also need to look at the practical side of any accessories you might put there. 

One of those accessories is area rug. Bathroom rugs are a material that you can put next to your shower, bath, toilet, or sink. The options are endless here. Naturally, they have beautiful designs that can add some fun elements to your bathroom. But here comes the practical side. 

Usually, bathroom rugs are made from materials that can quickly absorb the water from your feet. Still. don't mix the Bath Mat vs Bath Rug. Another function of bathroom rugs is that they can help you define the bathroom space and create a focal point there. This function usually works when you have a bigger bathroom. 

When you have these few pointers for bathroom rugs, you need to choose the actual one. But here's the thing: this is a struggle for many people. Our goal is to help you make quick choices in the decision-making process, so we have the Augmented Reality (AR) tool. Use the tool with your smartphone to see how the actual rug will look in your bathroom. 

Since the market for rugs is huge and we want you to have the best possible sanctuary place in your bathroom, we have selected the bathroom rugs that people usually look for: 

Non-slip bathroom rugs

non-slip bathroom rug

Photo by The Lily Pad Cottage

The bathroom, just like any place in the house, can be messy. But the mess can be hurtful here. Slippery floors are something that can be dangerous to anyone. So, the need for something that will help you not get hurt in the bathroom is a must. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why people tend to lean toward non-slip bathroom rugs. The thing about non-slip rugs is that they sometimes tend to be ugly; not only you might want a non-slip bathroom rug that has the function of beauty. To help you choose the perfect-looking bathroom rug, you can try to see it in your space before the purchase. Here's how you can do that: you will need your smartphone; no app is required for this; choose the rug of your liking, and with the help of the AR tool, you can see the rug in your bathroom space. 

So, now that you have the valuable tool to look at non-slip bathroom rugs, let's cover the basics of non-slip bathroom rugs. Here are a few of them:

  • Stylish. It can sound crazy when the talk goes about the bathrooms and decorating, but the truth is that this space is your place of heaven. Picking the perfect looking non-slip rug with an intricate pattern or color, you can enlighten the room and create a stunning oasis. 
  • Comfort. The comfort under your feet from the rug is one of those things that are pretty pleasant. Not only does it prevent you from slipping on the wet floor, but it also helps you feel comfortable in front of the mirror. 
  • Cost. Some rugs can indeed be crazy expensive, but that can depend on the rug's material and size. Since most non-slip bathroom rugs are smaller, they are not that expensive. A massive plus for this type of rug is that you can change them quite often; it depends on the wear and tear. 

So, here are a few benefits of non-slip bathroom rugs. Of course, it's your choice what kind of rug to create the perfect atmosphere in your oasis, but we highly recommend selecting a non-slip option, so you can prevent them from getting hurt by slipping on a wet floor. 

Large bathroom rugs

Large bathroom rug

Photo by MyDomaine

Usually, people choose a large bathroom rug because they want to cover a vast space. For example, this size rug can be handy in front of the bathtub. The feeling of warmth when you step out of the bathtub will help you feel more relaxed. But also, the large bathroom rug will be a great decoration in your bathroom space. 

Another thing that you might need to consider is the lifespan of the rug. The lifespan of your rug depends on the way you care for it. For example, if you don't clean your rug regularly, then you will quickly notice the wear and tear of the rug. Also, regular cleaning of the rug in the bathroom can help you eliminate bacteria in the material. 

To help you take care of your bathroom rug, we made a little list of a few rules you can follow in cleaning your bathroom rug:

  • Remove the dust. To remove any dust or hair on the rug, you can shake the rug outside. This way, you will remove the first layer of dust, dirt, or debris that might be trapped in the rug. 
  • Check the label. Most care instructions on the rug you can find on the label of the rug. Some rugs can be washable in the washing machine, but some are not. The specific instructions are always on the label. 

If your rug is machine washable. If you want to wash your rug in the washing machine, then you will need to choose the gentle cycle, so the material of the rug won't have any damage. The cycle's temperature should be warm or hot, depending on the rug's material. The high temperature can help you kill mould or bacteria. 

If your rug is not machine washable. You can fill up the tub with warm water and a little bit of detergent, and then with the sponge, gently scrub the rug to clean when you're done, then wash the rug with cold water and leave it to dry. This type of washing is usually helpful if your rug is made from a natural material, bamboo, or jute.

Pro tip: If you want to choose a large bathroom rug - we suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use our modern AR solution directly from your smartphone. 

Bathroom runner rugs

Bathroom runner rug

Photo by Leclair Decor

The variety of rug sizes can be helpful when the bathroom space is unusual. For example, if your bathroom is longer or you have an extended sink area, you want a rug that will be the same length as the counter, then you will need a runner rug

A runner rug is a rug that is longer than they are wide. They have a pretty specific appearance, and you can fit them in different narrow spaces, not only place them in the bathroom. One more thing to know is that the runner rug is usually used in an area with a lot of foot traffic, but they are perfect for bathrooms too. 

If you have not only one runner rug in your house, and they are in different spaces, not only in the bathroom, and you start to see some wear on the rug, then these few quick tips are perfect for your runner rug:

  1. Rotation. By rotating your runner rug 180 degrees at least once a year, you can minimize or even out the fading of the rug. It helps to wear the rug more evenly over time. 
  2. Spot cleaning the rug. Spot cleaning helps you remove any unwanted spots from the rug, and also, this way; you will make sure that your rug will always look good. In general, your rug or the rugs in any other space should be cleaned once a year by professionals. This way, you will have the rug for a longer time. 
  3. Vacuuming the rug. Regular vacuuming of the rug helps you remove any dust, dirt, or hair stuck more profoundly in the rug's fibers. Professionals recommend vacuuming the rug once a week. 

So, here are a few tips for making sure that your bathroom runner rug will stay with you longer. If you still have doubts about choosing a runner rug, you can see it in your space using your smartphone and AR tool. 

Black and white bathroom rugs 8x10

Black and white bathroom rug

Photo by Urban Outfitters

People say that classics never die - well, it's true. Black and white is a magical combination that can lift any interior in any space of the house or outside. One of the traditional combinations and sizes for huge bathrooms are black and white 8x10 rugs. 

These size rugs are relatively big, so they will look great in spacious bathroom spaces because they will cover quite a lot of the flooring. When choosing the right black and white rug, you must look for suitable material. 

Every material is different, and besides the color combination, the feel and look of the material can give different vibes and create a unique look. For the bathroom space, not every material can be used. The biggest deal breaker is the durability and comfort factor. Here are a few materials that are comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, will last longer in bathroom space:

  1. Polypropylene. This material is synthetic and a good option if you're on a budget. Since the material is made of synthetic fibers, it resists fading, mildew, and moisture. Polypropylene rugs are exceptionally durable and low-maintenance. 

  2. Jute. One of the natural materials, and it's considered a natural elegance. These types of rugs are relatively maintenance-free, and it's one of the great choices for the bathroom. If you want to clean this rug, then you can use the vacuum because if you use water, it can begin to grow mold. 

  3. Seagrass. Another natural fiber material. This rug can easily remove the stains using a damp towel and water. Just like any other natural material, it is eco-friendly, so if you have to throw this rug away, then it won't harm the environment. 

Those are just a few material examples that you can use in your bathroom space. We mentioned that there are a lot of materials you can choose from; avoid wool or any other rug made from fur material; it's not suitable for bathroom spaces. For the final decision-making, you can use an AR tool that helps you see the rug in your area from the comfort of your smartphone. 

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