See Farmhouse Rugs In Your Room

Looking for the perfect farmhouse rug? Browse from thousands of options and see what they look like in your room.

Farmhouse Rug Guide

Farmhouse rugs are treasured additions in many home interiors. To ensure a perfect fit, use our rug visualizer to preview rug options in your space, then purchase from a trusted reseller. When selecting, it's not just about personal preference; the rug should complement the room and serve a purpose. While your style is paramount, the rug's feel and prominence in your thoughts are equally essential. 

Farmhouse style is characterized by its rustic charm, drawing from rural architectural aesthetics, while seamlessly incorporating modern comforts for a cozy, stylish look. However, design is just one factor; the true essence of choosing a rug lies in aligning it with your aesthetic sensibilities. 

Before purchasing, prioritize the rug's design, color, and texture. Our rug visualizer can boost your buying confidence; simply use your smartphone to visualize the rug in your space.

Farmhouse Area Rugs

When choosing a rug, embrace creativity! For instance, a farmhouse area rug can introduce unconventional styles, illuminating your space in unique ways. This rug style, which emphasizes practicality and rustic allure, is versatile for both workspaces and homes. As a central element of home decor, it's crucial that your rug resonates with your personal style and complements the room's ambiance. Using AR can help ensure you make an informed decision.

Farmhouse Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen, a high-traffic area, benefits from the warmth and cushioning of a rug. Popular sizes include 2x3, 4x6, and 5x8. While some shy away from kitchen rugs fearing spills, choosing the right material, such as polypropylene, can alleviate these concerns. Our AR tool can further assist in your selection.

Farmhouse Living Room Rug

The living room, a primary gathering spot, should exude warmth and comfort. Farmhouse-style rugs, especially those with vintage prints or distressed features, can heighten this ambiance. Neutral tones are preferred, though contemporary shades like sage or navy can invigorate the space. To ensure a perfect fit, use our AR tool.

Modern Farmhouse Rugs

Modern farmhouse rugs offer flexibility, allowing a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Neutral colors typically dominate, but subdued greens or purples can add vibrancy. Jute, a natural fiber often dubbed the 'golden fibre', is a popular choice, imparting a modern touch. Visualize its impact using our AR tool.

Farmhouse Bathroom Rugs

The bathroom is a personal sanctuary, and a rug can elevate its appeal. Beyond aesthetics, rugs ensure comfort and safety from slippery floors. Both large and small bathrooms can benefit from the farmhouse style, each demanding specific rug sizes and designs. For a clearer picture, deploy our AR tool.

Farmhouse Runner Rug

Runner rugs, elongated and narrow, are versatile additions suitable for stairs, hallways, and entryways. Whether it's to beautify a dull hallway or welcome guests warmly at the entryway, runner rugs serve various functions. Choose based on the intended space and, for added clarity, utilize our AR tool.

Pink Farmhouse Rug

Bring a touch of whimsical romance to your home with a pink farmhouse rug. This rug marries the rustic allure of farmhouse aesthetics with the tender warmth of pink shades, creating an inviting focal point in any room. Whether in a cozy bedroom or a plush living room, this rug radiates a feminine charm, blending effortlessly with wooden accents, shiplap walls, and vintage furniture.

Yellow Farmhouse Rug

Sunny and vibrant, the yellow farmhouse rug acts as a daily dose of happiness for any floor space. It effortlessly captures the spirit of cheerful countryside mornings. Whether it’s a muted mustard or a brilliant sunflower hue, this rug provides a refreshing pop of color, evoking images of wildflowers swaying in a gentle breeze. Perfect for the kitchen or sunroom where the family gathers, sharing stories of old and new.

Black and White Farmhouse Rug

For a timeless and classic touch, the black and white farmhouse rug cannot be beaten. It speaks volumes with its contrast, echoing the harmonious balance of old-world charm and contemporary chic. The monochrome palette offers versatility, pairing seamlessly with varied color schemes and decor styles. Whether it's a striking geometric pattern or a soft faded print, this rug stands out as both a statement and a staple.

Green Farmhouse Rugs

Stepping onto a green farmhouse rug feels like a gentle stroll through rolling meadows. It's a hue that brings the outside in, connecting spaces with the tranquil whispers of nature. Whether it's a muted olive or a vibrant emerald, this rug promises to add a layer of organic elegance to your interiors. Perfect for those who want to merge the comfort of home with the freshness of the countryside.

Red Farmhouse Rugs

Red farmhouse rugs are the very embodiment of barnyard festivities and sun-kissed apples. This rug adds a pop, a certain joie de vivre, to any room. It’s not just a rug; it’s an invitation to embrace the warmth and fervor of rural life. A choice that's as bold as it is cozy.

Grey Farmhouse Rugs

Grey might just be the unsung hero of the color palette. In the world of farmhouse rugs, grey stands as a bridge between rustic charm and modern chic. Think of weathered barns or the soft hue of morning fog; that's the essence captured in a grey farmhouse rug. It's a neutral, yes, but one that tells tales of time and tradition in every thread.

Blue Farmhouse Rugs

Imagine the stillness of a countryside pond or the vastness of the open sky; that's the allure of a blue farmhouse rug. There's a depth to blue, a promise of serenity and timeless beauty. It's not just a color; it's an ode to life on the farm, where both sky and water play pivotal roles. A blue rug is more than a decorative choice—it's a celebration of the simple pleasures that define farmhouse living.

3x5 Farmhouse Rug

Perfectly sized for versatility and charm, the 3x5 farmhouse rug weaves the essence of countryside warmth into a manageable tapestry. Whether gracing the foot of a bed, complementing a cozy kitchenette, or welcoming guests at the front door, its dimensions fit snugly into a myriad of settings. This rug, with its quaint patterns and rustic hues, effortlessly bridges the gap between function and form, offering a touch of farmhouse flair wherever it’s laid.

4x6 Farmhouse Rug

Ideal for smaller spaces or as an accent piece, the 4x6 farmhouse rug perfectly encapsulates countryside warmth in a compact form. Whether tucked under a coffee table, in a snug reading nook, or gracing the entryway, its size is ideal for bringing that rustic touch to intimate corners of your abode. Every inch is drenched in tradition, offering both comfort and style in one neat package.

8x10 Farmhouse Rug

Spacious and grand, the 8x10 farmhouse rug becomes the centerpiece of any large room. Its generous dimensions make it ideal for open living spaces, anchoring furniture and decor with its bucolic charm. Whether your style leans towards the muted elegance of faded prints or the boldness of rich patterns, this rug sets the tone, laying down a canvas of countryside serenity.

9x12 Farmhouse Rug

For those who believe more is more, the 9x12 farmhouse rug provides an expansive canvas of rustic elegance. It’s not just a rug, it’s a statement. Perfect for luxurious living rooms, spacious master suites, or any area craving a touch of grandeur, its sprawling dimensions effortlessly capture the heart of the farmhouse spirit. Every footstep is a journey through artisanal beauty and pastoral grace.


What Is A Farmhouse Rug?

A farmhouse rug is a delightful blend of cozy comfort and rustic charm. It’s that piece that adds a touch of countryside elegance to any room. Evoking memories of simpler times, it’s not just about style; it’s about a feeling. Rooted in tradition but versatile enough for any decor, this rug can effortlessly transform a space, making it warm and inviting. When you think of creating a home with character and warmth, a farmhouse rug should definitely be on your list.

Where Should I Buy Farmhouse Rugs?

There are tons of online stores offering farmhouse style rugs. We suggest using a rug visualizer like DressMyCrib to preview the rugs in your room, then shopping from any seller you trust - like Amazon, Wayfair, Target or Rugs Direct!