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Most popular Vintage Rugs - See in Your Room Before You Buy

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Do you want to get on track with the most popular vintage rugs? Here we have made you a list that you can check out and choose from many different vintage rugs that you can find from other retailers. Choose your new carpet more efficiently.

Table of Contents:

Vintage area rugs

One thing about vintage rugs is that people need help knowing where to start when looking in such a category. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to look up any information on the internet. Anomaly, the area rug industry is enormous, so finding the perfect match can be quite a task.

Vintage area rug

Photo by Home on Harbor

A great start is to look at the type of rug that you want to look for. A perfect starting point is - vintage area rugs.

Area rugs, in general, are one of the most popular among any homeowner. From different materials and patterns to the coverage of this type of rug - no wonder many love them. A vintage area rug will be a perfect placement for any bigger room, for example, the dining room, living room, or even the bedroom. These kinds of rugs can give you a carpet-like feeling without it being a carpet.

Area rugs are enough to cover a lot of flooring. The main difference between the carpet and this type of rug is that you can see the beautiful flooring in your home. Of course, one thing you need to consider about area rugs is that if you place them in slightly smaller rooms, the space will feel overcrowded and not inviting. So, it's best to put it in a more prominent place.

Vintage Persian rugs

Vintage Persian rugs are one of the most beautiful because such antique rugs can help to change the interior space. Of course, there are many different styles of such mats to choose from, but when it comes to the rug's placement, it can be tricky.

Vintage persian rug

Photo by Cheap Rugs Australia

Persian rug specialists, like David J Wilkins, say that the order of such rugs can help you determine the mood in the room. You can find more information here if you want to learn more about David J Wilkins's works.

To help you with the placement of the vintage Persian rug, we prepared a little list of ways to style them in your space. The beauty behind this is that you can use an AR tool to look at the rug before you make the decision.

  • If you have a place or monochrome furniture, this means that there is no heavy pattern on them, then the perfect choice is to choose a heavily patterned Persian rug. This way, you can create an ideal balance in the room.

  • Vintage Persian rugs are often made from natural fibers, like wool. So try to look for a carpet in that material because it is a resilient fiber. This is a smart choice if you want a rug that will last a long time.

  • To prevent your new rug from getting marks from the furniture. The weight from, for example, the table can crush the rug pile. Place a furniture coaster underneath the legs of your furniture would be best. 

  • Use long, rectangular rugs to decorate rooms like bathrooms and kitchens to create a visual 'path.' This adds both interest and a sense of order to your space.

Vintage runner rug

The biggest headache regarding vintage runner rugs is where to put them. It's because of its shape. But one of the most popular places to place a runner rug is the hallway.

Hallways are narrow, quite dark and dreary, and uninviting. Those are a few reasons it's the best place for runner rugs, but in this area of the home, there's always a lot of foot traffic, and it would be comforting to your feet and more inviting to have such a thing there.

Vintage runner rug

Photo by Rugs Direct

A vintage runner rug will help you brighten up the space and transform it into a warm and inviting space. Also, it will protect the floor from wear and tear.

The selection process can take a lot of time and leave you spoiled for choice, but here's where you can start:

  • Color. This is one of the most critical steps you should consider. The color scheme can help set the mood and feel you want to achieve in your hallway and attract the attention you desire.

  • Pattern. This can help you add character to your space. Vintage rugs generally have intricate designs. You don't need to be afraid of them; you can embrace them and create the perfect character in your space.

Vintage Turkish rugs

You can find a collection of vintage Turkish rugs on the market. You must have seen that there are small Turkish rugs. Well, they are not originally intended to use on the floor. They are woven for use as pillow covers for Turkish home decor.

Vintage Turkish rug

Photo by The Lilypad Cottage

But more and more people tend to style them as tiny floor rugs that can create a specific point in a particular place or area in any room. So, to help you a little bit about the place of such tiny yet beautiful vintage Turkish rugs, we have made a list of ideas:

  • Upgrade your bath mat. One of the go-to places to place such a rug is in front of the sink. Since most of the vintage carpets are made from wool, they can withstand moist environments well, and a plus is that they will feel amazing under your feet.

  • A kitchen must-have. Perfect coziness can be achieved by placing this tiny rug in front of the sink or stove. Also, the mats are durable, so it's no secret that the high-traffic spot will not wear the carpet down quickly.

  • As a doormat, this is a classic. A tiny vintage Turkish rug will look amazing as a doormat, but also it will fit even the smallest entryway of any door, which is an ideal choice for anyone. Use a non-slip mat underneath to keep you safe - it will help you stay in place.

Vintage Moroccan rug

When you decide on the style and type of your new vintage Moroccan rug, you need to know about the natural wear that can happen.

Vintage Moroccan rug

Photo by Maria Killam

So, to help you take care of your rugs, we have made a little four-step list of how to care for them:

  1. Rotate. To minimize the wear on one side of the rug, it is best to rotate 180 degrees. It is best if you do this once a year. This can help prevent fading in one spot, and your rug will wear evenly over time.

  2. Read the label of the rug. Tags are one of the essential things on the mats. You can find the most information there - how to clean, what material your carpet is made from, and so on.

  3. Spot clean the rug. Stains are a natural thing that can happen to any rug owner, so you should treat the stain immediately after it happens. Of course, the weekly cleaning of the rugs is essential, but this is the thing that you need to consider, especially with vintage rugs.

  4. Vacuum. Regular vacuuming for any rug is a must. This helps you remove deeply embedded dirt and prolongs the rug's life. It's recommended to do it weekly.

Vintage rug colors

Photo by The Everymom

The first thing you to consider before choosing a vintage rug is the feel you want to create in any space. Colors are one way to do so. We have selected the most popular vintage rugs colors that you can choose from:

1. Green vintage rug

Green vintage rug

Photo by Article

The first on the list is the green vintage rugs. Green is a versatile color, and there are a lot of shade variations that people tend to use.

For example, darker colors will give you a more classic style, and brighter colors create a more modern feel. Like red, green can be associated with wealth, health, and the environment. So, this type of colored rug can be placed in various places around the house.

If you place the green vintage rug in your bedroom, you can create a harmonious look and feel whenever you come into the room. Of course, the placement of the carpet is essential too. If you have a more extensive carpet, like 8x10, then you can style it this way:

Place the green rug under the bed and pull it up halfway to the bed. This way, you will have some of the carpet sticking out for you to stand on from the sides of the bed. If you want a fuller look, you can place the rug on the bed's head post, and then you will have only a little big sticking out from underneath the bed at the end.

2. Red vintage rug

Red vintage rug

Photo by Six Vintage Rugs

Most of the vintage rugs are oriental rugs, like, Turkish, Persian, and Moroccan. Probably there's no secret that most of them come in red. Choosing a red carpet can be tricky because only a few places will fit this color.

Red brings people wealth, luck, beauty, joy, and courage. So, it's an emotionally-intense color that best suits the more active places like the living room and dining room, where you spend time with your family.

When placing the red vintage rugs in these areas, you will quickly change the atmosphere of that space and bring a pop of color. This pop of color can lighten the room and give you that focal point; for example, if you place it in the dining room and on top of that, you put the table, then you will have a focal point of the room and the highlight will be the red rug underneath the table. Read more about red rugs here

3. Blue vintage rug

Blue vintage rug

Photo by Kayla Haven

The first thing you must do while looking for a rug in some color. Color only sometimes means those bright and eye-catching shades; usually, it is best to know the color's meaning before purchasing an abstract rug in any color. So, for example, one of the most popular colors for a vintage carpet is blue.

The blue color will soothe and quieten you. Blue is associated with peace and physical or mental relaxation, so it can perfectly match a vibe in the bedroom. Some even say it can represent confidence, security, and sincerity.

A blue rug can help you reduce stress and create an atmosphere of calmness, relaxation, and order. Other blue shades also have different meanings; for example, a light blue can evoke healing, tranquillity, and understanding, and dark blue can signify knowledge, power, and integrity.

So, there is no point in wasting time trying to perfectly match the color of your vintage rugs to the existing colors in your room. Sometimes not matching can create a more cohesive look. And if you are trying too hard to fit everything, you most likely end up with a space that feels more artificial.

4. Pink vintage rug

Pink vintage rug

Photo by Bohofrisco

Pink vintage rugs are the ones that you can find the most on the market - no wonder this color is highly appreciated. In general, color psychology says that pink is a sign of hope. The positivity of this color can inspire warm and comforting feelings and a sense that all will be well.

So, placing a pink-colored rug in your bedroom can help to calm and soothe emotional energies and relieve feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment, and even neglect. There are many studies on the pink color effect, and they say that significant exposure to the pink color can have a calming effect on nerves and anxiety.

If you want to avoid placing a pink rug in your bedroom, you can put it in your home office. Sometimes, you can feel a lot of stress and anxiety, and this rug might help you reduce this feeling.

If you are still deciding about the pink rug, you can look before you even buy it. Use an AR tool; it will help you see the pink carpet in your desired room and help you make the best decision.

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