Christmas Rugs

Christmas rugs bring the holiday atmosphere to another level, but how do we choose the one that best fits our interior? DressMyCrib is on a mission to help you choose the best rug that fits your room by using Augmented Reality (AR), where you can virtually see the rug in your room.

Here’s the innovative way to pick a rug - upload a room photo you’re looking a rug for and our Artificial Intelligence tool will give the suggestions that match your interior the best.

Christmas area rugs

There is plenty of reasons to change your area rug according to the season. Area rugs provide comfort, warmth, and decorative interest, like color, pattern, texture. The unique thing about area rugs is that they can act as artwork for the floor and create a frame to place furniture and define spaces.

Christmas rug sizes

Area rugs in the living room or family room are essential. But don't make this one particular mistake: a small area rug won't do your justice in creating the wholesome look in your desired space. Try to look for an area rug that will fit under all key furniture pieces in a room. If you don't want to place your furniture on your area rug, then try anchoring. Anchoring is a way to style your rug with your furniture. All you have to do is place the front of your furniture legs on your area rug, and you are good to go.

According to the google search data, the most popular sizes are 2x3 christmas rug and 5x8 christmas rug Click on the sizes to lear more.

Christmas rug colors

One of ours favorite parts - color and pattern of area rugs. If you are looking for a Christmas area rug - you might find red, green, gold, or white colors for holiday rugs. But without a pattern, only plain color can be a bit dull for a Christmas rug. So, we suggest looking for some motives like stars or ornaments that you usually have on the Christmas tree. Most popular rug colours for christmas are: Red christmas rug, Pink christmas rug and Grey christmas rug.

One of the things we like about Christmas area rugs is bold patterns. It is a way to have a bold yet festive look, especially if you don't want to overdo it. Suppose you are still unsure if your space will suit your chosen Christmas area rug. We suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use our modern AR solution directly from your smartphone.

How to decorate with Christmas rugs?

Holidays are one of the most magical seasons ever, especially Christmas time. The preparation process for this particular time can be a task. Most of you must be noticed that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year, but we encourage you to plan for this season. This way, you will have less stress when the season approaches.

So, you need to determine the list of the things you want to decorate within your Christmas season. One thing more and more people choose to change according to the seasons is rugs. Yeah, we know rugs. That is crazy! But for sure, we know that this always completes the decoration process.

But the thing is - how to choose the perfect Christmas rug? That is hard to do, especially if you shop online. No wonder the saying 'see it, before you buy it' exists. We understand how important it is to see the Christmas rugs in your space, so to make your decision easier, we made a tool AR that helps you see the rugs in your area before you make a purchase. All you need is your smartphone. The specifics of Christmas can be determined by the type of the rug:

  • Outdoor Christmas rug;
  • Christmas kitchen rugs;
  • Christmas bathroom rugs;
  • Christmas runner rugs;

The space where you put your Christmas rug is essential. It can be a challenge to build your holiday decor. Holiday decor can start with many different things, but the finishing touch always stays the same - rug. It is a simple way to set the place in a warm mood.

While choosing the rug for your desired space, it is essential to choose wisely. Different areas require different types of materials that are used to make the rug. When creating Christmas decor, we suggest looking for unique rugs - non-boring, authentic and high-quality.

Outdoor Christmas rug

Outdoor can be a place where you usually do not put the rug in winter, but this is perfect if you live in a warmer climate zone and there is no snow outside. Also, it can be a unique way to celebrate your Christmas with your family or friends, right on your patio or terrace.

The most beautiful thing about outdoor Christmas rugs is that they can serve you both items - functional and fashionable. Outdoor rugs are considered welcome mats; this is just how some picture outdoor rugs. The difference between welcome mats and outdoor rugs is straightforward - outdoor rugs come in various chic and valuable styles. So, unlike indoor, outdoor Christmas rugs are made from different materials and techniques to handle the elements. Here are a few Dos and Don'ts of outdoor Christmas rugs:


  • To find an outdoor Christmas rug style that will compliment the after-all Christmas decor.
  • Do put a rug pad before you place your Christmas rug.
  • Choose the right size and shape of an outdoor rug. This will help you unify the decor. If you are unsure if the size or shape is the right for your terrace or patio, we suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use our modern Augmented Reality solution directly from your smartphone.
  • Ensure that the front legs of your outdoor furniture are placed on the rug.


  • Never take your indoor rug and place it like an outdoor rug.
  • Outdoor Christmas rugs come in bright colors, like greens, reds, so don't be afraid of that; it will give you more of a holiday vibe.

The other thing about outdoor Christmas rugs - material. It is essential to know that outdoor rugs and indoor rugs materials are different. So, before you choose one, there are two most common materials for an outdoor rug:

  • Natural fiber outdoor rugs - in this category, you can put two materials, jute and sisal. Even though those materials are raw and most likely you will find them in a more natural tone, you can still find some of the natural fiber outdoor rugs in a wide variety of different colors. Usually, this happens if manufacturers mix the materials.
  • Synthetic fiber outdoor rugs - are a perfect fit for an outdoor Christmas rug. Polypropylene and polyester are both excellent choices for synthetic outdoor Christmas rugs. Polypropylene is resistant to UV rays, meaning the color will not fade under the hot sun. Polyester is the most durable one that can handle any weather.

Keep in mind the materials and some dos and don'ts of outdoor Christmas rugs. Take a closer look at the colors that you can find. Usually, Christmas colors are greens, reds, golds (yellows), or whites. So, you can find motives for these colors of outdoor Christmas rugs on the market with a hint of some pattern or illustration.

Christmas kitchen rugs

The kitchen, more than any other place in the house, is essential. The reason behind it is that every person, especially in the Christmas season, loves to cook or bake. So, that makes the kitchen one of the highest traffic spaces in your house. To protect your feet and create that lovely festive vibe in the kitchen - Christmas kitchen rugs are a perfect choice.

We know that there are opposing sides to rugs in the kitchen, and many will be against it. We disagree with that, try it, wee sure you will like it! We say rugs make you feel better and make your home homier.

Everyone's houses or apartments are different; they can be small or huge. So, the kitchen in the house also can be of different sizes. On the size of your kitchen, you need to find the perfect size Christmas rug too. The most popular sizes to put in the kitchen space are 2x3, 4x6, 5x8.

Most people love to put the rug right where the sink is; they say it is an excellent cushion for their feet. People love to put rugs in the kitchen to prevent them from slipping on floors. Of course, some house owners do not like the idea of a rug in the kitchen just because of the spills. Here are a few ways to protect your beautiful Christmas kitchen rugs:

  • Apply a high-quality stain protector. Stain protectors can do a fantastic job in keeping your kitchen rug stain-free, or at least it will help you clean the stain easier. Since kitchens can get messy, especially in the holiday season, we suggest protecting a rug. If the protector is applied correctly, it will reduce permanent stains, which allows you to remove spots more effectively.
  • Try to change the position of your rug. Since the kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas, we suggest rotating your rug. Why is this important? Because it can prevent your rug from wearing in one place.
  • Clean and vacuum your kitchen rug. It is typical for all rugs, whether in the kitchen or any other space in your house. Make sure you vacuum and clean your rugs because the longer you leave the crumbs in your kitchen rug, the harder it will be to get them out later.

We introduced you to what you have to keep in mind while choosing and caring for the rug for your kitchen. Our unique tool is a modern Augmented Reality solution that you can use directly from your smartphone. This lets you see how the rug will look in your space before making the purchase and hopefully make your decision easier.

Christmas bathroom rugs

The third space where people usually put the rugs - Bathroom. It is small or large, depending on the house you live in. Quite a few can agree that decorating your bathroom for Christmas can be outrageous, but hear us out.

An excellent Christmas bathroom rug will brighten up a bathroom, keep your feet comfortable and perform the all-important job of protecting you from slipping on wet floors. Also, it will ensure that you have a smile every time you come into the bathroom to do your daily routine.

If you don't want an over-the-top Christmas bathroom rug, we suggest you look for a Persian rug. Who wouldn't want to have a little bit of a vacation vibe in the bathroom during the Christmas season? Just imagine you go to the bathroom and the feeling you can get like you're on vacation in the Middle East - it would be amazing. So, adding a Persia rug in the bathroom can make a world of difference; here is what to consider while looking for a Persian rug for Christmas decorations:

Opt for red and green Persian rugs

The color, especially for Christmas bathroom rugs, is essential. So, red and green colors are the classic of this magical season. You won't go wrong with these colors. It can only get better; the rug with a hint of gold or white is perfect. The beautiful thing about Persian rugs, it comes in a wide variety of reds and greens, also the materials like thick woolen rugs with a rustic look or sleek silk rugs with elaborate designs.

Pro tip: If you are still unsure if your bathroom space will suit your chosen Christmas rug. We suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use our modern AR solution directly from your smartphone.

Choose the perfect shape and size for your bathroom decor.

The perfect size and shape of your chosen bathroom rug will depend on the size of your bathroom space, the layout of all the essentials there, and the place where you want to put it.

Usually, people opt for square or round rugs for bathroom spaces. These shapes come in different sizes, so you have more to choose from, depending on the bathroom size in general. So, for example, you have a large bathroom best fit will be a bigger bathroom rug that will cover more space there. It not only bring but will also open the space. If you have a small bathroom, we suggest looking for around a bathroom rug that is 2x3 in. These size rugs are perfect to place in front of a sink or bathtub.


Well, cleaning your beloved area rug can be a long process, and it can differ for individual rugs. The process can be made from 5 or 6 steps to ensure your rug is clean. We value your time, so we narrowed it to the two most important steps:

  • Vacuuming. It helps to lift the debris, dust, and hair of a rug. We suggest you use a high-powered vacuum cleaner. You can always go over the area rug two times if you need to. By doing this step as oft, your rugs life will extend a little more.
  • Deep Cleaning. You only need to do it once a year. Vacuuming only removes what humans can see with the naked eye. But deep cleaning your rug can ensure that the colors and the material are well taken care of. You can use special cleaning detergent and then wash it out, or you can bring your rug for professionals to clean.

Christmas runner rugs

Runner rug is mainly used in the hallways where is a lot of traffic. So, most people can change that pretty often because of natural wear. But if you want a runner rug in your hallway, especially during the Christmas season. Then here are a few pointers on how to choose one:

  • Material. Since this particular rug is for high traffic, the material is the key. To ensure the durability of the runner rug, choose wool material. Wool is a natural material that can endure a lot, including many people and pets walking on it. Also, another great thing about wool runner rugs is that they are dirt-resistant and springy. That means no matter how many times you walk on it, a wool runner rug most likely will go back to its original shape.
  • Style. Well, the type has to match the interior of your home. A beautiful oriental runner rug van gives an exotic feel to your home - a contemporary more of a chic and sleek feel. Find the style that fits your taste.
  • Color. The correct color for your runner rug is quite essential. The color you choose can tell a lot about your personality. If you are looking for a Christmas runner rug, then look for red, green, gold, or whites; it will create an inviting look in your space for all your guests.
  • Texture. The texture of your Chritsmas runner rug usually depends on the material. Of course, while you look for a runner rug, we suggest opting for a flat weave rug. These types of rugs will work just fine for high-traffic areas because they can stand more wear and tear.

These are the factors to choose runner rug for your home. But one more important thing about runner rugs is the of it. When caring for the Christmas runner rug, make sure you do this one step: the best practices show that you need to rotate your rug 180 degrees. This can help to prevent fading and encourage the rug to wear more evenly over time.

The runner rug can be hard to choose because it is narrow and long. So, the AR tool makes the decision much more manageable. This solution you can use directly from your smartphone. Hopefully, seeing how the rug looks in your space and matches your interior will make your decision easier before purchase.

Disney christmas rug

Well gues what - Disney christmas rug topic is even more popular than rug category! You can find christmas rugs with most popular Disney characters - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy of course.

With the character you love the most, christmas rug will help you to celebrate your love of Christmas even more! This one is sure to please Santa. Every time your feet touch the plush carpet, you will feel pampered. Your entire home will feel festive and magical thanks to its Christmassy ambiance. Christmastime's ideal present for a loved one!