See Kitchen Rugs In Your Room

Choosing a kitchen rug can be a challenge, but we have a perfect solution - the Augmented Reality tool. This tool lets you look at the kitchen rugs in your space before making the final decision. All you need is your smartphone. Upload your kitchen photo and see all rugs on this page in your kitchen.

Why are kitchen rugs a must-have?

Photo by Mein Wohnstil

Melissa Michaels says she likes kitchen rugs. We can't agree more, as kitchen is where you spend a lot of time. Kitchens can be where the most mess is found also.

In general, messy flooring or counters are significant for some people. One way to help you keep the space, especially the kitchen, tidier is to accessorize appropriately, which can help you prevent a big unwanted mess. Sometimes not only the mess you need to worry about but also the way you feel in space.

There are many kitchen layouts, but the right accessories can be that breaking point that brings coziness and comfort to the space. For example, kitchen rugs are one of the ways to create that kind of atmosphere in the area. It quickly became a must-have in any kitchen, and we have a few arguments why.

Firstly, kitchen rugs help protect the flooring from scratches, scuffs, and spills. Another perk from kitchen rugs is the extra cushion under your feet. You spend a lot of time standing, washing the dishes, or preparing meals in the kitchen, so it's nice to have something soft under your feet. Also, rugs in such a space can protect your plates from breaking if you accidentally drop them.

Now that you have a few perks of kitchen rugs, choosing the perfect one can be challenging. Since we know that the struggle is accurate, we have a quick solution for you - the AR tool. It's a tool designed especially for you to see the rug in the space before deciding. All you need to do is take your smartphone and choose one of the categories and see if that rug fits your kitchen space perfectly:

Kitchen runner rugs

Photo by A Blissful Nest

Runner rugs are one of those rugs that people tend to underestimate. Kitchen runner rugs are one way to add more color or texture to the space. Not to mention that it's an excellent way for your feet to feel comfortable because sometimes if you have hardwood flooring in the kitchen, it can be cold for your feet, especially if you stand in one place.

The kitchen runner rug market is enormous, so to help you choose the perfect one for your space, we recommend seeing it before purchasing. Since many purchases are made online now, it's natural that you can be unpleased when the rug arrives, and it doesn't fit the overall vibe in the kitchen. Our solution is to use the AR tool to ensure that this doesn't happen. This tool lets you see the runner rug in your space before purchasing. All you need is your smartphone; no app is required.

Of course, to use the AR tool, you need to choose one 'candidate' for this. But how to determine that. We have prepared a short three points that you need to look through before you use the tool:

  1. Rug size. This is the essential thing you need to pay attention to while looking for a runner rug. In general, runner rugs are rugs that are long and narrow. The long rectangular shape is helpful because you can fit this rug in an awkward place in your house, not only in the kitchen. By far, one of the most popular runner rug sizes is 6x14. It's narrow enough to fit between your kitchen counter and the island in the kitchen and long enough to cover the wanted space.
  2. Rug material. This is also an important thing to pay attention to. Kitchen space can be pretty messy - crumbs, spills, and other items can ruin a lot of materials. So, while looking for a kitchen runner rug, look for materials like sisal, jute, wool, or polypropylene. Easy to care for and can add a perfect touch on the texture in the space.
  3. Kitchen decor. Everyone has their taste and preference for interiors in their kitchens. Runner rugs are a low-investment way to change the look or elevate the look in your kitchen. So, while looking for one, make sure that you look around your kitchen to collect the color, pattern inspiration that you can choose the perfect runner rug for your space.

Kitchen area rugs

Photo by House & Home

Open space kitchens can be too spacious. So, one way to define such ample place can be by placing a kitchen area rug. Area rugs are big enough to cover quite a lot of flooring space. Since these rugs are pretty large, you can place them under your dining table.

This way, you can clearly define the space for eating in the kitchen. To help you choose the area rug for your kitchen space, we prepared a few color scheme examples that you can follow and choose one accordingly:

  • If your kitchen space color scheme needs a splash of muted shades. The muted color scheme can create a calming and secure atmosphere. So, area rugs in colors like blue, green, or even purple can be the perfect choice to make such a vibe.
  • If your kitchen space color scheme needs a splash of bright, vibrant shades. Such colors bring energy to the space and also lift the mood. So, putting, for example, an orange rug in your kitchen will bring a joyful and exciting vibe.
  • If your kitchen space color scheme needs a splash of light shades. Light-colored rugs can create balance, especially if your kitchen has pretty dark colors. It also can make the space look much more significant.

Having a kitchen area rug in one place color is not that exciting for some. SO, if you don't want to have that simple look, you can always look for kitchen area rugs with patterns. Patterns are a great way to lift the mood and bring excitement to the space. So, you can be a little bit daring and create a space where everyone can enjoy and spend time. But also protects your flooring from unwanted stains or scratches.

To ensure that you choose the perfect rug for your space, you can look at how that rug looks in your room without making a purchase. The AR tool lets you see the rug in your room from your smartphone, and you can mix and match the rugs and their sizes for a better result.

Farmhouse kitchen rugs

Photo by Top Knobs

If you like practical, simple kitchen rugs, then farmhouse kitchen rugs are a perfect choice. In general, farmhouse style is one of those interior styles that is an ideal mix of practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm.

Some designers describe this style as unpretentious, down-to-earth, cozy, warm, inviting, and honoring. It embraces modern comfort with a touch of vintage and antique decor. Even though your taste is the one you need to rely on and is unique, you have to consider one factor - choosing the perfect kitchen rug for your farmhouse interior.

The starting point in the decision-making process can be uncertain and complex. So it would help if you channeled your inner aesthetic for that. But if you still don't know where to start or how to see if that rug will look - well, don't worry, we've got you covered.

First, the tools to see your future kitchen rug. Modern technology lets us do wondrous things; we want to share this with you - the AR tool. This tool is designed primarily to see the rugs in your space before purchasing. You only need your smartphone, and the decision can be made right away and more efficiently.

The second thing is where to start. Well, you can start from the material. Kitchens are known as messy spaces, but overall, the vibe should be inviting and fun. One of the materials you can use while looking for farmhouse kitchen rugs is jute. You can't go wrong with this material.

This material is a natural choice and can give a better way to elevate your kitchen elegantly and straightforwardly. After all, the jute material has a nickname of 'golden fiber.' This nickname was created because of jute's materials' color and popularity. This is a cozy, simple, soft, and easy-to-care-for rug. Jute kitchen rugs have a beautiful diamond pattern that can pop in your kitchen and quickly become one of those accent pieces that create a fantastic vibe.

Washable kitchen rugs

Photo by James May Homes

Washable kitchen rugs are one of the most convenient things ever. Since the kitchen is where many accidents can happen, it's pretty helpful to have a washable rug.

To clean an indoor rug can sometimes be tricky because all the stains are different, and they stain differently. Like any other material, rugs materials have a general rule on cleaning them. Usually, most manufacturers give directions on how to clean the rugs - the information for this you can find on the back of the rug where the tag is sewed.

Of course, you need to read that tag very carefully because not every kitchen rug can be machine washed, but many actually can be. One of the most common mistakes with machine washable rugs is overdoing the washing. This way, you can take shorter the lifespan of the rug. So, the best thing you can do is to do this is to use the washing machine once a year, so it's not that often.

Another thing about the washable rugs is the material. Not every rug material is washable. So, to make it more manageable for you, we have made a list of the materials that you are machine washable:

Olefin is a synthetic rug material that you can place in your indoor or outdoor kitchen space. These material kitchen rugs are perfect because they are stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and don't collect moisture. The biggest perk of these rugs is that they come in various colors and designs. So, you will easily find one that will suit your taste the best.

Pro tipIf you want to check that your washable kitchen rug fits your space, try using the AR tool. This tool is designed to see the rug in your area before deciding - no app needed, just your smartphone.

Nylon - another synthetic material choice, you wash them easily in the washing machine. These rugs are perfect if your kitchen is a low-traffic area, even though they are durable.

Polyester - a perfect washable kitchen rug if you don't want to do it over the budget. A budget-friendly option that is stylish, soft, and durable. While caring for this rug, make sure that you wash it alone.

Polypropolene - another great synthetic choice for kitchen space that is a high-traffic area. It is exceptionally durable, and the best perk of this material is that you can place it indoors or outdoors.

Cotton - a natural rug material that is washable. Not many natural materials can be machine washable. Another great perk is that these kitchen rugs are affordable, comfy, cozy, and can add great texture to your kitchen space.

As you can see, there are excellent and affordable options on the market for washable kitchen rugs. Our last tip for washable kitchen rugs is that make sure that you wash them on a gentle machine cycle in lukewarm water as it will not damage the fibers.