Rug Visualizer Tool - See Any Rug In Your Home

How Rug Visualizer works?


  1. Add rug image.
  2. Choose the approximate rug size and click “Convert to AR.”
  3. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes while converting to AR.
  4. Use your Smartphone:
    1. Scan the QR code with your Smartphone if you’re using a Desktop computer.
    2. Choose the button “View in AR” if you are on Smartphone only.
  5. Tap “View in your space.”

Rug Visualizer by Dressmycrib

DressMyCrib, releases a free Rug Visualizer tool designed to help make choosing a rug easier. Rug Visualizer can be used on any smartphone and allows consumers to see virtual rug in room before they buy it.

DressMyCrib strives to put its technology to the best use in real-life practices. The company understands the importance of its customers being able to see products before they buy. This free tool uses the latest augmented reality (AR) technology. It is user-friendly, works with any rug image, and makes choosing floor coverings for the home a breeze. This allows shoppers to purchase with confidence and helps them visualize rug in room they may have yet to consider without using the tool.

Rug visualizer tool is a part of enhanced See Rug In Your Room feature but can be used on it's own. You can take image from any source, like Amazon, Pinterest or a printed catalog, upload to this tool and get a better idea about the product size, as you can visualize rug size in your room to make sure it fits.

Once a rug image has been converted, the camera shows a live view of the user's home. The selected rug image will appear in the live view. Repositioning the object is as easy as moving the image on the screen, while resizing is achieved with a simple finger pinch gesture.

See how it works:

A spokesperson for DressMyCrib said, "We know that shopping for floor coverings, especially high-end rugs, is an important decision. Our free AR tool enables you to see how an area rug will look in your space before you buy it, with no limitations to a rug retailer. All you need is a rug image showing the full rug from the top."

For consumers looking to achieve a particular look in their home or looking for new decor inspiration, DressMyCrib's tool reduces uncertainty when shopping for floor coverings online. Armed with the AR tool, users are left with no doubt about how the rugs they like will look in real life. In addition, the AR tool is handy when ordering heavy oversized items that would be inconvenient and expensive to send back.

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