White Fluffy Rugs In Your Room

Fluffy rugs, velvet-cut piles, or shag rugs are popular nowadays. You can see them in any interior, and their assortment is endless. Shag rugs are soft rugs with a high pile. They are made of natural materials, like wool, sisal, hemp, silk, faux, or synthetic ones, like polyester and polypropylene.

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All of them possess advantages that win over more and more people every year: they feel soft and warm, fluffy rugs are quite durable, and are comfortable in maintenance. To pick your perfect white fluffy rug, let DressMyCrib show you how your choice will look in a real environment. Only a smartphone is needed to try our AR tool.

White is a universal color. It looks to the point in any room, either in a living room or somewhere in a cozy office. White fluffy rugs give this lavish vibrance to any interior, expand the space, and lighten up the room. Since shag rugs of this color are very light, they may need special maintenance, like regular washing at a mild temperature.

White fluffy area rug

Making your room look gorgeous and stylish probably crosses your mind at least once. And here’s a striking fact - white color, especially, of a high-piled warm shag rug is the key. Designers love these high-piled area rugs because they go with everything and can give a new life to any interior. White fluffy rugs are truly multi-functional: they expand the room space visually, add a light, warm note to the interior, and feel warm and comfortable under the feet. Here are several pro tips from our designers:

  1. a shag rug placed in the middle of the room becomes its focal point and make it look more spacious;
  2. a round white fluffy area rug can make any interior look bigger, even smaller rooms.

A white fluffy area rug can do just that and even more. With a new interior transformation, you get a highly-durable, easy-to-maintain shag rug. The good news is that it goes in all possible sizes, shapes, and materials, so you can choose any fluffy rug that caught your eye.

Big white fluffy rug

Fluffy rugs go in all possible sizes, materials, and colors so that you can choose a perfect rug for your dream interior. Big white fluffy rugs placed in your interior look simply gorgeous. As placed in a living room, big shag rugs define a relaxing and welcoming area. Combined with a trendy sofa of any color and a compact coffee table, your living room is set and ready to accept visitors.

An 8x10 white fluffy rug is one of the most sought-after. People choose it to complement big spaces, making them cozier and more eye-catching. A white-colored fluffy rug is widely popular, too: it visually expands the room, bringing fresh and homely vibes to the interior.

8x10 white fluffy area rug

A dream home we all strive for is easier to create than we think. For example, it needs some thinking, what atmosphere would I like to enjoy in this very room? A white fluffy area rug is a perfect solution if the answer is a fresh, light, and stylish atmosphere. But, if you aim to transform a room into a cozy, warm place, then this rug tackles the task perfectly well. Place an area rug to put it in the center of a big room and create a balance of design elements. Or, if you have a large room that needs zoning, this is where you can use an 8x10 white fluffy area rug.

8x10 white fluffy rug for bedroom

To come home that welcomes and recharges the mind, with the atmosphere designed to relax you - isn’t it a dream? An 8x10 fluffy rug is great if your spacious bedroom needs something to make it cozier and more homely. Designers love to put a white shag rug in the bedroom because it nears a dream of having a lovely private space. You can lay a white rug under the bed, high-traffic areas, and divide a sleeping from a working one with a white area shag rug.

8x10 white fluffy rug for bathroom

A fluffy area rug is the best solution to warm up your feet on a cold bathroom floor. With the shag rug, you forget about freezing on cold tiles when putting makeup on or stepping out of the bathtub. A white fluffy rug will take care of you feeling cozy and enjoying bath rituals. An 8x10 white fluffy rug is designed for expanded spaces, transforming them into something trendy and cozy.

White fluffy bathroom rugs

White fluffy bathroom rugs deserve separate clarification. Many fear that they are not suitable for bathrooms claiming that white is hard to clean and high-piled rugs soak all dirt and humidity. But we will break this myth by assuring you that fluffy rugs are easily washed at a mild temperature and in well-ventilated bathrooms will not absorb humidity.

At the same time fluffy rugs are a popular choice for bathrooms because they add a touch of softness and warmth to the space. They are often used in front of the sink or shower to provide a comfortable and non-slip surface for people to stand on. At DressMyCrib, you can pick just the right white fluffy bathroom rug with Augmented Reality technology.

White fluffy rugs for bedroom

Fluffy rugs not only provide cosiness and relaxation but also warmth to a space, especially - bedroom. Particularly in spaces with hardwood flooring, this is audible. Hardwood floors benefit from the insulation that thick shag rugs add during the chilly winter months. Who wouldn't want to step out of bed onto a velvety, gleaming rug and dig their toes into the thick pile?

Fluffy rugs in shades of white and cream are a timeless option that add the charming simplicity of these colours to any space they are placed in. That’s why the white fluffy rugs for bedroom are among first choices when it comes to the bedroom rug colour.

Round white fluffy rug

Round rug shape is not so popular compared to standart 8x10, 6x9 or 2x3, but with the fluffy rugs it’s different. They are made from lengths of fabric that are barely clipped to give the surface a fluffy appearance. This is how they rose to prominence, and their warmth makes you feel at ease with them. So round fluffy rugs are used as a playground for kids or gives cozy feeling to any corner of your home.

It’s worth mention that the ideal storage for round white fluffy ruginvolves rolling them up. Most of them are stain- and even fire-resistant if made of natural materials. Synthetic Fluffy Rugs are still a good option because they have a lengthy lifespan. The synthetic materials, in contrast to natural ones, can deter pests.

White fluffy rug 5x7

White fluffy area rugs are among the most popular choices on DressMyCrib. This color is so universal that you can combine it with any interior design and not worry about a mismatch. Designers love this color too: it expands the room visually and makes it lighter. 5x7 area rugs are considered medium-sized and lie perfectly in the center of big rooms or anywhere in medium-sized rooms. Area rugs have one great advantage: they can be put anywhere on the floor, like, for example, in the chilling zone under the sofa or by the bed in a bedroom.

The crucial part by choosing a 5x7 White Fluffy Rug is your home interior. While color can be chosen according to the gamut of the furniture or walls, the choice of materials influence durability and washability features. DressMyCrib can solve this challenge. You can try on a picked shag rug in real time and space before purchasing. Only a smartphone is needed to use our advanced AR tool.

White fluffy rug 5x8

Shag rugs give a space texture and a warm, inviting velvety sensation, making it appear cosier and softer. Since they need just moderate to low traffic, bedrooms and living spaces are where 5x8 white fluffy rug is frequently seen. Even the greatest shag carpeting will get trampled in areas with heavy traffic.

Making sure you know exactly what you need is the first step in rug shopping before you start looking for designs you adore. And the most important aspect is size. If the focal point of your living area isn't interesting, your home's decorative eccentricity will appear incomplete. 5x8 white fluffy rug fill this need since it provide a tonne of weirdness in one piece of furniture.