See Blue Rugs in Your Room

The golden rule is to see that rug in your space to know if it's the one for you. We present a more efficient way to do that before you make any purchase - the AR tool. This tool will help you see the rug in your space - click the video below to see how this tool works!

This article will find the most famous blue rug on the market that might become your new rug.


Blue area rugs

Photo by CC and Mike

The best feeling is to lay the rug in your space to complete it. This can be achieved by placing a blue area rug. However, you must know that the area rug is usually placed in rooms with a lot of traffic, so to avoid quick wear down or color fading, you need to choose the best material.

The two main categories of materials that you can look up are natural and synthetic fibers. Both of these contain materials that are durable, stylish, and comfortable. Here are our 2 top choices for materials for blue area rugs:

  • WOOL

Wool is considered the best natural fiber for area rugs. Not only it's durable and comfortable and holds the color well, so you don't need to worry about fading. The softness of such a rug will provide a comfortable surface to walk on because the threads spring back. Another massive advantage of rugs from this material is that wool is naturally stain-repellant and water-resistant. That is why people with kids tend to choose such area rugs more often.


Nylon is synthetic material but is known for its high performance. This material has excellent durability and resistance. Most homeowners say that this material is a great rug for any home. Also, the synthetic is super expensive if you are considering your budget. We suggest soft nylon for a softer touch when opting for the nylon blue area rug.

Both materials are highly durable, so you all need to find the perfect one. The rug's color matters too, so if you want a vibrant rug that will fit your interior perfectly, then the blue carpet is the answer you're looking for.

Blue outdoor rug

Photo by Ruggable

When it comes to outdoor space, it can't be as stylish as the rest of your house. But here's the truth - it will only look good if you choose the right design strategies. With that in mind, you can easily find the right way to decorate your outdoor space. 

Arthur Cameron says that one main thing about outdoor rugs is that they are a great way to separate seating areas from the rest of the yard. So, by choosing such a rug, you will have a more cohesive look and be more comfortable and inviting. And here are a few tips:

  • Make it cozy. The statement alone can have different meanings, but to make your outdoor space cozy - the blue rug is the answer. The patio space you can treat like your second living room - furnished with comfortable couches and comfy pillows and then tie everything with the blue rug.

  • Highly-trafficked areas. If your outdoor space has a place where most of the foot traffic happens, you can put a rug there, too - ensure that the blue carpet is durable and washable.

  • Layers.This can work for both small outdoor spaces and large outdoor spaces. But many designers say that it works best with more extensive areas. You can choose multiple complementary different-size rugs to style and layer with the giant carpet.

If you need clarification on the layering process or the choice of the blue outdoor rug, try the AR tool. This tool will let you see the chosen carpet in your space without making a purchase.

Blue runner rug

Photo by Lulu and Georgia

Runner rugs, in general, is a term that describes long and narrow rugs. Most runner rugs come in different colors, like blue. The shape is usually rectangular, so it best fits narrow hallways, staircases, bedrooms, home entrances, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Styling the blue runner rug can be easy, but only some are fond of them. Because it can be hard to style them, so here are a few benefits why runner rugs are a good choice:

  • Runner rugs are not only a great decoration piece for your home space, but they add an element of protection. This works great if you have hardwood flooring or hard flooring prone to get damaged.

  • They provide comfort for your feet. If you place the runner rug in a high-traffic area, then you will have the space where you will have more comfort for your feet. Or another way to style runner rugs is by putting them in the kitchen, where you can spend a lot of time and feel more comfortable and warm rather than standing only on hardwood flooring.

  • Because runners have narrow widths, they are ideal for placing them in smaller areas where large rugs might not fit. One of the most amazing things is that it can transform cold and uninviting hallways into warm and brilliantly colorful spaces.

Blue runner rugs are not praised just because of their size but the way they can elevate the space you want to make more comfortable. They immediately make the place alive and add character and comfort; you need to place it on the floor, and you're good to go.

Blue rug in living room

Photo by Lulu and Georgia

Living room space can sometimes be cold and dull. The best way is to put up a rug. It doesn't take a lot of effort to place a living room rug in the space, and boom, it's transformed. For example, a blue carpet in the living room can change the look and mood of a room, and it also has a range of benefits that can help to warm up your home.

An interior specialist, Adina Campell, says, "When it comes to home decor, the rug is a versatile piece; it's a multi-tasker capable of enhancing style and hiding imperfections."

If you are trying to make your living room a little more inviting and change your flooring, but don't have a huge budget, then adding a blue rug in the space might be the best option. Unsure how the blue carpet in the living room can change the atmosphere? Here are a few reasons:

  • From dark to bright - the primary thing that blue rugs can add a bit of lightness, especially if you have dark hardwood floors, which most contemporary homes have. Putting a carpet in here can lighten up a room, giving the space the best mix of richness and airiness.

  • Adding color is one thing that might scare people away, and they choose the 'safe color.' Essentially safe color is a color that most people prefer, like white or black. Not many consider other colors, like blue. Blue is such a versatile color and you can choose from many shades. You can go as light as you want or as dark as you want; the key is that you'll have the perfect color rug that will fit your living room vibe - if you're going to see the carpet or try different blue rugs then you can do that with our AR tool.

  • Adding texture- textures are a way to create a soft, luxurious surface for your feet. So, by adding different material rugs, you can make the perfect cohesive look you are going for in your living room. Also, if you have a smooth-like texture in your living room, a textured blue rug can add more balance and create a lovely feeling.

You can do whatever you want with them because changing the flooring style is friendly and having a soft, warm, and comforting piece of material under your feet.

Photo by Yellow Brick Home

Even though the blue on the rug is more than okay, the perfect carpet can add other colors.

Different color combinations are a good thing, but here are our top 4 choices that you can find on the market and see for yourself if it's a good fit:

1. Blue and grey rug

Photo by Natalia Avalos Interiors

Some say that the perfect combination of colors doesn't exist, but here's the truth - it does. It's blue and grey. Blue and grey are the two colors that you can describe as close and greatest friends. They have the perfect balance between them and complement each other.

If you look closely, you can find a blend of these two colors called blue-grey. But overall, these two separate colors can achieve a different look. 

For example, if you have chosen the dark blue and dark grey rug, you can create a moody, Strom-cloud atmosphere in different rooms; this best works in the dining room. But if you have chosen lighter shades of this combination rug, you will create an effortlessly elegant and soothing feeling in the space. The lighter version can be perfect for a home office. 

In other words, you can go right with this color combination. If you like such color notes and want to create the perfect atmosphere, then you will have found the ideal match. All you have to do is to choose the suitable material and size to fit your desired room. 

2. Blue and gold rug

Photo by Jane at Home

If you would like a more luxurious feeling whenever you step into the room - then the combination of blue and gold rug can be the right one. In general, blue and gold can be considered royal colors because of their popularity in ancient times.

Most of the rugs that come in this color combo have patterns or geometric patterns. Geometric rugs can be hard to style, especially if you have a lot going on in the space alone. But even like that, you can easily decorate with such a rug.

And if you have a more contemporary style in your home, adding a blue and gold rug with some geometric pattern can elevate the room's look and create the perfect luxurious feeling.

3. Blue and brown area rugs

Photo by Public 311 Design

Area rugs are one of the most popular rug options on the market. So, it's no surprise that these rugs come in various color combinations, like blue and brown.

Blue and brown area rugs complement colors because if you look closely into a color wheel, they are opposite each other, so they can create a strong contrast that complements these colors.

Since blue and brown colors are pretty versatile, getting a rug with such a combination will easily find the space you want to put it. If you have difficulty choosing the color for your new carpet, you can see it using the AR tool, which lets you know the rug before purchasing.

4. Red and blue rug

Photo by The Roots of Home

A true masterpiece for your home is a red and blue rug combination. This color combo rug will complement your home interior and impress your guests with an amazing look.

For centuries the best red and blue rugs can be found in more traditional Turkish rugs. These rugs are praised for their beauty and making process. Even though you can find more modern rugs in this color, nothing compares to the traditional ones.

If you decide on buying a rug in this color combo, you can easily put this rug in your dining room; this way, you will create more depth in the space, as well as make it more inviting to spend more quality time in the room with your family or friends.