Colorful Rugs

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Most popular Colorful Rugs

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Why is the color of your rug important?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while choosing any rug for their space is that they neglect the rug's color. The main reason for that is people afraid of more colorful rugs. Of course, you still have to see if it matches your interior, but why not take the risk and created a unique-looking room.

Colorful rug

Photo by Alicia Martinez

The first thing you need to do before choosing a colorful rug is the feel you want to create in any space. Colorful not only means bright colors, it can mean that the rug has multiple colors, but the colors are muted or light colors. It all depends on the mood you go for, so for example:

  • Light-colored rugs - often make a small room appear bigger. This is a great way to make the room feel spacious with the pale and bright colored rugs; you can do that by layering them.
  • Bright, vibrant colored rugs - these types of colors bring more energy to the room. So, the colors like red, lime green, orange - will do the trick.
  • Muted colored rugs - will create a more calming atmosphere. Choose the rugs with the colors like blue, green, and purple.
  • Rich, deep-colored rugs - those colors create intimacy. Try to choose rugs with colors like burgundy or navy.

As you can see, not only bright colors are dominating the colorful rug market. With colorful rugs, it can be hard to decide where to put them or what type of rug to purchase. So, we are going to introduce you to the two most common places and two most common types of colorful rugs in today's market:

Colorful rugs provide the finished look to the shared space. But having to choose one can also be a difficult task. There is a simple solution to that. Make your life easier with AR.

Colorful rugs for different spaces

The space where you put your rug is essential. It can be a challenge to build your dream home interior because there are many trends to follow. Interior trends, which never genuinely date but rather move in the cycle, are often reactionary to external influences like social change, technology, and the environment.

While choosing the rug for your desire space, it is essential to choose wisely. Different areas require different types of materials that are used to make the rug. When creating an interior, we suggest looking for unique rugs - non-boring, authentic and high-quality.

Colorful outdoor rugs

Colorful outdoor rugs

Photo by Candice Johnson

There are a lot of blogs and tips about designing your own outdoor living space. If you have ever looked into one or two blogs, you know that this is the most exciting decorating process with endless possibilities and options. But often, people tend to get lost in the process and feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin. Well, a great start can be an outdoor rug.

The beauty behind this is that it does not matter if you have a small patio or a vast terrasse to decorate; the outdoor rug is a perfect choice. You can choose the color, shape, style of an outdoor rug and then build around that rug.

You can always find an opposing side of the comments that outdoor rugs are not necessary. But we say that is nonsense! Outdoor rugs are economical, durable, really easy to clean, and most importantly, comes in a wide variety of colors. Colorful outdoor rugs set the tone you want to create in the given space and set the feel of that space. There are a few criteria that you need to look for before purchasing a colorful outdoor rug.

The first thing that you have to look for in an outdoor rug - the color and material. Of course, this is a personal choice and depends on everyone's taste. There are two most popular material groups that colorful outdoor rugs are made:

  • Natural fiber outdoor rugs - in this category, you can put two materials, jute and sisal. Even though those materials are natural and most likely you will find them in a more natural tone; you can still find some of the natural fiber outdoor rugs in a wide variety of different colors. Usually, this happens if manufacturers mix the materials. If you happen to purchase a natural fiber outdoor rug, be aware that they are not that durable in humid climates.
  • Synthetic fiber outdoor rugs - are a perfect fit for a colorful outdoor rug. Polypropylene and polyester are both excellent choices for synthetic colorful outdoor rugs. Polypropylene is resistant to UV rays, meaning the color will not fade under the hot sun. Another benefit of this rug is that the material itself is stain-resistant and relatively low maintenance. Polyester is the most durable one that can handle any weather. This material is easy to clean, lightweight.

Of course, not only the material is the most significant factor in choosing anoutdoor rug. Color is important too. Even though you can find single-colored rugs on the market, there are more to choose from, for example, a mix of colors to make your patio pop. Another thing about colorful outdoor rugs is that you can find lovely bright-colored outdoor rugs.

Sice colors and emotions are closely linked; bright colors can create different feelings than muted colors. Colors can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. So, naturally, solid or bright colors can have a powerful effect on emotions. For example, if you choose a bright-colored rug in bright yellow or bright red colors, it can give you an energizing feel and make you more alert.

These outdoor rugs, bright-colored rugs, will grab your attention and stand out in the surroundings. But most importantly, you can match with more muted toned furniture and other decorations so that it will give you a wholesome look in your terrasse or patio.

Pro tip: If you are still unsure if your outdoor space will suit your chosen bright-colored rug. We suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use our modern Augmented Reality solution directly from your smartphone.

Sometimes people that outdoor rugs need to be cleaned too. It is straightforward to do! From time to time, you can give it an occasional sweeping or shaking to remove any debris. And if you have a few stains or spills, do not worry; all you have to do is take a mild soap and water, remember everything depends on the material and the hose off. Be sure that you let your rug dry completely before using it.

If you are not entirely ready to commit to a colorful outdoor rug just yet, try it out in a virtual setting from your mobile device. It can surprise you how much your room can change when you see how it will look in your space.

Colorful rug for living room

Colorful rug for living room

Photo by Adam Spychala

We all know that the living room is a focal point of any home. After all, we spend a lot of time there! So, naturally, the space should be inviting and cozy. Well, finding a perfect rug for the living room can be a challenge. People often ask how to find an ideal match of the color of their chosen rug that is the best for their living room space. Here's how you can see if it fits perfectly in your living room space: use our modern Augmented Reality solution directly from your smartphone. It lets you see the rug in your area and helps you decide before making a purchase.

If you still wonder how to choose a rug for a living room or which one is better, light, dark, or rust-colored rug to go with your living room interior. We have a few do's that will help you decide for the final decision.

  • Timing

    It is a tricky part. Do you choose the rug first or last? Well, it depends on what result you want. If you already have an interior style in mind and have purchased all the furniture, the last accessory is the rug. It will create support for the elements you have already. And if you want to make a statement or steal the show, for example, choose a colorful rug and then build around that rug.

  • Colors!

    Embrace them. Also, embrace the trends too. Making a change in the living room is an excellent opportunity to freshen up the space, and with a new rug, you can feel a completely different vibe. So, if you want that change, use colors like reds, pinks, or warm colors, in general, pastel colors. Those colors are considered happy colors, so do not be afraid to play around with the different color rugs for living room space.
    Pro tip: To see the happy colored rug for your living room space, we suggest you see it virtually. Use our modern AR solution directly from your smartphone.

  • Insulation

    People living in apartment complexes often have rugs. There is one reason why, because rugs can be an excellent sound insulator, particularly in the living room. The rug in this space absorbs the sound of every move you make and helps to minimize your neighbors' sound.

  • Size!

    When we are talking about the rugs - size matters! Don't choose a rug that is way too small for the space. For living room space, choose more giant rugs or decide how your furniture is placed. So, for example, if your furniture is next to the wall - this setting lets you put a rug a little bit differently. So, place the front legs of your furniture on the rug. We are sure it will do the trick.

So, if you are trying to shake things up in your living room space, colored rugs are your saviors. They can be instant mood-changers and can do wonders in areas. If you are still unsure, you can virtually see how the rug looks in your space from your mobile device.

Most common types of colorful rugs

When you decide on the space where the rug goes - the next step is to determine the type of colorful rug. What matters the most while talking about types of rugs is how it makes you feel. Whether you tend to favor traditional or contemporary rugs, the best one always reflects your personal choice.

Colorful area rugs

Colorful area rugs

Photo by Maitri Mody

The second colossal space is where people often put rugs in - the dining room. Usually, the best type of rug for dining room space is the area rug. They are big enough to cover the flooring space under the dining table. Before deciding whether you choose a color block rug or solid-color rug, the size of that rug and it will work well with your furniture is essential.

We can say that the first thing on the list while looking for the rug should be material. Each material is different, and it creates a unique look and feels in the room. So, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing the rug. We can give you three deal-breakers for the final decision - durability, comfort, and color.

We already mentioned before that there is no wrong timing when choosing colorful rugs. You can choose it first and build around the rug, or last to complement already available furniture. But different types of interior color scheme calls for various colored area rugs, especially, if it is a dining room. So, here are a few pointers for choosing different colors area rugs:

  • If the interior color scheme of your dining room has bold or muted shades, we suggest you choose a rug that has elements of the same colors. It can help tie it together and complement the existing decor.
  • If the interior color scheme of your dining room has bold or muted shades, we suggest you choose a rug that has elements of the same colors. It can help tie it together and complement the existing decor.
  • If you have more bright-colored walls, then the perfect anchor is the rugs in soft shades of gray or muted tans. It helps to drawn eyes to the right place instead of bright walls.
  • A rug always adds a new accent color to the room. So, if you want to make a statement with a rug, you need to try the patterned rug. For example, color block rug. It can be in bright colors or monochromatic colors; it depends on the look and feels of that room. It is always a fun way to add more details to the solid, decorated space.

Area rugs are usually used for high-traffic spaces. So, it is natural that they cover a lot of floor space. If you have dark wood flooring, a similar colored area rug will work great in that space and cover unwanted stains or scratches. If you want a colorful area rug that can become the main focus area of the room, we suggest choosing bright-colored rugs.

Of course, there are many colorful area rugs on the market, but we introduced a few pointers to keep in mind before looking for one. If you are still unsure, you can virtually see how the rug looks in your space from your mobile device.

Colorful shag rug

Colorful shag rugs

Photo by Jan Skácelík

There is no denying that shag rugs are the softest and most comfortable rugs on the market. The shag rug can add a special touch to your home and take your space to another level, which means from plain and simple interior to stylish and unique looking. Most people choose shag rugs for bedroom space.

One of the main reasons people choose to place a shag rug in the bedroom is that they are inviting and warm; they add much-needed softness to the space. Some decorators claim those fluffy rugs are great for layering. For example, a smaller soft rug would look great on natural fiber rugs or richly colored traditional rugs.

Shag rugs were usually in bold colors and had a thick, fuzzy feel to them. That is why most of the 70s and 80s interior was decorated with shag rugs and decorations like lava lamps or bead curtains. But now, shag rugs are different from the way they were before, they remain the feature of warm cozy touch that comes from the higher pile, but new shag rugs come in multiple styles and materials, such as wool, polypropylene, faux fur, and acrylic.

While choosing the shag rug, usually, the rug's color is a fun part to look for. So, here we have the most popular colors of shag rugs that people tend to choose:

  • Green - of course, there are more shades to choose from, like emerald, sean, forest, and many more. If the interior color scheme is already dark, choose a lighter shade of green to balance this out.
  • Colorful green rugs

    Photo by Emily Welch

  • Blue - opposite to the green is blue. To stand out with the interior decorations in your space, choose the cobalt blue shade of a shag rug. This will be a striking color and will become a signature piece. Also, you can find shag rugs in other shades of blue, such as navy or dark blue
  • Colorful blue rugs

    Photo by Aylins Interior

  • Taupe - is a unique color shag rug because taupe is a neutral color with hints of brown and grey. This color is considered a warm color so that it can be paired with other warm colors. Also, interior designers like taupe-colored shag rugs because it is highly versatile.
  • Colorful Taupe rugs

    Photo by Charlotte Cannon

  • Multicolor - if you do not want a solid color shag rug, then multicolored is the best alternative for you. But be careful with this shag rug because it can create chaos in your room, so make sure to match with a few accessories that are already in your room. It is a playful addition to the kids' bedroom.
  • Multicolor rugs

    Photo by Hannah Clark

If you are not entirely ready to commit to a colorful fluffy rug just yet, try it out in a virtual setting from your mobile device. It can surprise you how much your room can change when you see how it will look in your space.