Entryway Rugs

A new way of choosing entry rugs has made them a practical, interior-enriching solution for floor protection. The new Augmented Reality (AR) feature allows you to try the chosen rug in your interior easily by using a QR code and smartphone camera.

A large supply doesn’t make the choice of an entry rug easier, but it definitely opens up more possibilities for the design. Feel free to use our tips for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Ensure the functionality of entry rugs by checking professional recommendations for the rugs’ size and design. 

Multifunctional entryway rugs

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Everyone who has decorated their home at least once knows it can feel like an endless job since every detail. Entryway rugs are not an exception. They carry the style of the house as much as introduce you as a personality to guests. They protect the floor and make sure you feel warm and cozy the second after entering the house. As with any other detail, well-chosen entry rugs make your home a place it’s a pleasure to come back to.

Tips for choosing your rug

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Choosing entryway rugs for your home could be tricky if you want to go for that perfect decision. Proper size, shape, material, and colors make an important difference in design and comfort. Therefore, instead of treating this choice like an afterthought decision, we suggest checking on the main tips for choosing entry rugs. e

  • Feel free to be creative

  • Express yourself

  • Create a “welcome” feeling

  • Ensure the functionality of the rug

  • Don’t forget the design

Feel free to be creative

If you only associate entrance rugs with a classic, practical, go-with-everything solution, you have got the wrong impression. There is no reason to limit yourself to common patterns. Although they are often characterized by simple maintenance, they also give the impression of boredom. Feel free to be creative when choosing entryway rugs or indoor entry rugs – bring the sparkle to your interior.

Express yourself

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Don’t waste the opportunity to create the mood of the house and the first impression of yourself. Express yourself as a personality in a big way – let guests know how original and fun you are by choosing a joyful entry rug design. It could have bright colors as well as unusual patterns, becoming the main accent of the corridor.

Create a “welcome” feeling

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A welcome feeling could be given by choosing entryway rugs with cozy patterns or quotes. No house furniture can add more of a personality as the rug with a saying or quote you believe in. It could also be a joyful, funny phrase, lifting the mood.

Ensure the functionality of the rug

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There are many options of entryway rug sizes you could easily find on the market. When picking one, make sure the size assures the functionality. For example, in case of a heavy traffic flow, bigger size entry rugs are recommended. The well-chosen size protects the floor fully and ensures dirt and dust from the outside won’t travel around the house. 

Don’t forget the design.

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All of us want to make sure the first impression of the house is outstanding. Therefore, when focusing on practicality, the design cannot be forgotten. Don’t be afraid of lighter and softer colors and patterns in a rug design. High-quality material assures their care is equally simple compared to darker colors.

More precise recommendations for entry rugs for specific areas you will find below. The benefits of different rug sizes are also discussed to help you come up with the best choice.

Entryway rug

When creating designs for smaller spaces, we have a natural habit of choosing minimalistic solutions. Therefore, it’s confusing when famous designers advise you to go bigger with your hallway’s rug size and pattern, even if the space is not big. However, this is the way exceptionality is created.

Make the hallway look larger

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When buying a rug for your entryway, there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. The choice might look like a matter of taste at first sight. However, the design has an important influence on fooling the eye into thinking the whole room is larger. For example, a pattern of a large geometric shape is a perfect choice for that. 

The larger size of an entryway rug also helps with the impression of space. If you are not sure about the best measurements, there is an option of placing your hallway furniture before choosing the size of a rug. In this way, you will make sure the rug won’t bump up against furniture and won’t be too small.

Create a welcoming feeling

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A shaggy, fluffy, and soft entryway rug is an easy choice for creating a welcoming impression. It also makes the hall look luxurious and elegant. Since the foyer is usually a high-traffic area, practicality is sought by many designers. However, it’s important to note the entryway rug cannot be seen as a practical solution only. 

As a creator of a new iconic style of housing in America, Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” So, don’t forget your entryway rug is also a focal point of interest when choosing practicality. It enhances the look of your living space and creates the wish to come back home or visit you again. 

Indoor entry rug

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Many types of mats and carpets are used as indoor entry rugs nowadays. The choice mostly depends on the dimensions, shape of the space, and your fantasy. However, we suggest checking out several tips on finding the best option for your hallway.

Pay attention to the shape and size of a hallway 

  • If your entryway to the house is a long, narrow space, a runner rug could work well in such a hallway. Try a 2x6” or a 2x9” rug to protect the length of your entryway.

  • A horizontal rectangular rug for the protection of your floor could be a good choice if you are dealing with limited rectangular space. A 2x3” or 3x5” rug should be enough to catch the dirt, especially if your home has a shoes-off policy past the door.

  • For the mid-sized rectangular entryway, we suggest a 4x6” rug, providing more coverage, perfect for a space featuring a coat closet or bench.

  • Much more confusing might be the choice of a rug for bigger spaces. If you have a lot of room to cover, larger foyers and entryways call for more sizable rugs. 5x 8” or even 6x9” rugs are recommended in most cases.

Consider the size of a rug twice

As experts in entry rugs, we often hear the question - are there must rule in choosing the size of an indoor entry rug? Guidance recommendations are suggested to check out before making this decision. However, there are no strict rules for the size of an entry rug you must choose.

The tip of thumb for any entry rug size is to have 12” of floor space between the edge of the rug and the wall, at least. This recommendation usually helps to balance the practicality and appearance of the interior. 

Round entry rug

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An oval or round entry rug is one of the most popular options for those looking for an easy solution. Suitable for square, rectangular, and oval areas equally, round entry rugs are suggested in various sizes and patterns.

A top choice for coziness

Considering the shapes of rugs in general, round entry rugs are usually chosen as the ones bringing the most coziness. There are plenty of round or oval shape rug options made from fluffy, shaggy materials. Because of the casual feeling these rugs create, they can be easily adapted to any setting, including hallways and living rooms.

Versatility influenced by materials

There are several options of materials a round entry rug could be made from. To choose the most suitable, we suggest considering the main criteria you usually pay the most attention to.

  • Jute and sisal for durability. If you seek a choice that allows the smallest amount of care – a round entryway rug from jute or sisal is recommended. These materials are known for their durability. They catch dirt and moisture easily but could look like new quickly by giving them a good shake. Extremely good absorption of moisture can become a drawback in case you don’t hang them to dry often enough. It is important to note this feature protects the rug from mold or bacteria.

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  • Wool for easy cleaning. The secret behind a round entry rug from the wool – the fiber is naturally stain and moisture-resistant. It makes the rug very practical for use even though the hallway is a high-traffic zone. Wool is also known for holding color pretty well. It is resistant to fading and wearing, so it can be used for a longer time than other types of rugs. 

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  • Synthetic for resistance to stains. Indoor entryway rugs from synthetic material can be dyed in practically any color for integration into the home interior. In case of bigger traffic, they tend to wear more often. However, the lower price makes them a good solution for those looking for more economical options for rugs.

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  1. 3x5 entry rug

There is nothing that can go wrong when choosing a 3x5” entry rug for your hallway. It is a durable, versatile in size, indoor and outdoor-approved solution. This size of an entry rug is also known for its practicality, especially when we’re talking about high-traffic hallways, which your family passes constantly.


The pros of 3x5 entryway rug

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Even though smaller rugs can also be integrated into the interior, the size of 3x5” is held as optimum for practical reasons. For instance, placing a 2x3” rug next to the door adds a small dose of color and style to an often overlooked area. However, for better floor protection, the 3x5 entry rug is recommended, especially for high-traffic hallways. 

This size of a rug could be named as used-widely. It looks great next to the main door as well as placed in the center of the space. In this setup, adding a table with a floral arrangement on top of the rug is suggested. There is also an option to keep such a rug closer to the base of the stairs where there’s more traffic for better floor protection. An optimum size 3x5 entry rug is often chosen as the rug of the main door, as well as the rug for the door of the terrace or balcony.

  1. 4x6 entryway rug

There is still a discussion about whether the wall-to-wall hallway carpet or bigger entry rug is a better choice. Since both options cover the biggest part of the floor, attention should be paid to smaller details. 

Having all the pros of wall-to-wall carpet, 4x6” entry rugs do not share the cons. The covering of the entire floor or problems while removing the wall-to-wall carpet is usually considered the main drawbacks specialists recommend avoiding. 

The pros of 4x6 entryway rug

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The rug covering the majority of the walking area in a hallway has several advantages.

  • It is a good choice for saving the floor. 4x6 entry rug helps to protect the flooring from scratches, dirt, and moisture, possibly brought to the house in case of bad weather.

  • It brings extra comfort. In the case of the not heated floor, a larger hallway rug is a genius idea for bringing more warmth into the house. On cold winter days especially, since it also helps to isolate the floor better.

  • It enhances the house decor. The second guests walk into your home, they get the first impression of your home. Make it exceptional by choosing a large, interesting design rug. 

  • It is easily movable. In case your entry rug needs cleaning or changing, the 4x6” option is very practical. In comparison with wall-to-wall carpet, no effort is needed to collect the rug from the floor of your hallway.

To sum up, the 4x6” entry rug does not affect the design and covers the floor partly. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, 4x6” entry rugs are lightweight and portable, making redesigning and transforming the room easy-processes. They could also be named as an equally good choice for floor protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big should an entry rug be?

To figure out what size of indoor entry rug could work the best in your living space, we recommend measuring the area precisely. Firstly, measure the width of your entryway at the narrowest point by using a simple measuring tape. Secondly, measure the length of your entryway – we recommend starting at the front door and continuing to the main living space.

2.How to choose an entry rug?

The new Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to try the chosen entry rugs in the interior easily by using a QR code and your smartphone camera. Just scan the QR code of a selected rug and aim your camera at the place your future rug is planned.