Living Room Rugs

Since the market for Living Room Rugs is enormous, you can easily get lost while choosing one. To make your decision-making process more manageable, use our Augmented Reality tool, which lets you see the rug in your space from your smartphone.

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Why are living room rugs important?

Photo by Baylee Deyon Design

Home is our sanctuary place, but you need to accessorize it properly to create such an inviting and cozy space. One of the ways to make your home or specific zones of your house feel less cold is to place a rug.

Of course, there is a hot debate about whether rugs are worth putting in home spaces and whether they are not. We say - YES, IT IS! There are multiple benefits to having a rug, especially in the living room.

For example, living room rugs are responsible for a comfy look there. Sometimes all hardwood flooring can be a bit cold and won't create this fantastic coziness you want in such a space. So, by placing a rug in your living room, you can bring that comfy feeling, and we guarantee that you will want to spend more time there.

Another reason why living room rugs are incredible is that they soak up the sounds. This one is crucial if you live in an apartment complex. The constant noise from your TV, walking around the living room, and your voice can drive your neighbors mad. So, by placing a rug in your living room, you can make sure that you minimize the noise for your neighbors and your home.

Since the living room rug market is quite extensive, you can find many options to choose from. And we understand the struggle you have to go through in selecting the one that will fit your space. One thing with purchasing online, you will never know the way a rug will look in reality because pictures can sometimes be deceiving. So, to make it more manageable for you - use the AR tool. It would help if you had your smartphone, and you will see the rug in your space before making the final decision.

As Angela Rose already covered the most important thigns to look at when choosing a rug for the living room, we have selected the most famous living room rugs that people go for:

Fluffy living room rugs

Photo by Halfway Wholeistic

A fluffy rug, or as some designers call a shag rug - is a rug that has one of the unique looks ever. The name for this rug comes from its look; they have a deep pile, meaning that the pile is raised to the surface.

Fluffy Rugs became trendy in the 70s and 80s, but they are still popular today. Many designers love these fluffy rugs because they bring a lot of texture and comfiness to the room. So, having one in your living room space can make that space more complete and elegant.

Since there can be a hot debate about why to purchase the fluffy living room rug because most people believe that these rugs collect the most dust and hair, we say that these rugs make the space feel more special. You will have that perfect patch of heaven that looks good and will be a soft addition to your feet. To persuade you why fluffy living rugs are worth your attention, we made a few pointers for you:

  • Insulation. Fluffy rugs do not only look good but also keep the warmth longer. It is an excellent choice if you have a place where your living room floor is freezing or you live in an area that has icy winters.
  • Comfort. The specialty of these shag rugs is comfort. An essential thing in the living room space is the coziness and inviting feeling. Ensure that a fluffy rug can bring a more lively feel to your living room. To maintain the perfect look of this rug, you need to clean it with a vacuum at least once a week and deep clean once a year.
  • Visually appealing. It's no secret that the first thing you will have your attention when you come into your living room will be your fluffy rug. These rugs are one of the most prized ones and bring this rustic and a bit of spice look to your living room space.

So, we are sure that you will change your mind about fluffy rugs and will give them a try to put in your space. If you are still not confident about your decision or are on the market for a new rug, we suggest you see it before purchasing. How does this work? The AR tool is a technology that shows you the rug before purchasing; all you need is your smartphone.

Farmhouse living room rugs

Photo by Farmhouse Living

Like fluffy rugs, farmhouse-style rugs are also one of a kind. When describing the farmhouse style, the first thing that can define them is the vintage prints and distressed accessories. Looking for the items in this style, you need to start to look for down-to-earth things such as earthy tones or natural (wood) pieces of furniture.

If you want to bring more light into your living room space, consider farmhouse living room rugs in grey, beige or white color scheme. But if you want a more contrasting look in your light living room, you can choose from deeper shades like sage, navy, darker greens.

Let's say you have decided on the color scheme for your need farmhouse living room, but here is the thing - how to determine whether the sizing of the rug is the perfect one. Since the living room space is where family gatherings occur, you will need to make it cozier. The most popular sizes of farmhouse living room rugs are 5x8, 8x10, or 9x12. So, depending on the space of the room, you need to know how to place them perfectly; here's how:

  • Ample living room space. These living rooms have a lot of flooring that sometimes can be too much. Naturally, you will want to cover some of the floorings to make them more inviting. The best thing you can do is place your furniture on top of a 9x12 farmhouse rug. This will create a more cohesive look.
  • Small living room space. Smaller rooms require small rugs; if you place too big of a rug there, you can make the space crowded. So, keep it simple and place a small farmhouse rug under the coffee table; you will create a focal point.
  • Medium living room space. Such size living rooms tend to be overly crowded if you place the rug incorrectly. So, try the anchor placement. This placement lets you put on the front of the legs of your furniture on the rug, this way, you won't create chaos.

If you are unsure about your new farmhouse living room rug sizing, you can try it out by seeing it in your space before purchasing. The AR tool lets you know the rug from your smartphone; no additional app is needed.

Round living room rugs

Photo by NeN.

Having a focal point in your living room space can be one of those things that will create the perfect balance. A round living room rug with bold colors, patterns can quickly become a centerpiece of your dreamy space. One thing is that if you choose to make the rug a focal point in your area, then try to tone down on other decorations to create a more balanced look.

In general, round living room rugs can add a lot of depth to the space, also draws your attention when you first come into the room. Some people are afraid to use round rugs because they don't know how to style them or are worried that the round shape won't fit in their room. The thing is round rug will bring softness to the living room space because all the sharp edges can sometimes be too much. If you are still not that fond of using a round rug in your living room, then here are a few benefits why it's good:

Cohesiveness throughout the space. The soft round shape of the rug can draw together the elements of the room and create this harmonious feel. Another thing about this rug is that it lights up the living room, and it won't look overdone.

Make the room appear bigger. Have you ever wondered how to make a small living room bigger? Well, the perfect way is to put a round rug. It makes them feel more significant. The soft edges soften the whole look of the home, making it more inviting and spacious.

Pro tipIf you want to check if the round rug will be the perfect fit for your living room space, you can check it out using the AR tool. This tool lets you see the rug in your desired area before deciding. All you need is your smartphone.

It helps to create intimacy. Intimacy is such a delicate feeling, and having such a thing in your living room can bring you the best sense. By putting a round rug in your living room, you can create a space where you can have a conversation and spend time with your loved ones without feeling uncomfortable, as it will enhance the room's coziness.

Living room rug 8x10

Photo by Sarah Joy Blog

Since the living room area can be heavily trafficked, you will need to often clean the rug. In general, the care for the rugs is crucial. You can easily find people who say that rugs are not worth it because they collect dust, hair, or crumbs. While this is true because it is a material piece that you care for, and with proper care, you will have more of a rug that you can enjoy than a headache.

If you have a living room rug in size 8x10, then the care can be a bit longer because of its size. 8x10 living room rugs are pretty big and can cover a lot of the flooring space. But no matter the size of the rug, you need to care for it. The general rule that you need to follow is to make sure that you know the material of your rug.

The material is essential because it can determine what kind of care you will need to do. Despite this fact, the standard steps you need to take to keep your 8x10 rug clean are these:

Vacuuming. To keep your rug fresh and clean from dust, hair, and even crumbs, you must vacuum it frequently. By doing this, you will elongate the lifespan of your rug. So, we suggest that you do this step once a week.

Stains. Accidents happen, and it's okay! For any unwanted or accidental staining, you will need to treat them right away. The way to do this is to blot the rug with a damp cloth, and if you need, you can take a soapy sponge, gently rub the spot, and then wipe with a wet cloth.

Deep clean. Since the last steps will make your rug clean for everyday use, you need to do this step once a year. Deep cleaning means that your rug can is cleaned the way that your vacuuming couldn't clean it. It will clean the dirt from the deep fibers, and you will have an amazing-looking rug again.

So, these are the best advice that we can give you for your living room 8x10 rug care. If you have some doubts about choosing the perfect rug, you can always see it in your place before purchasing it using the AR tool.