Unique Rug Visualization Experience

Rug visualizer improves user engagement, increases conversion rate, and reduces rug returns. These are the facts. Dressmycrib goes one step further, offering unique features and exceptional user experience.

Get a real competitive advantage

Online shoppers will stay on your page as you will provide the best user experience for choosing rugs online. How? Combining all top-in-class features like “See rug in your room,” “Live view using Augmented Reality,” and “AI-based Virtual Designer.”

Rug Visualizer

Rug Visualizer

This "see rug in my room" feature enhances user engagement and reduces product returns. Users will upload their room images to your page and will see all your rugs in their space making it easier to shop online.

Live AR view

Dressmycrib converts your products to 3D format from a single image, enabling users to see any rug in their space in real-time. With 3D models, online stores will also unlock Amazon and Google Ads AR features.

Virtual Rug Designer

Virtual Rug Designer

AI-based Virtual Rug Designer will automatically provide rug color recommendations based on the user’s room image colors. Your page will show the most relevant rugs to users' interiors, making rug selection hassle-free.

Seamless User Experience

The Dressmycrib solution integrates with your genuine online User Interface—no iframes or links to third parties. Whether a category page or a product landing page, your visitors will get the best User Experience, maximizing their engagement.

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Improve Rug Sales Online

Let our rug visualization solutions help your brand deliver the perfect fit for a user from the first touch. Brands utilizing visualization technologies report increased average order values, greater customer confidence in buying, and lowered return rates, which convert to tangibly higher profits.

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What Advantages Does DressMyCrib Provide?

Higher Conversion Rates

The use of product visualization technology like DressMyCrib can substantially elevate conversion rates. Research indicates that integrating such technology can result in conversion rate increases ranging from 30% to even as high as 200%.

Increased Engagement

Studies suggest that incorporating visual elements such as 3D product models, augmented reality (AR), or interactive images can increase engagement by up to 40% or more. These immersive experiences grab visitors' attention, enhance their understanding of products, and increase their likelihood of spending more time on the website, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Returns

On average, customers return an astounding 30% of their online furnishing purchases. By taking advantage of the DressMyCrib Product Visualizer, shoppers can accurately see what products such as rugs look like in their home, leading to significantly return rates.

Convenient Shopping

Product visualization enables online shoppers to accurately visualize product sizing, placement, and color matches thanks to augmented reality. With our Product Visualizer, shoppers can choose rugs and home furnishings more conveniently.

Enhanced Visibility

DressMyCrib offers independent designers and artists a platform to amplify their exposure at no cost. By adding their products to our home decor marketplace, creators can expand their reach and connect with a broader audience.

It's greener!

By reducing the number of returns, we aim to lower carbon emissions through a decrease in shipping and minimization of packaging waste. Reduced returns also conserve energy and resources, creating a more sustainable approach to online shopping.

Cost-Effective Solution

DressMyCrib takes pride in offering the industry's most competitive subscription model pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising quality or innovation.

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