DressMyCrib - Improving Your Online Presence

We invite you to explore DressMyCrib's innovative solutions for floor coverings and discover how our technology and market know-how can improve your online presence and sales.

How Can DressMyCrib Help You?

We’re redefining the online flooring business by providing an all-in-one solution:

  • Product Visualizer Tech
  • SEO and PPC Expertise
  • AR Rug Marketplace
  • Smart Product Search Tech
  • Virtual Product Showrooms


  1. Our Product Visualizer Technology allows customers to virtually place your rug, tile or hardwood in their spaces to find the perfect fit, empowering confident decision-making and decreasing product returns. Unsure if it works? Try our See-Before-You-Buy technology risk-free: you only pay when the tech delivers results. Try it below:
  2. Our SEO and PPC expertise is specially tailored for flooring e-commerce sites, drawing more high-intent traffic that converts to sales. 
  3. As an additional sales channel, we list your products on our Augmented Reality rug marketplace, where customers can see your products placed in their room. It's the future of trying before buying from home.
  4. Smart search technology enables you to monetize products better and gives you insights on the product opportunities you miss, as you get all the data related to search queries, including 0 matches.
  5. DressMyCrib also provides custom AR&VR solutions like Virtual Product Showrooms, so your potential customers can enjoy a top quality experience with your products.

Partner With Us

Curious to learn more about DressMyCrib or simply want to grab a coffee and chat at Domotex 2024? Contact CEO and Co-Founder Giedrius on +37061011251 or simply fill out the contact form below to learn more about implementing our technology on your e-shop.


Sell more rugs, increase engagement, reduce returns, and leave behind technology headaches. 

Explore the possibilities for your rug business with our customer-focused solution.

How Does DressMyCrib Work?

Harnessing the powers of AI and Augmented Reality, DressMyCrib converts all your floor coverings to AR. Shoppers can then visualize each of your products in their space using only their smartphone.

Why Do Businesses Use DressMyCrib?

Businesses opt for DressMyCrib due to its unparalleled product visualization capabilities. Leveraging AI and Augmented Reality, DressMyCrib transforms rugs into AR experiences accessible via smartphones. 

This technology has the potential to skyrocket conversion rates by up to 200% while also boosting engagement by 40% or more, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales. 

Moreover, DressMyCrib significantly reduces return rates by enabling accurate visualization of products like rugs in shoppers' spaces, ensuring confident purchases. 

Additionally, it fosters convenient shopping, empowers independent rug designers through enhanced visibility on a free marketplace, and contributes to a more sustainable approach by curbing returns and reducing environmental impact.

DressMyCrib is also proud to offer the lowest rates in the industry.

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