See Any Rug In Your Room Before You Buy It

You can preview the product in your own room before making a purchase. Simply upload your room image and our technology will place all the rugs below into that image. This way, you will select the perfect rug for your home with no mistake.

We've all been there. Your online purchase, which you had such high hopes for, sits unloved and unwanted until you finally send it back. See Rug In Your Room revolutionizes online shopping.

Here's how it works:

  1. Take a photo on your phone of the room where you'd like a new rug.
  2. Upload the image to our secure server below.
  3. As you browse all the products on our site, you'll see static shots of how they look in your room.
  4. When you find one you like, click 'View in AR' to see virtual rug in your room live.

Your phone screen will display a live view of your room with the product overlaid. As if by magic, you will view rug in your room thanks to our AI/AR-powered tool. Swipe the screen to move the rug around the room or pinch it to make it bigger or smaller. Find the size and placement that's exactly right for you.

We built this tool to show our visitors the real WOW effect of their new rug purchase using AI and AR. It gets you excited to push that button and get it inside your home. It's also another step to a seamless online shopping experience.

Here's a video on how See Rug In Your Room works:

Why Use DressMyCrib's See Rug In Your Room?

DressMyCrib's See Rug In Your Room tool is the best choice when looking for a rug. Here are a few reasons why:

  • No Pollution. You don't need to leave your home to see the rug in your room, so vehicle emissions cause no Air pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change. This leads to rising global temperatures, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events.
  • No Time costs. Save your time from traveling to the multiple offline rug stores - use it to engage in other valuable activities.
  • No App. No need to download any app - our tool works online. Prevent your device from slowing by getting the see rug in my room app.

Finally, See Rug In Your Room is compatible with the free rug visualizer tool. It turns any rug image into an augmented reality format enabling you to see the product live in your room. This enhances choosing floor coverings experience as you can have a clear idea about the rug size as virtually see how it will look in your space. All you need is a smartphone!

Sounds confusing? It's better to see rather than read about it. Read more and watch the video on how rug visualizer tool works here.

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