Boho Rugs

Boho rugs are a great way to add individuality and a sense of worldliness to your space. See how they look in your room, then shop from your favorite store without worrying about having to return your purchase!

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How Do I Clean A Boho Rug?

To clean your bohemian rug, start with vacuuming. For spot-cleaning, use a damp cloth with dish soap, allowing the area to dry thoroughly. Consider seeking professional help for a deeper clean once a year.

How Do I Choose A Bohemian Rug?

Choosing the perfect bohemian rug can be a bit challenging since it's crucial to see how it fits in your space. Use DressMyCrib's "See In Your Room" solution to choose the ideal boho rug. This innovative tool allows you to preview the rug in your own space using your smartphone, ensuring a perfect match.