Pink Rugs

The golden rule is to see that rug in your space to know if it's the one for you. We present a more efficient way to do that before you make any purchase - the AR tool. This tool will help you see the rug in your space - see below how this tool works!

This article will find the most popular pink rug on the market that might become your new way to style your home.


Pink area rug

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The perfect way to style a room that will not look dull is to add a pop of color. Usually, you can add any color that you think will look good with your interior, but here's the thing - have you thought of pink?

Pink area rugs are one of the ways to create a more cohesive look in more ample dull space, for example, a bedroom or dining room. Here are a few inspirations on how to style pink area rugs in these places:

  • Pink area rug in the bedroom. Pink doesn't have to be only in the room for children; you can give a subtle pink color in your bedroom. Pink rugs in the bedroom will look exceptionally good if you have hardwood flooring. It can give you a more modern look. Since the area rug is more extensive, you can place the carpet halfway under the bed and let the rest stick out at the end of the bed. But make sure you leave equal material on the rug from the sides. 

  • Pink area rug in the dining room. So, the dining room is more formal, but that doesn't matter because you can also have the pink element in there. A pink area rug will help you create a more inviting look in the space where you can have a family dinner. The blend of the modern and vintage pink carpet will give you enough to make you and your guest feel welcome in the space. 

If you are not sure about starting your rug hunting online, here are a helpful article that will help you determine where to start: 'Six things to consider when choosing an area rug.' If you are still not sure about the rug, then you can give a try to the AR tool that will help you choose the perfect one.  

Light pink rug

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A light pink rug is perfect if you don't want bright pink. But with this comes the challenge of keeping the carpet spotless. It is no secret that lighter color rugs are prone to more staining because it shows if not cared for properly.

Of course, the main thing is that you need to determine the cleaning process accordingly to the rug's material. But most of the rug retailers, like Rugs USA, suggest having a standard cleaning process for all the materials; here are they:

  • Vacuuming. To keep your rug fresh and clean from dust, hair, and even crumbs, you must vacuum it frequently. By doing this, you will elongate the lifespan of your rug. We suggest that you do this step once a week. 

  • Stains. Accidents happen, and it's okay! For any unwanted or accidental staining, you will need to treat them right away. The way to do this is to blot the rug with a damp cloth, and if you need, you can take a soapy sponge, gently rub the spot, and then wipe with a wet cloth. 

  • Deep clean. Since the last steps will make your rug clean for everyday use, you need to do this step once a year. Deep cleaning means that your carpet can is cleaned the way that your vacuuming couldn't clean it. It will clean the dirt from the deep fibers, and you will have an amazing-looking rug again.

If you are unsure about selecting a light pink rug, our solution can help you change your mind. The AR tool lets you see the carpet in your space before you decide to buy it. All you need is your smartphone, select the rug you want to see and hopefully make your decision-making process more efficient.


Pink and green rug

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The pink and green rug is an eclectic and glamorous material that can add a feminine touch to any home space. This solely depends on the color of the carpet, so before you choose such a color combination, you need to know the meaning of the colors.

These two colors are close because you can find them in nature. The meaning of the color can give the idea or general feeling you might get by bringing it to your home. So, here are the intentions of pink and green:

  • Green is associated with nature, leaves, trees, and anything you can see on the outside green. The representation of this color can be growth, positivity, new beginnings, and wealth. It is a calming color that can help you feel relaxed.

  • Pink is associated with more girly things. It is a natural color that represents romance and femininity and can bring a sense of tenderness and delicacy to the environment with a bit of sweetness and playfulness.

On that note, pink and green rugs are perfect for contemporary furnished living rooms. It can help you create a bold contrast between the design of the carpet and minimalistic interior details. This harmonious combination will create a balance that will be soothing for your eyes and won't overwhelm the space. 

Another great thing about pink and green rugs is that they look good with hardwood floors or grey tiles. The flooring material will help highlight the carpet so that you can make it a focal piece of the room. Also, look for different textures and patterns with these rugs; this way, you can elevate that playful element of the carpet and create a more exciting space to spend time in. 

Pink shag rug

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Fluffy rugs, or some call them shag rugs, are the staple of beauty and comfort. By far, one of the most popular of the bunch of colors is the pink shag rug. The shag rug's material is excellent for small spaces and big spaces like the living room.

The general misconception of pink shag rugs is that they are just for collecting dust and hair. But in reality, it's the opposite - they make the space cozier and more inviting. So, if you want a patch of heaven on your floor, consider purchasing a rug. Here are a few pointers on why shag rugs are incredible: 

  • They have insulating properties. This type of rug is soft to the touch but also has another purpose - it looks warm. The carpet pile is excellent if your floors are cold or you live in a generally colder area and have icy winters.

  • Exceptional comfort and warmth. The softness of the pile material makes the shag rug more inviting and brings the needed coziness into the room. If you want to have the carpet for a long time, you will need to maintain it - the best way is regular cleaning, meaning you will need to vacuum once a week. 

  • They are stylish and appealing. The shag rug became a staple because of its beauty and ability to make the room more attractive. So, many designers tend to recommend putting the shag rug in the home spaces because it can help you give a little bit of spice. It can provide the room with a more luxurious feel. 

Since shag rugs became more popular in the 60s and 70s, natural that most of them come in crazy colors. One of them is pink. Pink shag rugs are coming back the popularity because of their unique look. The evolving home accessory is a staple in any home space.