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10 Unique Halloween Decoration Ideas

Priya Anu
Priya Anu
Sep 28, 2023

The internet is rife with Halloween decoration ideas... We know you're busy, so we've compiled this top 10 Halloween decor ideas choosing only the most unique and easily accessible options. Browse our top 10 list and get inspired!

1. Colorful Pumpkins

Halloween home decorating

Photo by Aww Sam

Photo by A Kailo Chic Life

Photo by tiffanyish

Whether you're looking to purchase colorful pumpkins or wanting to DIY your own, we've got you covered. Colorful pumpkins in unique colors are a creative and fresh twist on the classic Halloween accessory. You can easily choose your own colors and patterns and spend the evening decorating pumpkins with your loved ones. We love the idea of a happy Halloween!

2. Halloween Rugs

Photo by @__studio34

Photo by @justsumrugs

A good Halloween rug is an absolute must as Fall creeps into our homes. We love the idea of tufted rugs in the spirit of Halloween - they're not only cozy, soft and warming, but they're equally as spooky! Plus, how can we resist a skeleton Hello Kitty rug?

Photo by Sisters, What!

Looking for a DIY outdoor Halloween decoration but you're no good at hand-tufting? How about a simple DIY rug? This wholesome DIY Halloween rug in the shape of a pumpkin is everything you could ask for. It's adorable, super simple to make and the materials you need are highly accesible.

3. Spooky Halloween Candles

Photo by Tell Love and Party

Photo by @littlehauntedhome

You can't have Halloween (or Fall, for that matter) without a trusty candle. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere created by these creative candles - or make your own!

4. DIY Hanging Ghosts

Photo by Sam Ushiro

This DIY Halloween garland with colorful ghosts will be a wonderful addition to your home. You can choose any cloth material, pattern and color to match your current home decor.

5. Creepy (and Cute) Curtains

Photo by Bohofrisco

To avoid scaring yourself too much while you wash your hair, install a creepy (but cute) shower curtain and revel in the Halloween spirit even in your bathroom.

6. DIY Hanging Witch Hats

Photo by Stephanie Hanna

These hanging witch hats are so simple yet so atmospheric, we're sad we didn't come up with it ourselves. Budget-friendly, easy to make and gorgeous - what more could we ask for? Plus, they won't damage your ceiling, and they instantly have a huge effect on the atmosphere of the room.

7. Cozy Halloween Plushies

Photo by Pottery Barn

We've never seen a cuter spider! These Pottery Barn Halloween-themed plushies are an amazing addition for a cute and cozy Halloween. These will be great for little ones and grown ups alike.

8. Fuzzy Halloween Blanket

Photo by Pint Sized Beauty

Step up the scary with a Halloween-themed blanket. Whether it's pumpkins, witches, brooms, bats or skeletons, a fuzzy Halloween blanket is sure to wrap you in Trick or Treat spirit.

9. DIY Bat Garland

Photo by Cassie Croggins

You can't say Halloween without also saying bats, and that's why we love this beautiful wall decor. And the best part? These only cost $2 to make! All you need is black poster board, adhesive and some cloth! (And you could event do it without the cloth!)

10. DIY Black Cat Wreath

Photo by Country Living

Halloween and black cats go together like Tricks and Treats! Add a black cat wreath to your front door and turn your porch into a Halloween nightmare.

About Halloween

Following the hottest months of the year, the spooky Halloween season often signifies the end of summer for many… and many of us are more than happy to relinquish it for the end of year celebrations.

The origins of Halloween itself stretch back thousands of years to the Celtic festival of Samhain, a celebration marking the conclusion of the harvest season. During this period, the Celts held the belief that the spirits of the recently departed could return to trouble the world of the living.

To thwart these ethereal intruders, celebrants kindled bonfires and donned eerie disguises in an effort to bewilder these spirits and safeguard against their mischief. With the advent of Christianity in Great Britain, numerous traditions of Samhain were amalgamated into the Catholic observance of All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day, alongside its associated vigil, All Hallows’ Eve, now more familiar as Halloween.

Halloween found its way to the United States during the mid-1800s, accompanying the influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants who brought their rich cultural traditions to the New World. However, by the early 1900s, Halloween had gained widespread popularity, yet it had yet to transform into the family-friendly celebration we recognize today.

Prior to the emergence of the time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating, Halloween predominantly served as an occasion for adults to revel—a convenient pretext for hosting grand parties and indulging in decorative extravagance.

Between 1912 and 1934, the Dennison Paper Company annually produced a guide named Dennison’s Bogie Book, a remarkable fusion of idea compendium and product catalog. This publication brimmed with imaginative suggestions for orchestrating the quintessential Halloween gathering, all to be executed using Dennison's array of offerings, naturally.

Happy Trick or Treating!

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