Priya Anu

Rug & Textile Designer

I am a self-motivated and process-driven 'Rug/Textile Designer' degree holder from the world renowned "National Institute of Fashion Technology" in Bangalore, India. I have an extensive background in handmade rug designing, with more than 15 years of experience. Currently, I am based in France but take on projects worldwide.

Through my work, I strive to showcase craftsmanship and to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of hand-crafted rug making. For my updated works, please visit

Throughout the course of my career, I have honed my abilities in technical knowledge of rug making, creating new designs and tailoring product development according to the latest trends & forecasts. 

I am an astute problem solver capable of prioritizing and managing complex projects with proficiency, along with a long-standing record of initiative and innovation. I find inspiration in everything around me; letting the impulse of insight pass through me, to create new concepts. The aesthetic and visual beauty of the rug concepts I create is the primary focus of my work. 

Unbound by rules or standards, I give myself freedom when choosing a direction, a medium, and an artistic technique. I love trying new methods and looking for different approaches to achieve a creative goal. Not all of my artworks are created with an underlined conceptual idea in mind, nor are all of them intended for conceptual analysis and comprehension. My work is based on our personal inspirations and the love for the craft, with the goal to evoke emotions in those who encounter my art.