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Natural Bedroom Ideas

Vittoria Ardore
Vittoria Ardore
Oct 16, 2023

Get inspiration and ideas for a natural themed bedroom. Think natural wood bed sets and soothing decor, Scandinavian style, and plants for a touch of organic greenery.

We've put together our favorite natural bedrooms to give you the perfect inspiration. Browse bedroom decor inspiration and renovation ideas to give your room a natural makeover.

01    Curved Accents

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Photo by @haus_von_ruggenthal

02    High Ceilings

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03    Jute Rugs

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Photo by @yumia220

04    Natural Toned Pillows

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05    Natural Wooden Beams

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06    Rustic Wooden Furniture

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07    Shades Of Beige

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08    Natural Finishes

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Photo by @oliviathebaut

09    Toned Accents

Photo by @magiclinen

Photo by @magiclinen

10    Organic Touches

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Photo by @puresaltinteriors

11    Rug Layering

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Photo by @sagephillipshome

12    Minimalist Blankets

Photo by @anniidajulia

Photo by @anniidajulia

Have you begun to daydream about revamping your bedroom? Perhaps you adore vibrant hues, but save them for your more dynamic living spaces, like the kitchen or family room. When it comes to your sanctuary, nothing beats a neutral palette.

Worried it might sound dull? Neutrals have a talent for minimizing distractions and amplifying serenity, making them an impeccable choice for a bedroom. And don't be fooled; their spectrum extends far beyond your imagination: from gentle grays to delicate blues, crisp whites, and creamy beiges, there's a multitude to explore. Discover these five compelling reasons to envelop yourself in colors that gently whisper tranquility.

Neutrals are Relaxing

Vivid colors tend to stimulate the senses, making you feel more energized or even peckish. Great for a lively kitchen, not so ideal for your bedroom. In contrast, neutrals exude calmness. When you step into a neutral-clad bedroom, your senses immediately find peace, and your entire body unwinds.

Neutrals Banish Distraction

Similar to a quiet lake or a serene desert, neutrals draw you away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of the day. Bedtime should be a time to clear your mind, not fill it with visual clamor. Unlike bold colors, neutrals won't make you feel trapped within four walls.

Neutrals Offer Flexibility

Begin with a neutral canvas, and you'll have the freedom to create any ambiance. Fed up with those flowery throw pillows? Swap them for whimsical stripes! Tired of the southwestern blanket folded at your bed's end? Unearth your great-grandma's patchwork quilt or your favorite rug passed down through the generations! With a neutral base, you can modify your bedroom's focal points with minimal cost and effort.

Neutrals Harmonize and Diversify

Neutrals harmonize with other neutrals: imagine the early morning sky over the desert, the countless shades in ocean waves, or layer upon layer of clouds in a breathtaking sky. Besides, a monochromatic palette doesn't have to be monotonous! Blend different textures and patterns to build depth and allure, especially on and near your bed. Consider silky-smooth powder blue sheets beneath a nubby off-white throw, or ivory sheets tucked beneath a creamy beige coverlet.

Neutrals Showcase Your Treasures

Family photographs, an antique vase, a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, an array of candlesticks...your cherished possessions won't get lost in a sea of color. In a tranquil palette-adorned bedroom, they become focal points that bring you joy morning and night.

If you're wondering how to begin crafting a serene, restful bedroom, choose sheets in an array of tranquil neutrals. The gentle blues, pristine whites, creamy ivories, and soft grays will envelop you in luxury, beauty, and unparalleled softness—for the most exceptional night's sleep.

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