Vittoria Ardore

Architecture and Interior Design Expert

Vittoria Ardore is a multifaceted professional with a passion for architecture and interior design, leveraging her expertise to create compelling copywriting for design enthusiasts. She is from Brazil and has always lived in São Paulo, a city full of buildings and one of the biggest metropolises in the world, which allows her to explore a huge variety of architectural and design styles.

Vittoria began her academic journey by pursuing a degree in architecture from Mackenzie, where she developed a keen eye for design, form, and function. She was drawn to the intricacies of architectural design and its ability to create awe-inspiring spaces that not only served a purpose but also influenced the way people interact with their environment. While studying, Vittoria participated in various design courses and workshops, honing her skills and gaining valuable insights into the world of architecture.

Vittoria started taking on personal and particular projects, where she projected the interior design and architecture of apartments in São Paulo, Brazil. However, she quickly realized that her true calling lay in sharing her extensive knowledge and passion for architecture and interior design with a wider audience. This led her to explore the world of SEO copywriting, where she could combine her architectural expertise with her love for writing.

Vittoria embarked on her journey as a copywriter by taking courses to learn the nuances of content creation, keyword research, and search engine optimization. She soon discovered that her architectural background gave her a unique perspective when writing about interior design, allowing her to produce content that was both visually appealing and informative.

As a freelance copywriter, Vittoria has worked with various clients, including architecture and interior design firms. Her articles cover a wide range of topics. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology. Her psychology expertise allows her to create captivating content that explores the connection between design choices and human emotions. 

In addition to her writing pursuits, Vittoria is an active member of the design community. She regularly attends workshops and courses, keeping up to date with the latest design trends and innovations in architecture and interior design. 

In her free time, Vittoria enjoys sketching, photography, and exploring the diverse architectural wonders that the world has to offer. She believes that inspiration can be found everywhere, from the sprawling skyscrapers of major cities to the quaint cobblestone streets of historic towns. She also loves to write any kind of content, from architectural articles to letters for her friends.

With her extensive design knowledge, unique psychological perspective, and dedication to producing content, she continues to captivate and inform readers with her insightful articles, while also helping clients achieve their marketing goals by crafting content that ranks well in search engine results.