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13 Rugs That Complement Your Blue Couch

Vittoria Ardore
Vittoria Ardore
May 27, 2023

You've settled on the perfect blue couch to anchor your living room. But the decorating doesn't stop there. Now it's time to consider how an area rug can complement that eye-catching blue hue while pulling the rest of the space together. 

The possibilities are wide-ranging when it comes to finding just the right rug to elevate your blue sofa: from ornate Persian designs to minimalist contemporary patterns and textures, creative rug pairings can inject additional personality into a room while promoting a relaxing oasis. 

As you evaluate options, keep scale, shape, color scheme and materials in mind. This overview presents fourteen rug styles to consider as you seek the perfect floor furnishing to complement your cool blue sofa.

What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Couch?

Photo by Chique Home Living

Ornamental Persian Rugs

For a timeless ornamental look, Persian rugs featuring faded Heriz motifs with sundance red, blue and gold accents elegantly highlight a navy blue couch. The antiqued styling brings lived-in character to modern spaces. Mix in patterned cushions sticking to the same color palette for cohesion.

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Cozy Organic Wool

Organic wool rugs in creamy white embody cozy shabby chic style. Sustainable and soft, wool is durable and stain-resistant. Avoid moisture which can be absorbed. Expect some initial shedding which will subside over time.

Photo by DecorPad

Vibrant Red and Blue

Make a dramatic design statement with the classic red and blue color pairing. The bold combination communicates warmth and strength. Creamy walls let the blue couch stand out while the red rug anchors visually. Echo accent colors throughout the room.

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Calming Grey

Subtle grey rugs calmly complement without overpowering the blue couch. Darker blues and greys create stormy sophistication. Add warmth with textured cushions and wooden accents to counter cooler tones.

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Sophisticated Neutrals

Creams and neutrals promote sophistication, especially with distressed Persian-inspired patterns reminiscent of antique rugs. Carefully made from hand-tufted wool, they are stain-resistant with excellent insulation. Vacuum regularly.

Photo by Desiree Burns Interiors

Textured Geometrics

Geometric weaves with hints of blue or terracotta effortlessly add depth and texture. Choose a palette that complements the entire room - blue to make the couch pop, terracotta to pick up brick walls.

Photo by The Design Souk

Scandinavian Minimalism

Clean Scandinavian designs in soft hues and subtle linear geometric shapes warmly define seating areas. Large rugs can separate intimate spaces in open-floor plans.

Photo by Angela Marie Made

Contemporary Toile

For a contemporary twist, abstract iconic scenes woven into toile-inspired prints add classic character while retaining refined sophistication. Use toile prints sporadically to avoid a dizzying effect.

Photo by Advice From A 20 Something

Bohemian Vibes

Vibrant hand-tufted wool rugs easily achieve an effortless boho vibe. Layer rugs across a room with the patterned rug on top directing eyes to the blue focal point.

Photo by schere leim papier

Bold Brights

Contrast an inky blue couch with bright fuchsia or blush pink tones for an eccentric and bold combination that oozes modern sophistication.

Photo by haywoodmade interiors

Complementary Orange

A burnt orange rug highlights a retro blue couch. As complementary colors on the color wheel, the pairing creates an energetic atmosphere perfect for revitalizing a room.

Photo by Decor Fácil

Modern Abstracts

Abstract rugs featuring bold geometric color collisions suit modern minimalism. Use round rugs to accent sitting areas in big rooms.

Photo by Apartment Therapy

Painterly Motifs

A painterly hand-tufted rug with a Persian flair in vibrant nature-inspired hues highlights royal blue couches. Aim for durable, machine-washable polyester constructions for family- and pet-friendly options.

Photo by Anna Bode

Best Rugs That Complement Your Blue Couch

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