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What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

Nikolett Papp
Nikolett Papp
May 22, 2023

rug size for queen bed

What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

Choosing the right rug size for your queen bed is essential in order to achieve a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

I'm a practicing interior designer, and I've put together this guide to help you navigate the process of selecting the perfect rug size, considering factors like room proportions, material, pile height, and more.

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Common Rug Sizes For A Queen Bed

A standard-sized queen bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This means that you want your rug to be between 96-108 inches wide, or 8-9 feet wide, and around 8-9 feet long.

Now, we know that an 8x9 rug isn't exactly the most common size. Luckily, there are many other options to choose from. Popular rug sizes that work well under a queen bed include 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12. Here's a quick overview:

  • 5x8: Ideal for smaller bedrooms, this size creates an 18-inch border around the bed, offering a comfortable surface for your feet. This is the minimum rug size you want for a queen-sized bed. Bear in mind you won't be able to place your nightstands on it.
  • 8x10: A popular choice for medium-sized rooms. It extends beyond the bed, creating a more luxurious feel and providing extra space to walk around.
  • 9x12: Perfect for larger bedrooms. This size creates a cohesive look by encompassing the entire bed and surrounding furniture.

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Deep Dive: The 8x10 Rug Under a Queen Bed

Let's explore the popular choice of an 8x10 rug under a queen bed. An 8x10 rug provides ample 'landing' space on either side and at the foot of the bed, contributing to a warm, cozy feeling. It works well in medium to large bedrooms and helps frame the bed beautifully, making it the clear focal point of the room.

In smaller rooms, however, an 8x10 rug might take up too much floor space and make the room appear crowded. Therefore, it's crucial to measure your room carefully before choosing this size.

Try 8x10 rugs straight in you room virtually:

Deep Dive: The 5x8 Rug Under a Queen Bed

Now, let's consider a smaller option: the 5x8 rug. This rug size is an excellent choice for smaller rooms where an 8x10 rug could overwhelm the space. A 5x8 rug typically fits nicely under a queen bed, extending a few inches on either side.

The downside? A 5x8 rug might not extend beyond the width of your queen bed, which means your feet might not hit the rug when you step out of bed.

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Pros and Cons of Different Rug Sizes

Each rug size comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Pros: Affordable, suitable for smaller rooms, easy to maneuver.
  • Cons: Limited coverage, may not work well with larger furniture arrangements.


  • Pros: Versatile, suitable for medium-sized rooms, provides ample coverage.
  • Cons: More expensive, may be challenging to handle and clean.


  • Pros: Elegant feel, takes the entire bed and, probably, the furniture, ideal for larger rooms.
  • Cons: More expensive, requires a big space, more difficult to move and maintain/clean.

Alternatives: Other Rug Sizes for a Queen Bed

Don't feel restricted to just the 8x10 or 5x8 rug sizes. Depending on your room's dimensions and the look you're aiming for, other rug sizes might work well too. A 6x9 rug, for example, can offer a happy medium between the 5x8 and 8x10 sizes. Meanwhile, a 9x12 rug might be an excellent choice for larger bedrooms where you want to place additional furniture on the rug, such as a bench at the foot of the bed

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Understanding Standard Queen Bed Dimensions

A standard queen bed typically measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long (152cm x 202cm). There are also variations of queen beds, including the Olympic queen (66 x 80 inches) and the California queen (60 x 84 inches). These dimensions should influence your choice of rug size in order to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing bedroom. Keep in mind that factors like headboards, footboards, and side tables can also affect the final rug selection.

Importance of Rug Size and Placement

We all love the soft feel of a rug beneath our feet, especially when it's the first thing that they touch in the morning! Beyond just comfort, rugs are an essential part of bedroom decor. A rug's size and placement can anchor your bed in the room, define the space, and complement the overall aesthetic. But it's not as simple as just picking out a rug that you like. Careful consideration of size and placement is needed to achieve the right balance and harmony in your room, not to mention practicality.

Quick Rug Size Guide for a Queen Bed

So, what size rug is perfect for a queen bed? 

  • 5x8: Ideal for smaller bedrooms, this size creates an 18-inch border around the bed, offering a comfortable surface for your feet. This is the minimum rug size you want for a queen-sized bed. Bear in mind you won't be able to place your nightstands on it.
  • 6x9: Ideal for smaller or standard bedrooms, this size allows for a 24-inch border all around the bed, leaving ample space for your feet to land on a soft surface. This is the best option for an Olympic queen.
  • 8x10: A popular choice for medium-sized rooms, it extends beyond the bed, creating a more luxurious feel and providing extra space to walk around. This creates a 30 inch landing on each side.
  • 9x12: Perfect for larger bedrooms, this size creates a cohesive look by encompassing the entire bed and other surrounding furniture. This creates a 42 inch landing on each side.


    Different Rug Placement Styles for a Queen Bed

    Rug placement isn't just about where it lies in relation to the bed, but also how it interacts with other furniture pieces. Here are some styles to consider:

    'All Furniture on the Rug': Unified and Luxurious

    There's something incredibly luxurious about having all your furniture on a large rug, creating a distinct, unified space within your bedroom. With this placement style, the rug extends beyond the bed, also including the side tables and any furniture at the foot of the bed. This is a great option if you have a spacious bedroom and a large rug.

    By choosing a rug large enough to accommodate all your furniture, you create a sense of unity and cohesion. This style visually connects your furniture, making your bed and side tables appear as a single, inviting unit. This cohesive look can give your room a touch of elegance and opulence, turning your bedroom into a truly grand retreat.

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    'Only Front Legs on the Rug': Open and Balanced

    If your rug isn't large enough to hold all your furniture or if you want to maintain a feeling of openness, consider the 'only front legs on the rug' placement style. This approach suits smaller rugs and is ideal for mid-sized bedrooms. With this style, the front legs of your bed and any other furniture are on the rug, while the back legs are off.

    This method is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of your floor while still benefitting from the warmth and comfort of a rug. It creates a beautiful balance in the room, making it feel open and airy. This is an excellent choice if you have a beautiful floor that you'd like to show off or if you wish to avoid a cluttered look in your bedroom.

    Original photo by @rachelkathleenhome

    'No Furniture on the Rug': Best for Small Bedrooms

    If your bedroom is on the smaller side, or you want to use the rug more as an accent piece, the 'no furniture on the rug' style is perfect. In this case, your rug lies completely free from any furniture, typically placed at the side or foot of your bed.

    This approach ensures your rug gets the full spotlight it deserves. It's an excellent way to add a pop of color, texture, or pattern to your bedroom without overwhelming the space. This style is also practical as it's easier to clean and maintain the rug when it's not under heavy furniture.


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    Rug Placement in a Small Bedroom

    In interior design, perception often outweighs reality. This principle is particularly important in smaller bedrooms, where strategic rug placement can trick the eye and make the room feel larger than it actually is. Here's a deep dive into how to achieve this effect:

    Defining the Sleeping Area

    For a smaller bedroom, one of the most effective strategies is to use a rug to define your sleeping area. Rather than choosing a large rug that covers the entire room and potentially overwhelms the space, opt for a smaller rug that sits at the side or foot of the bed.

    This kind of placement not only distinguishes the bed as a distinct 'zone' within the room, but also keeps the rest of your floor visible, which can create the illusion of more floor space. Plus, it avoids the potential for a rug to become a tripping hazard or make movement around the room more difficult.

    Remember to choose a rug that complements the size of your bed and doesn't extend too far out - typically, an area rug that extends 3 feet around the bed is a good rule of thumb.

    Photo by Sara Toufali

    Using Multiple Smaller Rugs

    If you'd prefer a more dynamic look, consider using multiple smaller rugs. This tactic allows you to highlight different parts of your bedroom and break up the space into several sections.

    For instance, you might choose a small, plush rug to step onto when you get out of bed and another slim, runner-style rug along a walkway or next to a dresser. This creates visual interest and variety, guiding the eye around the room and giving the illusion of a larger space.

    When selecting multiple rugs, ensure they have a cohesive element to maintain a unified look. This could be a common color, pattern, or texture.

    Rug Colors and Patterns for Small Bedrooms

    While it's not directly about placement, the color and pattern of your rug can also influence how large or small your bedroom appears. Light colors can make a room seem larger and airier, while dark colors create a cozier, more enclosed feeling. A rug with vertical stripes can elongate the space visually, while a rug with a small, repeated pattern can give the room a more open and spacious feel.


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    Rug Material and Thickness

    When it comes to rug material and thickness, it's all about comfort and practicality. For bedrooms, soft, high-pile rugs are an excellent choice for their plush, cozy feel. However, if you suffer from allergies, hypoallergenic materials like cotton or synthetics might be better.


    Rug Color and Pattern Considerations

    The color and pattern of your rug can significantly influence the mood of your room. If your room's aesthetic is calm and neutral, a rug with a bold pattern can add an exciting contrast. On the other hand, a rug with muted colors can enhance the calming effect of your room.


    Conclusion: Personalizing Your Space

    Remember, these are guidelines - not rules! Your personal preference and comfort should be the most important aspect in choosing a rug. 

    Unleash your creativity! Your bedroom is your personal haven, where your day begins and ends. The ultimate objective is to create a space rich in coziness and comfort.

    When choosing a rug for your queen bed, you’ll have to consider multiple factors: the rug size, placement, material, color, and pattern. However, the most crucial factor is you - your distinctive style, comfort, and preferences.

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    As you prepare to upgrade your bedroom, remember that there is no universal solution in interior design. It's all about discovering what works best for you and your space. So, feel free to explore various sizes, styles, and placements, as you embrace the joy of experimentation - happy decorating!


    How Should I Choose A Rug Under My Queen Bed?

    It can be difficult to choose a rug for under your queen bed since you need to be confident that the color, thickness, and style are all ideal for your room. Use DressMyCrib's Augmented Reality "See Rug in Your Room" feature to see bedroom rugs for your own queen bed so you can be sure of your decision.

    What Stores Or Platforms Sell Rugs For Queen Beds?

    Nowadays, it is easy to find area rugs at all price ranges for your queen bed. You can use DressMyCrib's free rug-visualizer to help you choose and then shop for them online from retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Ikea, and Walmart. With just a phone, you can preview any rug anywhere in your room - completely free!

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