Turkish Rugs

First, you need to see how that rug looks in your space to make it more efficient. So, to ensure that you get the best-fitting area rug, we present you with a AR tool. See below how this tool works!


In this article, you will find the market's most popular Turkish rug choices to explore your new carpet possibilities.

Most popular Turkish Rugs

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Table of Contents:

Vintage Turkish rugs

Vintage Turkish rugs

Photo by Alexis Austin

While there are no strict rules about decorating with vintage Turkish rugs, the wrong mix and match can cause the decor in the room to clash and look uncomfortable. If you want the history of Turkish rugs, you can find more information here.

So to avoid clashing, we have a few tips for you:

  • Make the vintage Turkish rug a focal point. If you want the carpet to be the room's focal point and then design everything else around it, there are no rules about what size or color rug you should choose. However, if you want a carpet to complement the existing decor, a smaller rug that blends in would be more appropriate.
  • Make the vintage Turkish rug a focal point

    Photo by Anita Yokota

  • Multiple rugs in one place. Large living rooms can often look very impersonal and cold if left uncovered. Using an oriental rug may seem like a great solution, but depending on the rest of the décor, one large rug can overpower the room completely. If your living room is exceptionally spacious, the best way to make it look cozier and more personal is by using multiple living room rugs.
  • Multiple rugs in one place

    Photo by Brooke

  • Highlight one of the pieces of furniture with the rug. This fits well with wanting to define space. The general idea is to put the carpet under one specific part of the furniture, for example, the table where you have dinners, and make it a more focal or defined space. This works well for open floor spaces in the home, where the living space is connected with kitchen and dining spaces.
  • Highlight one of the pieces of furniture with the rug

    Photo by Rugs USA

Turkish rugs for sale

Distinct and bold patterns or vivid colors make the Turkish rugs stand out from the crowd. Not only these types of designs can catch your eye, but also various geometric shapes, animals, plants, and symbolisms of natural events or emotions.

That is why you will find retailers with these beautiful artworks. Combining the unique color mix with meaningful symbols can brighten the room where you want to lay the rug.

Turkish rugs for sale

Turkish rugs for sale are among the pieces that tell a different story with each, no matter what you choose. Traditionally, tribal women make these types of rugs, but since there is a lot of technology involved, these Turkish rugs are produced by manufacturers. But that does not mean that the quality is bad.

That's why we want to make sure that every time you buy a new rug, you get the one that has the best quality and fits you precisely. With the tool AR, you can look at the kilim before you make your final decision. The tool is designed for your phone - no particular app is required - so you can easily select the rug from your phone.

Turkish kilim rugs

Turkish kilim rugs

Photo by The Modhemian

Turkish kilim carpets originated in Turkey. The word "kilim" is derived from the Persian word 'gelim,' which means 'to spread roughly.'

Traditionally, a Turkish kilim rug was not used for interior decoration. However, it was used as a floor covering, blanket, tablecloth, and decoration, given as a gift to brides, and used for religious purposes as a prayer rug.

This type of rug carries a lot of cultural heritage, tradition, and even self-expression. They are valued for many reasons and are used worldwide in different styles and unique placements - like bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Our friends at The Rug Warehouse say, "Turkish rugs are not only popular for their bold, striking patterns and stunning color combinations but also because of the unique weaving technique it employs." The full article you can find here.

When you decide on the place you want to decorate, the next part is the rug's design. This is one of the most exciting parts of the choosing process. To make you feel less overwhelmed, you can start your search with these:

  • Color. This is important not only for choosing a Turkish kilim rug but for any rug you want to have. Coloring can help you determine the mood and feeling you want to achieve in your space and which part should grab your attention.
  • Pattern. Defining the character of the specific room is the answer in patterns. Patterns can be an exciting way to fill the space with the energy you want. You don't need to be afraid of them; embrace them, which will help you create the perfect character in your area.

Turkish rug runner

Turkish rug runner

Photo by Jordan farmer

Runner rugs are one of those rugs are highly underrated. Why is that? Some people overlook them because they feel like putting too many rugs in the space can over-clutter the room. It doesn't feel nice.

Well, this has a point, but if you choose the right runner rug style, for example, the Turkish runner rug, you can have a perfect balance. A great thing about  runner rugs is that you can mix patterns with other oriental rugs, like Persian.

If you plan on icing patterns, remember that breaking up the designs is the key to them looking good together. For reference, you can go like this - a flip-flop any way against a solid one.

Another great tip many designers like to do with Turkish rugs is that it's best to mix intricate patterns with something more structured - for example, geometric design, stripes, checkers, plaid, or polka dots.&

Try experimenting with different textures and finishes when you design any room, such as the kitchen, hallway, or even the staircase (the most popular place to put a runner rug). This will help you create a simple and refined atmosphere in the room. If you need more clarification about the new rug's styling and place, try to see it before you buy it - the AR tool lets you see the carpet in your space before making the final decision.

Popular Turkish rug colors

Photo by Alexis Austin

The first thing you should consider when choosing a Turkish rug is the atmosphere you want to create in a room.

Colors are one way to achieve this. We have selected the most popular colors for Turkish rugs that you can choose from:

1. Blue Turkish rug

Blue Turkish rug

Photo by Emily Henderson

Color only sometimes means those bright and flashy shades; usually, it is best to know the meaning of the color before you decide to buy the carpet. For example, one of the colors for a Turkish rug is blue.

The blue color will calm and soothe you. Blue is associated with peace and physical or mental relaxation, so it can perfectly fit the mood in the bedroom. Some even say that it can represent trust, security, and sincerity.

A blue rug  can help you relieve stress and create an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, and order. Other shades of blue also have different meanings. For example, a light blue rug represents healing, tranquility, and understanding, while a dark blue carpet represents knowledge, power, and integrity.

So, there is no point in wasting time trying to match the color of your Turkish rugs perfectly with the existing colors in your room. Try to put just a few things in one place because that can overwhelm the space. Sometimes a mismatched look can create a more cohesive image.

2. Red Turkish rug

Red Turkish rug

Photo by HGTV Canada

Most Turkish rugs come in the color red; this is no surprise. Choosing a red carpet can be tricky because only some places will fit this color. Many can be afraid of the color red, but here's the thing you need to choose the right shade. That can only determine whether the rug will look good and not give you anxiety.

Red brings people wealth, luck, beauty, joy, and courage. So, it's an emotionally-intense color that best suits the more active places like the living room and dining room, where you spend time with your family.

When placing the red rug  in these areas, you will quickly change the atmosphere of that space and bring a pop of color. This color can lighten the room and create that focal point.  

For example, if you place it in the dining room and on top of that, you put the table, then you will have a focal point of the room, and the highlight will be the red rug underneath the table.

3. Pink Turkish rug

Pink Turkish rug

Photo by Bianca Swanepoe

The pink Turkish rug might be the perfect answer if you are looking for a carpet in your child's room. This color is highly appreciated, not because it's a 'girly' color; it doesn't go by gender, but because, according to color psychology, it is a sign of hope.

The positive aspects of pink rug  color can provide warm and comforting feelings and a sense that all will be well. So, placing a pink Turkish rug in the child's playroom or bedroom can create a calm atmosphere, soothe emotional energy and relieve feelings like anger, resentment, aggression, abandonment, and neglect.

Many studies show that extensive exposure for children to pink can have a calming effect on nerves and anxiety. So, with such a rug, your bundle of joy can be more relaxed and express creativity in various activities.

If you are still deciding about the pink rug, you can look before you even buy it. Use an AR tool; it will help you see the pink carpet in your desired room and help you make the best decision.

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