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What Size Rug Under Dining Table? Expert Insights

Vittoria Ardore
Vittoria Ardore
May 22, 2023

Designing your dining room isn't just about aesthetics; it's about functionality. How you position your rug needs to harmonize with your table, chairs, and room size. To help you navigate this, we've crafted this comprehensive guide on sizing your dining room rug.

What's the Standard Size for a Dining Room Rug? 

Your dining room rug sets the stage, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests and family gatherings. On average, dining rooms span around 14' x 16', with the typical rug size being 9' x 12'. Yet individual factors such as your table's shape and size and your room's dimensions might warrant a different choice. A round dining table suits a round rug, while a square table pairs well with a square rug.

Choosing rug sizes for a dining table and chairs hinges on furniture dimensions. The main goal is to ensure that chair legs remain on the rug when guests move their chairs.

Adding at least 24 inches to all sides of your dining table will give you a good idea of how large the rug should be to comfortably accommodate the chairs, says interior design expert Erica Puisis

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How to Determine the Right Rug Size for a Dining Room

There are two crucial elements to take into account: your table's dimensions and the room itself:

TABLE SIZE: Rugs under dining room tables should extend at least 24" beyond all sides. This extra space allows chairs to move without their legs getting caught in the rug. It also accommodates seated guests. 

ROOM SIZE: Generally, a dining room rug should maintain a minimum 12" of space between its edges and the walls to ensure a balanced look. Start by measuring your dining table, then add 4' to each dimension. For instance, if you seek the ideal rug size for round dining tables, add 4' to the rug's diameter. For rectangular tables, add 4' to both the width and length.

Compare these dimensions against the room's size to confirm that the rug is at least 2' shorter on each dimension, maintaining a 12" buffer from the walls.

Alternatively, you can opt for the largest rug that fits your room and choose a table size accordingly. For a 10' x 12' room, an 8' x 10' rug might fit. Subtracting 4' from each dimension leads to a table size of 4' x 6' or smaller for an 8' x 10' rug.

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Selecting a Rug Size for Round or Oval Dining Tables

Round and oval tables add a spacious and trendy vibe to dining rooms. Here's how to find the right rug size for these tables:

RUG UNDER A ROUND TABLE: Add 4' to the table's diameter to determine the right rug size. This measurement also works for a square rug in a square room. 

RUG UNDER AN OVAL TABLE: Add 4' to both the width and length of your oval table to find the ideal rectangular rug size. Alternatively, add 4' to either the width or length of a round rug for an oval table, depending on your available space.

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Selecting a Rug Size for a Small Dining Room 

In smaller dining areas, room size takes precedence over table measurements when determining the appropriate rug size for the table and chairs.

Subtract 2' from the room's length and width to find the ideal rug size for your small dining area.

Choosing a Rug Size for a Six-Person Dining Table 

For a 6-person dining table, the right rug size depends on the table's shape and size, with 4' added to each dimension, as previously explained. Here are some standard dimensions to guide you:

RUG UNDER A SIX-PERSON TABLE: An 8' x 10' area rug suits a standard oval or rectangular six-person dining table.

RUG UNDER A SIX-PERSON ROUND TABLE: A 10' x 10' area rug works well for a standard 60" round six-person dining table. In comparison, a dining table for four typically pairs with an 8' x 8' rug, whether round or square.

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Selecting an Area Rug for Large Tables 

Larger dining tables (for eight or more guests), naturally, require larger rugs. For instance, a 72" round table often requires a 12' x 12' rug, while an 84" x 42" table would typically need a 12' x 9' rug.

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Dining Table Rug Sizes in CM

Here's a summarized three-step guide to finding the perfect dining room rug size:

  1. MEASURE THE TABLE OR USE AUGMENTED REALITY: Determine its length and width. For a round table, measure its diameter from both north/south and east/west directions to ensure a true round shape. For best results, we recommend using a free rug visualizer like DressMyCrib's See In Your Room to see a true-to-size rug in your space.

  2. ACCOMMODATE CHAIRS ON THE RUG: Ensure chairs remain on the rug even when pulled out. Add 45-60 cm (18-24 inches) to each side for seated guests. Measure from the table edge to the back of the chair leg to gauge the minimum distance to add.

    For instance, consider a hypothetical table measuring 180cm long and 90cm wide, with an allowance of 55cm for guests on each side.

    Rug Length = 180 cm + 55 cm + 55 cm = 290 cm 

    Rug Width = 90 cm + 55 cm + 55 cm = 200 cm

  1. FIND YOUR RUG SIZE: With these measurements, your ideal rug size should be 290 cm in length and 200 cm in width. Now, happy rug shopping!

Remember, these dimensions are hypothetical. Start by measuring your table or using our rug visualizer to ensure accuracy.

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