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Why Get a 5x8 Rug Under Your Queen Bed

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Jun 26, 2023

Your bedroom is an integral part of your life. After all, the average person spends about 26 years sleeping, and 7 years trying to get to sleep! Therefore, it’s important to create a healthy environment that is conducive to rest and relaxation.

Adding rugs to your bedroom is a quick and easy way to immediately bring your bedroom’s décor one step higher. Even those who feel they don’t possess that knack for decorating can easily elevate the look of their bedroom by simply adding an area rug under their queen-sized bed.

In this guide, we’ll focus on 5x8 rugs and why this is a great choice under a queen bed.
However, if you’d like to skip all the reading and immediately start previewing 5x8 rugs under your queen bed instead, follow these steps:

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1. Upload a picture of your bedroom showcasing with a queen-size bed.

2. Indicate the desired rug location.

3. Browse through the rugs displayed within your room.

4. Choose the one that catches your eye and investigate it further.

Table of contents:

Should You Get a 5x8 Rug Under Your Queen Bed?

Area rugs, particularly large ones such as those placed under queen beds, can quickly get costly. Moreover, if you’ve ever rented apartments or moved anywhere, you know the pain of having to arrange transport for all your belongings. 

5x8 rugs are a perfect solution to this problem. These rugs are excellently suited to queen beds as they fit any bedroom size, all while remaining versatile and more affordable than the traditional large area rug.


Queen Bed Sizes

Before deciding on a rug, you’ll want to consider the size of your bed. A typical queen-size mattress is 60 x 80 inches, though variations of this model exist, including the Olympic queen and the California queen. 

Taking this into account, you can now think about the amount of rug exposure you’d like to see beyond or around your bed. For example, those wishing for a large amount of rug exposure around their queen bed may opt for a large 8x10 area rug. However, a rug that is 5 feet wide by 8 feet long may be ideal for those with a smaller bedroom.



Your Bedroom Size

In order to fit a queen bed into a bedroom with plenty of walking space around all three sides of the bed, your bedroom should measure at least 10 feet by 10 feet,” says Christie Donnelly of The Spruce

When choosing a rug size under your queen bed, you’ll want to consider the room size and orientation. With beds usually being placed perpendicular to area rugs, your rug will likely be placed horizontally across your room.

You will also want to have your rug at least 6 inches away from the walls, but no more than 2 feet away. This will help you decide on the best rug size for your bedroom.

Rug Size

As a rule of thumb, a rug should extend 18-24 inches beyond the sides of your bed. This is the principle you should follow to find the ideal rug size under your queen bed. Considering the standard queen bed’s size of 60 x 80 inches, you’re looking at a rug that is 8-9 feet wide and 8-9 feet long.

Now, you will also have to think about the placement of your bed and any furniture in your bedroom. Will you want to place only your bed on top of the rug? Will you also want to include nightstands? These questions will help you determine your ideal rug size. 

If you’ve never had a rug before or if you’d just like to try out different sizes, take advantage of Augmented Reality and view rugs of all different sizes directly in your room. This will help you choose your favorite rug size according to your bedroom.


5x8 Rugs

A 5x8 rug is the minimum size you should consider under a queen bed, as any smaller than that will not allow for a visually appealing exposure around the bed. This size is also perfect if you’re not looking to have your nightstands on the rug. As an example, area rugs under 4x6 will not be visible under your queen bed and will not create any definition.

This rug size is ideal for those with smaller bedrooms, tight budgets and frequent movers. Smaller rugs are more affordable than larger ones and are far easier to pack up and carry to your new home.

5x8 rugs are also great if you want to add a touch of color or pattern to your room without overwhelming the space. It’s a simple way of adding a delicate and subtle point of interest in your space.



5x8 Rug Placement

5x8 rugs are easy to style under your queen bed. A popular pick among interior designers and home decorators alike, the quarter placement is a fantastic way to emphasize your sleeping area.

Take your 5x8 rug and center it approximately one-quarter down from the top of the bed. You can lay the rug starting from the nightstands to the bottom of the bed. This will allow for a beautiful exposure of about 18 inches at the foot of the bed. This exposure around your bed will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom.

Placing the rug on the bottom two-thirds of your queen bed allows for a few inches of rug exposure on all three sides of the bed. This rug exposure creates a defined area around your queen bed. It also allows for landing space for your feet as you slip in and out of bed every day. 


5x8 Rug Color and Pattern

Due to its smaller size, a 5x8 rug under your queen bed is an excellent way of adding a vibrant color accent to your room. With this size, you can unleash your creativity and choose any of your favorite colors and patterns without running the risk of overwhelming smaller bedrooms.

Alternatively, for those wishing to highlight the bedroom’s sense of peace and rest, neutral and earthy tones are an excellent way of imparting a soft and relaxing aura to your bedroom. To make it extra comfortable, think of using a plush rug to add extra coziness to your space.

In either case, you can be sure that adding a 5x8 rug under your queen bed is a great choice. It’s a great way to highlight your bed and existing décor, all while remaining versatile and affordable. Happy decorating!



How should I choose a rug under my queen bed?

It can be difficult to choose a rug for your queen-sized bed since you need to be confident that the color, thickness, and style are all ideal for your room. Use DressMyCrib's Augmented Reality "See Rug in Your Room" feature to see bedroom rugs for your own queen bed so you can be sure of your decision.

What stores or platforms sell rugs for queen beds?

Nowadays, it is easy to find many stunning and practical area rugs for your queen bed. You can use DressMyCrib's rug visualizer to help you choose and then shop for them online from retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Ikea, and Walmart. With just a phone, you can preview any rug anywhere in your room - completely free!