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Yellow Area Rug

An area rug is a carpeting option designed to cover a part of your home space. It comes in various sizes, shapes, patterns, and materials. On DressMyCrib, you have all chances to pick your perfect fit and try it on straight in your home space. Select, adjust, and pick locations in our Augmented Reality tool with the help of a smartphone.

There are plenty of options for how you can spruce up your interior and make it look more vibrant. A yellow area rug is one such solution. This bright decor item to the home space means adding an eye-catching, sunshine-like accent to your room and creating a more cheerful, pleasant, and welcoming atmosphere. Choose among high and low-piled rugs depending on how fluffy you want your rug to be. Naturally-based or synthetic-based, the material will define the durability and washability possibilities of your decor item.

Yellow fluffy area rug

If you strive to add a functional and stylish decor element to your interior, a yellow fluffy area rug is just what you need. Imagine your feet pleasantly soaking into something extra soft and warm after a long working day. And this yellow, bright color brightens and improves the mood. Follow your intuition and place the rug wherever you want to freshen the interior. As an area rug, it’s flexible to be put either in the center of the room, by the furniture, or under a seating area. Make sure your feet touch this soft area rug when you let your hair down or hang out with friends.

Blue and yellow area rug

Ever looked for an unusual yet vibrant combination of colors for your area rug? Here it is: a blue and yellow area rug will blow your mind with the richness of patterns and ornaments it comes in. Geometric, abstract, oriental - the mashup options are limitless, so you can pick an ideal area rug that perfectly matches and highlights the best parts of your interior. Add a rug to your favorite seating zone or place it somewhere it attracts most of the attention, and you will see how the room transforms into a stylish, trendy, friendly, pleasant interior.

Yellow area rug 8x10

Picking the rug of the right size is as important as fitting in the interior style. The right size creates correct proportions, meaning your room looks well-balanced and harmonical. Big-sized spaces benefit from 8x10 feet area rugs which can be placed in the center or in separate room zones you’d like to spotlight. To be confident about the yellow area rug you choose for your home, try out DressMyCrib’s slick Augmented Reality tool. It allows you to visualize the chosen rug and see if it fits your interior before dropping the item into the cart.


How to choose a yellow area rug?

A yellow area rug is a beautiful addition to your home space. While selecting it, make sure the colors match your interior palette and define the appropriate size. You can do all this straight on your smartphone: use our advanced AR tool to pick and view the rug in real home space.

Where to buy a yellow area rug?

Modern yellow area rugs can be found in all big retail stores like Walmart, Amazon, Ikea, and Target. On DressMyCrib, you can shop for high-quality rugs and see the selected item straight in your home space with the help of our Augmented Reality tool.