Green Fluffy Rugs

Green shag rugs are a fun and contemporary way to add a pop of color to your room. They'll add a sense of freshness and beautiful comfort underfoot! Browse rugs, preview them in your room with our rug visualizer and get choosing!

A fluffy rug, also known as a shag rug, is a rug with a longer pile. A green fluffy rug comes in different sizes and shapes and can satisfy even the pickiest. DressMyCrib provides an opportunity to view a green shag rug right before the purchase with the help of an AR tool.

Everyone loves shag rugs of green color: it is fresh and soothing at the same time. Green fluffy area rugs are made of various materials and, thus, provide different effects: wool, faux and real fur feel softer yet more demanding in maintenance, whereas leather, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene - on the contrary.

Green shag rugs also come in various sizes, enabling you to choose just the right carpet and preserve a needed balance in the room interior. An AR tool from DressMyCrib simplifies the picking process and helps try on the carpet even before buying it.

However, all of them have something in common - green fluffy rugs are pleasant to stand on and look at. When placed in the room, long-pile rugs make a room look stylish, modern, and fresh. Wondering what’s the difference between high-pile and low-pile fluffy rugs? Well, the first are softer yet harder to take care of. And low-pile shag rugs have a harsher surface but are easier to maintain.

Fluffy green area rug

Looking for something to sparkle up the room? Well, fluffy green area rugs are just what you need. The green color calms the mind, and the high pile of the carpet feels cozy and welcoming after a long day. Green area rugs are great because they can be placed anywhere in the room in any interior. They come in different forms and sizes, meaning you can lay them by the sofa in the living room, by the bed in a bedroom, and even by the basin sink in a bathroom.

Few pro tips from designers: round green shag rugs make a room look spacious, and placing them in the center become focal to the interior.

Green fluffy bathroom rugs

Designers believe green fluffy rugs go with every interior and can be placed in any room. A bathroom is not an exclusion, and here’s why. Small shag rugs can be placed anywhere outside the bathtub shower spa or near the sink. They are soft and absorbent, which is all you look for in a bathroom shag rug.

A fluffy rug in the bathroom usually demands more care than other bathroom carpets. They need regular washing at a mild temperature. Other than that, shag rugs have proven long durability and high functionality.

Green fluffy bedroom rug

Bedroom is your private space where you want to chill and switch off after a long day. That is why you need a soft, cozy, warm rug where your feet can soak in and a beautiful green color that calms the mind. A soft fluffy area rug makes your favorite room stand out stylishly.

If you do not have much space at disposal, pick shag rugs of smaller sizes. The carpet area can be either partially placed under furniture or as well be a free zone for walking.