See Farmhouse Area Rugs In Your Room

Farmhouse area rugs are a fantastic way to add a touch of country and vintage to your home. If you're unsure whether a farmhouse rug would work with your decor, just use our rug visualizer. Upload a photo of your room and browse from thousands of farmhouse rugs - then buy from a seller you trust, with full confidence!

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Channeling the serene embrace of countryside charm and the texture of well-worn pathways, the farmhouse style is a decor style rich in story and sentiment. As the cool autumn breeze gently nudges toward the coziness of a warming hearth, farmhouse interiors mirror that same warmth and intimacy. Think of rooms in palettes of crisp whites, earthy taupes, and muted sage, contrasted occasionally by the robustness of worn blues and barn reds. Reclaimed wood tables, whispered tales of eras gone by, share space with elegant ceramics perched on open kitchen shelves. Soft cotton drapes billow lightly beside exposed rugged wooden beams and wrought iron fixtures, epitomizing the mix of delicate refinement with authenticity. Just as the right Halloween decoration sets a mood of sophisticated spookiness, the farmhouse style lays down an ambience of comfort rooted in tradition, beckoning all to partake in its country allure. A well placed farmhouse rug is a fantastic addition due the calming, country charm they add to any room.

Photo by Bless This Nest

How Do I Keep My Farmhouse Rug In Good Condition?

Maintaining the charm of a farmhouse rug requires a blend of regular care and occasional interventions. Start with the basics; frequent vacuuming of area rugs is non-negotiable to fend off the accumulation of dirt and debris. But, gentle is the keyword here—being too harsh can fray the fibers. Rotate your rug periodically, ensuring each section shares in foot traffic and sunlight, promoting more even wear and color retention.

For spills, the best course of action is always to act quickly. Blot, don’t rub, using a clean, dry cloth to prevent the spill from settling into the fibers. Spot cleaning with a mild detergent and lukewarm water can address residual stains, but remember to test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous section first. Lastly, every area rug could benefit from professional cleaning once a year—this rejuvenates the fibers and brings back the rug’s original allure. Invest in a quality rug pad; it’s the unsung hero providing a cushion, reducing wear, and preventing slips (very important!). In a nutshell, a mix of routine care, prompt spill management, and periodic professional cleanings will keep your farmhouse rug narrating tales of rustic charm for years to come.


How Do I Choose A Farmhouse Area Rug?

Selecting the perfect farmhouse area rug is similar to curating a piece of art for your home. Area rugs are, essentially, artwork for your floor! Start by harmonizing with your room or home's palette, leaning into soft, neutral hues or classic patterns like plaid or vintage florals to encapsulate the rustic charm of farmhouse style. While size and texture—think woven jute or braided wool—are paramount to creating that sense authenticity, modern tools like our rug visualizer are here to help you make the best decision, allowing you a virtual preview of the rug within your space. This digital aid ensures design, size, and colors resonate with your decor, making your rug not just a floor covering, but a tapestry of rustic allure.

What Stores Or Platforms Sell Farmhouse Area Rugs?

Farmhouse rugs come in all sorts of styles - there are modern farmhouse rugs, round ones, patterned ones... Fortunately, that means there are also a lot of online stores to choose from. DressMyCrib brings all these products together and allows you to view them in your room thanks to our rug visualizer. Using AR, you can preview any rug in your room - then shop from a seller like Amazon, Wayfair, Target, IKEA or Rugs Direct. Try it now!