Cowhide Rugs

Interior decorations such as rugs are sometimes overlooked because people tend to believe that rugs are only to collect dust and hair. Well, that's not true. A unique-looking rug,area rugs like a cowhide rug, in your home space is one of the ultimate goals. But how to choose one?

Most of the shopping for interior accessories is done online, so to minimize inefficient purchases try our AR tool. This tool lets you see how the desired cowhide rug will look in your space before purchase. Don't believe it? Simply add your room image below and see it yourself.

Most popular Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhide rugs

What is a cowhide rug?

A cowhide rug is a timeless piece of any home decor. This type of rug can be used in many different rooms, and another great thing about them is that they can uniquely complement various styles. This exceptional aesthetic decoration piece is a way to have a timeless and versatile rug. If you are decorating a room wants majestic feauture, try Blue Cowhide rug that gives delightfully rich look.

Cowhide rugs are made from genuine cowhides, so it is a large suede or leather rug. Of course, these rugs are exceptional, but they are also quite a mystery. One of the biggest mysteries is the making process of these rugs. You will love the way Grey Cowhide rug brings a delightful color and style to virtually any room.

Some people have an opinion that cows are killed to make the rugs, but it's not true. The cow's skin is taken from the slaughterhouse of an animal that has died. These hides are reused to create a functional piece of art. Artisans handpick natural cowhides to ensure they are fully intact and have an appealing pattern.

When choosing any rug, most of the time, people purchase it online. To help you make the right decision, you need to see it in your room space. Avoiding unnecessary purchases, it's easier than you think. Right now, you can see Pink Cowhide rug in your room without buying the rug. How does that work? Use our AR tool. All you need is your smartphone, and you can see how the cowhide rug will look in your space before you make the final decision.

In general, the market for rugs is vast, and we want you to have the best-looking interior in your home; we have selected the cowhide rugs that people usually look for:

Faux cowhide rugs

When purchasing a perfect cowhide rug for your home, you might come across cowhides that look not real like real ones. If you want a classic and modern look - Pink Cowhide rug is a perfect design feauture to bring a dull living space to life. Of course, we cannot deny that faux cowhide rugs are not widespread; with time, they are becoming more and more popular, making it challenging to find the real cowhide rug.

Faux Cowhide rug

Photo by Hyde & Hare

Let's jump into the differences between real cowhide rugs and faux cowhide rugs. Here are the main differences:

A real cowhide rug will be more durable.

People tend to forget when looking at faux cowhide rugs because the real ones are essentially leather. So, naturally, the real cowhide rug will be more durable than the fake one, which is most likely made from different plastics.

Both of the rugs feel different.

The real cowhide rugs have soft, fine fur that looks great in your home interior. The feel of the real one is similar to touching the cow fur Grey Cowhide rug can make you feel welcomed and comfortable at home and to the touch. Even though the technologies can feel the same as the fake cowhide rugs, the real struggle begins when it starts to wear down. With this, the rug can become quite uncomfortable to the touch. Also, fake cowhide rugs begin to lose their fur, leaving you with not so much attractive look.

Real cowhide rugs will look better.

It might look like the real cowhide rugs bias us, but they look better! You can tell which one looks better if you put the fake and the real sides. Explore your imagination by selecting the Black and white Cowhide rug and make your room better.

Real cowhide rugs will are made to look luxurious, so that is why the fur on the real one will look 100 times better and more refined.

Pro tip : If you are still unsure if you need a black and white cowhide rug in your home space, we suggest you do it virtually. How does this work? It's simple: use the AR tool directly from your phone. No app is needed!

Now that you know more about the differences let's see where you can put them. The most popular place to put cowhide rug is:

Home office. Cowhide rugs look exceptionally good, which is why it's considered one of the most luxurious types of rugs. So, if you put it in your home office, you can help elevate the look of the space, which will look more professional and put together. We suggest placing this rug under the coffee table in your home office.

Cowhide area rug

Suppose you have never owned a cowhide rug and possibly heard about the misconceptions about these rugs. If you are considering purchasing one, we have one suggestion - don't let your misconceptions about cowhide rugs be misleading into not buying one. You are the person with bold Fashion statement and likes modern home styling Pink Cowhide rug is a best choice.

Cowhide area rug

Photo by Loloi II Bryce Rug

Cowhide area rugs are stylish, unique pieces of a durable rug that can elevate the look of your home interior and make it look more luxurious. Rugs has some pretty good options White Cowhide rug to make a room more beautiful and gorgeous on its own. This leather piece is safe, durable, and functional for everyday use.The texture Green Cowhide rug adds comfort and coziness to any space and gives a nature universal feel. Here are the most popular misconceptions about cowhide rugs:

Cowhide rugs have no smell or a faint. But, indeed, it won't smell like your typical Sisal rug since cowhide is made from the skin of a once-alive animal.

These rugs are a natural product. Most manufacturers or artisans use high-quality chemicals to eliminate as much odor as possible. So, for most, it can be referred to as the smell of leather. If you would like to get a satisfication together with a smoothness, try out Grey Cowhide rug. You will notice the leather smell if you hold the cowhide rug closer to your nose. Most likely, cowhide area rugs are for more spacious spaces, like the living room.

Pro tip: If you want to see if your chosen white cowhide rug will fit your desired space before you make you can see it virtually. All you need is your smartphone to use the AR tool. Let's try it!

One of the most significant controversies surrounds cowhide rugs. Well, this one is entirely not true. Yes, this is a dead animal's skin, but they don't purposefully kill cows to make rugs. Cowhide rugs are a by-product of meat and dairy production farms. Of course, before you look into purchasing a cowhide rug, you need to be careful. Some laws protect animal welfare in Europe and the U.S. and are closely monitored. That means most leather traders always have information about the leather's origins and how that came to them.

Make sure you check all the information about the product you will receive if you buy from a country outside the U.S. or Europe. That means the made rug should meet health standards, and the origin of the skin should be listed on the website. Usually, the respectful leather workers collect only high-quality leather from the slaughterhouses.

While processing taken skin, they use chemical processes that are safe for humans. If you are considering purchasing a cowhide rug, you need to ensure that you have all the possible information about this type of rug.

Cowhide patchwork rug

Cowhide patchwork rugs are geometric and dynamic design rugs with simple straight edges but still a natural shape without the original cowhide shape. There are many options to choose from to bring that iconic look into your home White cowhide rug must be a perfect example.

Cowhide patchwork rug

Photo by Shine Rugs

Since rugs are one of the best home decor products, you must consider styling. Sometimes the style of the cowhide can be tricky. When you choose the perfect rug for your space, you can use the AR tool to help you do that; you need to select where you will put it.

The most popular places to put your new cowhide patchwork rug are the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Your plain ordinary room looks amazing if you add luxury rug. Of course, the area where you put the rug matters, too, so here are a few tips from us that you can use when you need a perfect placement for this type:

In dining room space, one of the most popular ways to put a cowhide patchwork rug is when the table and the chairs are on top.

Layered cowhide rug

If you want to elevate your space, you can use the cowhide rug alone, but one trend that is quite popular, even with cowhide rugs, is layering. Losing a cowhide rug with another rug underneath can create a fuller and more comfortable effect. A classic pattern like Yellow Cowhide rug feels like playful still gives classic look and fix well with a bold statement wall, Cool light effects.

Layered cowhide rug

Photo by Making Joy and Pretty Things

If you have a regular rug underneath the cowhide rug, then the care is self-explanatory - you will need a vacuum and shampoo for spots, and that is. While these two steps apply to the cowhide rugs, here are more explained processes on how to clean cowhide rugs:

Layered cowhide rug

**Shake the rug**. It's a good practice to shake the cowhide rug outside. It helps you loosen and shake the dust and hair that is deeper in the rug. This method of shaking can help your cowhide rug lifespan.

**Vacuuming the rug**. You can clean any type of rug with a vacuum, even layered with a cowhide rug. One significant piece of advice when you vacuum your cowhide rug is to sweep in the direction of the hair and ensure that the brushes are not spinning.

**Brush the rug**. Brushing is quite an important step all. If you do this step regularly, it makes your rug look new and keeps it clean at the same time.

**Shampoo and water for the stains**. If you have a particular stain, you usually want to treat it the moment it appears. Use a mix of shampoo and water, apply it to the stain, and gently rub it in any direction. Wipe the solution of the stain and then leave it to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean a cowhide rug?

To clean an cowhide rug, you will need a vacuum. First, vacuum the carpet and spot-clean it with a damp cloth and dish soap. Let the spot dry completely. For deep cleaning, you can do that once a year with the help of professionals.

2. How to choose a cowhide rug?

Choosing the right cowhide rug is hard because first, you need to see it in your space. You can do that by using the AR tool to select a cowhide rug. This tool lets you see the carpet in your home area; you only need your smartphone.

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