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Bring Your Products To Life Through Room Visualization

We're revolutionizing the client experience for home furnishings brands. 
How? By letting shoppers preview your products in their spaces before buying.

With DressMyCrib’s Product Visualizer, online shoppers can see your home décor products positioned in their living room, bedroom, and office… all with just a smartphone. No need to measure living room sizes, rugs, or color matching anymore. Plus, your products are added to the DressMyCrib marketplace – free of charge.

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DressMyCrib’s visualization technology isn't just useful for consumers - it drives ROI for our partners too. Brands utilizing visualization solutions report increased average order values, greater customer confidence in buying, and lowered return rates. That converts to tangibly higher profits. 

So, whether you manufacture, distribute, or sell home décor - now is the time to elevate shopping beyond 2D guesswork. Let our augmented reality visualizations help your brand promise and deliver the perfect fit the first time round. 

Ready to visualize success with today's cutting-edge platform? Reach out to us and amp up your customer experience.

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What Is DressMyCrib?

DressMyCrib is a results-driven product visualization software. It works by fostering increased engagement for home furnishing businesses.

How Does DressMyCrib Work?

Harnessing the powers of AI and Augmented Reality, DressMyCrib converts all your home furnishing products to AR. Shoppers can then visualize each of your products in their space using only their smartphone.

Why Do Businesses Use DressMyCrib?

Businesses opt for DressMyCrib due to its unparalleled product visualization capabilities. Leveraging AI and Augmented Reality, DressMyCrib transforms home furnishing products into immersive AR experiences accessible via smartphones. 

This technology has the potential to skyrocket conversion rates by up to 200% while also boosting engagement by 40% or more, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales. 

Moreover, DressMyCrib significantly reduces return rates by enabling accurate visualization of products like rugs in shoppers' spaces, ensuring confident purchases. 

Additionally, it fosters convenient shopping, empowers independent designers through enhanced visibility on a free marketplace, and contributes to a more sustainable approach by curbing returns and reducing environmental impact.

DressMyCrib is also proud to offer the lowest rates in the industry.

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What Advantages Does DressMyCrib Provide?

Higher Conversion Rates
The use of product visualization technology like DressMyCrib can substantially elevate conversion rates. Research indicates that integrating such technology can result in conversion rate increases ranging from 30% to even as high as 200%. 

Increased Engagement
Studies suggest that incorporating visual elements such as 3D product models, augmented reality (AR), or interactive images can increase engagement by up to 40% or more. These immersive experiences grab visitors' attention, enhance their understanding of products, and increase their likelihood of spending more time on the website, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Returns
On average, customers return an astounding 30% of their online furnishing purchases. By taking advantage of the DressMyCrib Product Visualizer, shoppers can accurately see what products such as rugs look like in their home, leading to significantly return rates. 

Convenient Shopping
Product visualization enables online shoppers to accurately visualize product sizing, placement, and color matches thanks to augmented reality. With our Product Visualizer, shoppers can choose rugs and home furnishings more conveniently.

Enhanced Visibility
DressMyCrib offers independent designers and artists a platform to amplify their exposure at no cost. By adding their products to our home decor marketplace, creators can expand their reach and connect with a broader audience.

Lessen Environmental Impact
By reducing the number of returns, we aim to lower carbon emissions through a decrease in shipping and minimization of packaging waste. Reduced returns also conserve energy and resources, creating a more sustainable approach to online shopping. 

Cost-Effective Solution
DressMyCrib takes pride in offering the industry's most competitive subscription model pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising quality or innovation.

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Roomvo vs. DressMyCrib

With more and more consumers purchasing home goods online, finding the best visualization solution is crucial. To find the best solution for your business, you'll need to research and compare multiple options.

To make the process easier, we've created a comparison of Roomvo and its alternative, including price and functionality comparisons.

Let's start with the basics - what functionalities do these visualizers offer?


Powered by AR

Both visualizers use the latest AR technologies to help you present rugs and floor coverings to visitors of your website.
DressMyCrib harnesses the power of AI and combines it with Augmented Reality technology.

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Multi-surface Visualization

DressMyCrib and Roomvo both offer floor covering and art visualization on floors and walls.


Online Rug Marketplace

DressMyCrib is an innovator in the field, offering free placement of your products on our rug marketplace for increased visibility.



Subscription prices vary across the board, and DressMyCrib is proud to offer the best price on the market - guaranteed.


Price Per Product

Price per SKU varies. DressMyCrib is proud to offer the most competitive rate on the market per SKU - get in touch.



While both solutions can be integrated into your website, DressMyCrib offers free integration when signing a one-year contract.


Free Demo

Roomvo and DressMyCrib offer demos. Request a live demo with DressMyCrib for your chance to see our technology in action and ask any questions you may have.


Anyone Can Use It

Unlike Roomvo or Wizart, anyone can use DressMyCrib "See In Your Room" technology. Online shoppers can access the marketplace, upload a photo of their room, and see thousands of rugs within it. We're here to boost your products' visibility on the web.



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DressMyCrib can be seamlessly integrated into your website, providing accurate information at your customers' fingertips. We keep customers on your site with no need to link out to third-party websites. Online shoppers will remain on your site at all times.

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