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Kilim Rugs

How about bringing a little bit of rustic feeling to the interior? Well, there's no need to worry - the kilim rugs are the way to go. 

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Kilim rugs are an artful display of bohemian flat weave rugs epitome of heritage, culture, and tradition. 

In this article, you will find information about the popular kilim rugs many people prefer to style in their homes. This is the perfect place to look for one and the way to make your decision easier. Feel inspired?



Turkish kilim rugs

Kilim rugs originated in Turkey. 'Kilim' is derived from the Persian word 'gelim,' which means 'to spread roughly.' The first rugs were made in the Neolithic age (7000 BC), and they consisted of wrap and weft textile products that resembled flat weave kilims. 

Traditionally a Turkish kilim rug is not only used for interior decor like we are now used to. Turkish kilim rugs were used in the home as flooring coverings, blankets, tablecloths, and decorations, and even given to brides and used for religious purposes by serving as a prayer rug. 

Turkish kilim rugs are not only a form of art but also carry a lot of cultural heritage, tradition, and even self-expression. They are valued for many reasons, and now they are used worldwide in many different styles and unique placements.

The Kilim is a handcraft of two parts - the skeleton of the rug and the part that resembles a picture. There are a lot of knotting techniques, but for this specific rug, these two are used:

  1. Symmetrical knotting. It is double or Turkish knotting; each knot is made to warp in the pattern. 

  2. Non-symmetrical. It is a single (Persian) knotting; the thread is wrapped around the wrap in the pattern, and the other end goes just beside the different warp.

That is why the retailers allow you to explore the range of Turkish kilim rugs you can choose from. Keep reading to know how to see the carpet in your space before you make the final decision. 

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Kilim rugs for sale

Distinct and bold patterns and vivid colors make the kilim rugs stand out from the crowd. Not only these types of designs can catch your eye, but also various geometric shapes, animals, plants, and symbolisms of natural events or emotions. 

That is why you can find retailers like Kilim these beautiful types of works of art. The combination of the unique blend of colors with meaningful symbols can lighten up the space where you want to put the rug. 

In general, kilim rugs for sale are one of those pieces that, no matter what you choose, you will see a different story with each one. The tradition is that tribal women make such types of rugs. Still, since there's a lot of technology involved, these kilim rugs are produced by manufacturers. But it certainly doesn't mean that the quality is terrible. 

That is why we want to ensure you that every time you buy a new rug, you'll have the carpet that is the best quality and fit just for you. The AR tool lets you see the kilim before you make the final decision. The tool is designed on your phone - no particular app is needed - so you can easily pick and choose the rug from your phone. 


Vintage kilim rugs

Vintage kilim rugs are one of a kind, so getting a hold of one of them is exceptional. But here's the thing - you get one, and now what? How to style the rug in your space? Don't worry because we got you!

So, the good news is that the kilim rugs often come in various sizes and price points. So you don't need to worry about not finding the right one. Most people may think that vintage kilim rugs look good in traditional or rustic spaces, but they need to fit in more modern living spaces. 

Vintage kilim rugs fit great in modern spaces, for example:

  1. Make it into a focal point. The focal points in the room can create a special kind of the point of feeling. The vintage kilim rug's bright colors and intricate patterns will cover your floor, and the carpet will catch your eye when you enter your space. 

  2. Mix it up. The layered look of rugs is more and more popular. So, with kilim rugs, you can quickly achieve that and create the perfect look. For example, you can lay down two or three complimentary carpets for a unique and beautiful look. 

One of the unique things about vintage kilim rugs is that the different shades of it will create different types of a feeling in the room. So, the surface in the room will never go down as unpleasant and out of the ordinary. 

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Kilim rug 8x10

So, it's no secret that kilim rugs are sometimes made by hand. But even such incredible rugs can be made in different sizes. One of the most popular sizes is 8x10. This size fits perfectly in the living or dining room area, creating a cozier atmosphere. 

Since kilim rugs are delicate art pieces, you need to ensure that you care for them properly for them to last a long time. So, the biggest question is - how should you clean a rug that is that size? Regular weekly cleaning is a must to prevent the rug from wearing down. 

Of course, you need to give the kilim rug for a professional cleaning at least once a year; this way, you will have a carpet that might be hard to get rid of. So, here are some tips on cleaning the kilim rug that you can do at home:

  1. Removing excess dirt - the first step is removing loose soil from the rug's surface. You must bring it outside and beat it to dislodge any dirt particles caught in the fiber. 

  2. Vacuuming - if you cannot bring it outside to do the first step, you can only use the vacuum. It's a quick and easy way to clean the kilim. Also, this helps suck up dirt and hairs that are more profound levels of a kilims fiber. 

So, there are a few tips for cleaning your kilim rug. If you still have doubts about choosing the 8x10 carpet you want, you can check out the view in your room using the AR tool. 

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Kilim runner rug

Kilim runner rug can be a machine-washable, single-piece with a non-slip effect. Usually, runner rugs are longer and more narrow. The unique shape of this type of rug makes it perfect for many areas in your house. 

One thing about the runner rugs is that most of them are made from materials that can withstand washing machines. So because of this, you can easily wash the carpet, and you will have a new-looking kilim in your house without professional help. 

To help you figure out where you can put the kilim runner rug, then here are a few pointers from Rose Shadkam that we have to share:

  1. Stairs. One of the most popular suggestions and a perfect solution if you want to cover the staircase. Usually, if you use kilim runners in this space, you will have them custom-made just for your area.

  2. Hallway. A perfect space for a runner rug. The thing about the kilim is that they can be pretty colorful, so it helps make a long and dull, halfway less scary and more inviting. A huge plus is that they absorb the sound so you won't have that much echo in that space. 

  3. Entryway. The entryway is one of those places you see first when you step inside the home, so to make it cozier, the runner rug is the way to go. But make sure that you buy a machine-washable carpet because it's a high-traffic area that can keep a lot of dirt and mud from the shoes. 

These are the most popular places where you can put the runner rug. Hopefully, this is helpful. But the most challenging thing is the choice-making process. So, the AR tool makes the decision much more manageable. All you need is your smartphone; you can see how that kilim looks in your space. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a kilim rug?

Kilim rug is a pileless rug produced by one of several flat weaving techniques. It is one of Turkey's closely related heritage pieces; these rugs are often made by hand. 

  1. How to choose a kilim rug?

To choose the best kilim rug is to see it in your space. You can do that by using the AR tool. This tool lets you see the carpet in your area; all you need is your smartphone.