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Hand-Knotted Contemporary Grey Beige Wool 9x12 Rug


Step into a world of unparalleled luxury with our meticulously handcrafted wool rug. Hailing from Bhadohi, the epicenter of India's illustrious rug-making tradition, this piece is more than just a rug—it's a narrative of history, skill, and artistry.

Every strand of wool is expertly woven, reflecting centuries of craftsmanship and passion, ensuring you're not only buying a rug but investing in a legacy. Its design captures the essence of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending classic art with contemporary aesthetics, making it a perfect centerpiece for any setting.

Its durability matches its beauty. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this rug is not a fleeting purchase but a lasting addition to your home. It's designed to withstand the test of time, promising years of unmatched elegance and charm.

Moreover, in a world that's increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, our rug stands out as a beacon of sustainability. Made from 100% natural, recyclable materials, your purchase not only elevates your living space but also contributes to a greener planet.

• Fine Hand-Knotted 9 feet and 12 feet Rug

• 100% New Zealand wool

• Pile height 0.27” (7mm)

• Color: Beige, Grey

In essence, by choosing our rug, you're not just enhancing your décor but making a statement—of luxury, history, and environmental responsibility. Experience the allure, comfort, and legacy all woven into one exquisite piece. Elevate your home's ambiance with a touch of Bhadohi's finest.