Washable Rugs

Choosing one can be quite a task; we present you with the Rug Visualizer to make your decision process more manageable. Before purchasing, this tool lets you see the rug in your space from your smartphone.

Having fun? Then keep reading, choose the washable rug you like and and see how it sits in your room:

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What are washable rugs?

Washable area rug

Photo by Urban Outfitters

The rug you have in your home is one of those accessories that will have a lot of attention. It can be from your feet, kids, pets, or shoes - basically the high traffic. So, naturally, you will need to clean it more often, and here come the washable rugs.

A great thing if the rug at your home is in a high-traffic area. In general, the market for rugs is enormous, so you can quickly get lost in the number of rugs. You will often get a rug that doesn't fit your home interior. Since most of our shopping is done online, it's common to see things one way on the e-shop, and when it comes, it can look different.

As Blogger and designer Liz Marie says - they are durable and cozy, but to help you make the right decision or have the perfect-looking washable rug in your home space, you can check it out before making the final decision. The AR tool lets you see the rug in your area from your smartphone; no app is needed.

So, washable rugs not always can be washed in the washing machine. To clean your rug in the washing machine, you need to take a closer look at the rug's material. Most machine washable rugs are made from synthetic materials, like olefin, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and viscose. These materials can withstand the cycle of the washing machine. Also, to help you out a bit with where you can put washable rugs in your space, we have made a shortlist of the most popular places and types to put such rugs:

Washable area rugs

Washable area rug


Area rugs are one of a kind. Most people tend to put these rugs in their living room, dining room spaces, or even bedrooms. Of course, there is no general rule where you can set the washable area rug in your home, but consider these spaces because the rugs can be bigger.

So, while decorating your home space with washable area rugs, you can decorate the place however you want. If you don't know where to start, here are some pointers you can follow to give a more cohesive look to your home space:

Embracing the open spaces. A lot of open space in the house can be frustrating because sometimes it is hard to decide what to put there and where to start. Starting with the rug is a great way. Rugs, exceptionally washable area rugs, can help you define the different spaces. For example, you can put a rug under the kitchen table, and this way, you will have more limited space for eating. Or you can put a rug under the furniture and coffee table to define the living room space.

Pro tipIf you want to decorate your open space try to look for a new washable area rug. Before you make your decision, we suggest you see it virtually. How does it work? It is simple: use the AR tool directly from your smartphone; no app is needed.

Texture. Elevating the look of your space can bring a new feeling. One way to do this is by adding texture. Most washable area rugs can be made from synthetic material, but washable area rugs are made from natural materials, like sisal, seagrass, or jute. The difference is that you can't machine wash natural material rugs. So, having an area rug made out of natural material will add more texture to the space and lift the mood.

These are a few practical ways to elevate your space with washable area rugs. By adding a little bit of texture and defining the particular spaces, you can create a more cohesive look that can make you feel more invited into the space. Also, the correct pick of your new area rug can quickly draw the eye, making the rug a focal point in the room.

Washable kitchen rugs

Washable kitchen rug

Photo by Love Grows Wild

Kitchens are one of those spaces where the most mess can happen. So, having a washable kitchen rug in the kitchen can be one of the things that will be handier than ever.

In general, there's a hot debate on whether you need the rug in the kitchen or not. Some will say that you shouldn't put the rug in the kitchen because the kitchen can be messy and you will have one more thing to clean. But we say you need a rug in the kitchen.

The reason for putting the rug in the kitchen space is more for comfort. You will stand while washing the dishes or cooking something most of the time, so standing on a hard and cold floor can be difficult. But despite this fact, washable kitchen rugs can add a little bit more character.

So, how can you add more character to your kitchen space with washable rugs? Here are a few ideas:

Colors. Don't be afraid of them. Most people think that having a bright-colored rug can be too much for the kitchen. But here's the thing it's an excellent opportunity to freshen up the kitchen and have a new and exciting vibe. This vibe can help you want to spend more time in the space. If you have more warmth, look for kitchen rugs in colors like pinks or pastel colors.

Pro tip:To see an exciting washable kitchen rug for your space, we suggest you see it virtually. Use the AR tool directly from your smartphone; no app is needed.

Size. When it comes to the kitchen rugs - the size matters! Since kitchens are ample spaces, you need to choose the correct size of the rug. For example, you need a rug that you want to place next to the sink. Naturally, you won't go by a rug that will be huge and take up all the space. So, try it out by measuring the area in front of your sink to give you a more general idea of the size of the rug. If you are unsure if the rug is a perfect size, use our AR tool to find the perfect one.

Read more about kitchen rugs here.

Washable runner rugs

Washable area rug

Photo by Ny2Nash- Kerri DiMiceli

Runner rugs are always a good choice for narrow and small spaces. The most popular area where people tend to put a runner rug - is in the hallway.

Hallways can be pretty dark and dreary, so putting up a runner rug there can light up the space. Since this is a relatively narrow and a high trafficked area, the runner rugs are made from materials that can be put in the washing machine to wash.

In general, washable runner rugs can come in different sizes, so you have the freedom to choose from a wide size choice. Also, there are a lot of benefits of runner rugs that have to your hallway, for example, protect the floors from wear and tear.

So, the great question is how to choose the perfect one. The first thing is you can do try to see if the runner rug is the right type for your hallway. To do that, you can use the AR tool. This tool lets you know the runner rug in your space, using only your smartphone before deciding. So, when you have the means to check out the look of the washable runner rug, then you need a few more pointers that can help you narrow down to the one you need:

Sizing.It is essential because the right side of the hallway runner rug can help you make the hallway more inviting. The standard runner rug size is between 2 and 3 feet wide and can range from 6 to 14 feet in length. To create a more cohesive look in that space, you will need to ensure that a few inches of flooring are left between the rug and wall.

Defining the space.All of the designers might agree - that runner rugs are one of the ways to define or separate areas. If you have a hallway passage to the other room, then putting a runner rug in this space will help you create different spaces in your house.

If you want to give more light to the space, choose a washable runner rug with patterns or fun colors. This way, you will create an easy and light atmosphere in the area. If you want to check how that runner rug looks in your space, use the AR tool and your smartphone.

Washable rugs 8x10

Washable area rug

Photo by OhHoneyMama

We mentioned that most synthetic materials are washable, and you can wash them in the washing machine. But for the natural materials, you need to know the difference because there are some rules that you need to consider before washing the natural material rug.

The natural material category can sometimes be tricky. So, to have a better understanding of the natural materials can be considered - seagrass, sisal, jute, wool, and animal furs or skins. In general, all of the materials have a similar cleaning routine.

For example, before you put your 8x10 washable rug in the washing machine (usually, the material would be synthetic), you need to vacuum it. Vacuuming the rug can help you take the dirt, dust, food crumbs, or hair. This step you need to complete once a week. The reason for this is that the piling-up dirt can get matted in the fibers, and it could be hard to clean it later.

The next step that you need to do - is spot cleaning. In this step, you need to treat the staining on your rug - usually cleaning something like this as soon as the spill happens. The best way to remove the stain is to use a little soap and a wet sponge. The process is pretty simple - in a circle, motion rub a little bit of soap and agitate the spot; when you feel like the stain is lifted, pat that area with the wet sponge to clean the soap. If the stain is still there, repeat the process and leave it to dry.

These are the main steps you need to take to have a beautiful rug every day. As for the extensive cleaning, you can have a professional do it. They deep clean your rugs from the dirt and dust from the fibers that they are deep inside. This step usually needs to be performed once a year; it will help you elongate the lifespan of your rug.

If you have trouble choosing your new washable 8x10 rug, then give it a try with the AR tool. This tool is designed especially for seeing the rug in your space before making the final decision. You can play with different sizes, colors, and patterns to find a perfect match for your home space.

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