Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are all the rage these days. With their soft yet intricate and highly customizable designs, we can definitely see why. Unsure which tufted rug to choose? Browse, see it in your room, then shop from your favorite retailer.

What Are Tufted Rugs?

In the past, handmade tufted rugs were commonly crafted for use as clothing, worn with the woolen side turned inward, while the warp and weft foundation formed the outer layer.

In modern times, tufted rugs are made without all the fancy knots usually found in traditional rugs. Instead, they use machines, or tufting guns, to push lines of yarn through the rug's backing, creating loops. Then, those loops get a snip-snip to make a nice, smooth cut-pile surface. However, there's nothing holding that pile in place. So, to stop the whole rug from turning into a yarny mess, some latex is slathered on the back.

Next up, a backing swoops in, usually a netting followed by some jute or canvas-like material, and it's added on top of the glue. Because it's not as labor-intensive as making hand-knotted rugs, even the really good tufted rugs can be whipped up pretty fast and without breaking the bank. But here's the deal: tufted rugs like to shed more than other rugs, so get that vacuum ready for some regular action!

Finishing a tufted carpet typically takes less than a quarter (1/4) of the time needed for a hand-knotted carpet of the same size. This results in a more budget-friendly option without compromising on the wooly goodness!

Photo by Home Union NYC

Caring For Your Tufted Rugs

To maintain your tufted rug and keep it in the best shape possible, we've put together some common occurrences and how to deal with them.


Finding a bit of fluff in your tufted pieces is totally normal and tends to slow down over time with some friendly hand brushing and a bit of vacuuming.


Seeing some sprouting tufts in your tufted creations is also to be expected. If you spot them, just grab some scissors and give those protruders a trim instead of pulling them out—less drama, more love!


Big, heavy furniture might leave its mark on your tufted rug due to pile-crushing. Mix things up a bit by rearranging your furniture now and then to minimize those pesky indents. Also, don't forget to do a little rug rotation for an even tan and wear.

Photo by Patch and Bagel

Taking Precautions

• Give your rug a good brush or vacuuming regularly (twice a week is the golden rule).

• Spills are like the villains of rug world—tackle them ASAP with a good blotting using an undyed cloth.

• Skip the harsh chemicals when dealing with stains.

• Keep your rug away from damp spots—it's not a fan.

• Don't soak your rug while cleaning it.

• Dry cleaning is a no-go.

Photo by Elle Decor

Maintenance Tips

Suck It Up!

Vacuuming is the most important move for keeping your rug in top-notch condition. Grab a suction vacuum, turn off the beater bar to avoid tuft drama, and go to town. If your vacuum is the fancy type with adjustable suction, set it low and make a few passes over each area for a dust, dirt, and hair detox.

Dealing With Stains

For dry stains, scrape away the dirt and stains with care.

For wet stains, grab a paper towel or a neutral-colored cloth to soak up the stain. Dampen the area with lukewarm water and repeat until the stain disappears. Just don't drown the rug—you have to keep the tuft glue happy.

Stubborn Stains

Fight greasy and stubborn stains with a pH-neutral, bleach-free cleaner following the steps above.

Professional Cleaning

When in doubt, let the pros handle it. Skip the dry cleaning and trust the cleaning experts to give your rug the TLC it deserves.

Have we sold you on tufted rugs? Order a custom hand-tufted rug - it makes for a fantastic, personalized gift.