Oriental Rugs

Traditional rugs always have a special place in any home interior. Since the market for these rugs is enormous, choosing them is challenging. Seeing them in your space can help you make better decisions.

Naturally, you first want to see the rug in your space, and now you can do that more efficiently. So, to ensure that you have the best-fitting carpet, we present you with a tool - AR.

In this article, you will learn about oriental rugs, their origin, the most popular color choices, and how to care for them. 


Red oriental rug

"An oriental rug is a heavy textile made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes, and produced in "Oriental countries" for home use, local sale, and export" - this information you can find on Wikipedia. But these rugs are used not only in these countries - now these types of rugs are famous worldwide. 

Of course, the "Oriental countries" are different, meaning that every rug from such a group is different. They are people with different cultures, racial groups, and religious faiths, but most oriental rugs are refired to the Islamic world or Persian carpets. 

Most of the oriental rugs are hand-made, which makes them exceptionally pricey, but no matter what, they are still popular, and their designs and vibrant colors make them unique. Since they are woven by hand, the red oriental rugs are made from natural materials or fiber like wool, cotton, and silk.

Also, depending on the country, you might notice different elements woven into the rug. For example, some of the oriental rugs will have details of metal threads that are made from gold or silver. The materials are often dyed with various natural or synthetic dyes. And the most vibrant color for an oriental rug is red. 

Of course, with red color comes the challenge because they can be tricky to style, and many are afraid of the color red, but with the proper styling, the red oriental rug can complete the look that you might are going for. 

In general, the red color can bring wealth, luck, beauty, joy, and courage. This color is emotionally-intense, so it's best if you put rugs like this in more active places where you are active. These places can be the living room or dining room, which will help you highlight the specific point in the room, whether it be a sofa and coffee table or a dining table. 

Blue oriental rug rug

When looking for an oriental rug, the most important thing is the color. The second color that people tend to choose for oriental rugs is the blue color. In general, colors have emotional support, and their meaning can help you select the correct space to put them. 

Blue oriental rugs are on the muted side, which is soothing and relaxing. This color is associated with peace and physical or mental relaxation. The perfect place to put a blue oriental rug is in the bedroom. 

Interior designer Jeff Arcari says, "For years, the interior world was ruled by blues," which is accurate, and by putting a blue rug in your bedroom, you can achieve maximum coziness. If you want to reach that maximum coziness with a blue oriental rug in the bedroom, here are a few tips:

Tip #1: Place the rug under the bed

Most oriental rugs will come in 8x10, so it's pretty significant. With the placement under the bed, you can experiment with it. You can try out these options: put the entire bed on top of the rug diagonally or leave some space between the wall and the carpet so the bed is not on the rug. 

Tip #2: Expose the rug equally on both sides

All you need is to ensure that you can see an equal amount of the rug on each side of your bed; this way, you will have a harmonious and balanced look in your room, and it will be more relaxing when you spend time there after a long day. 

Tip #3: Additional furniture to the end of the bed

Everyone should know the anchoring hack. This hack can help you make a more balanced look. So, place the furniture piece at the end of your bed; ensure it fits on the rug because it won't cause disbalance. 

Green oriental rug

Green oriental rugs can be a difficult choice to style, but they can help you make the room stand out from every other room. The green color gives the space a bright and carefree feeling. So, naturally, you can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to ease stress.

For example, you can put a green oriental rug in the home office. Home offices can be stressful because of the constant working environment, but having a little patch of heaven and greenness in the space can help ease your mind and body. 

Another thing that you need to remember is that the rug that you own or you are planning on buying will need your love and care. So, you must ensure that the carpet will be with you for a long time. Care can differ on the material, but there are a few general things - regular cleaning and professional or deep cleaning. 

Both options are essential if you want your rug to look the best. Here are them explained:

Regular cleaning process

This process is best if performed weekly; it's a simple and generalized process for cleaning any rug you might have:

  • Vacuuming. Regular vacuuming can help you remove dust, food crumbs, dirt, hair, and other particles that don't belong on the rug. This step is best if performed once a week. 

  • Spot cleaning. The stains can ruin the rug thoroughly, so you must change the carpet. So, if you have some stains or the accident happened at the moment, then you need to treat it immediately. Take a wet sponge and some rug cleaner to remove the stain and let it dry. 

Professional or deep cleaning

By caring for the green oriental rug regularly, it can be relatively clean, but a deep cleaning process or a professional cleaning can prolongate the rug's lifespan. This should be performed once a year, or you can do it twice if you walk home with shoes. 

  • Professional cleaning. This is the way where you don't want to do the process by yourself. Most professionals will bring your rug looking brand new as they know what kind of treatment will be the best for different materials. 

DIY deep cleaning. Professional cleaning can be costly so you can do it at home and on a budget. The process is as simple as a normal cleaning process; it just adds a few additional steps, like shampooing the rug and pressure washing it. For the shampoo part, you want to find the carpet cleaning solution that will help to penetrate the deepest layers. Pressure washing ensures that the dirt in the rug and the shampoo are gone and that the rug is clean. Before you bring the carpet inside, let it dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean a oriental rug?

To clean an oriental rug, you will need a vacuum. First, vacuum the carpet and spot-clean it with a damp cloth and dish soap. Let the spot dry completely. For deep cleaning, you can do that once a year with the help of professionals.

2. How to choose a oriental rug?

Choosing the right oriental rug is hard because first, you need to see it in your space. You can do that by using the AR tool to select a jute rug. This tool lets you see the carpet in your home area; you only need your smartphone.