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Add a boho runner rug to instantly jazz up your space. Preview it in your room first, and you'll be sure that you're choosing the perfect size and style to match your décor!

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Bohemian area rugs often mix vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and varying textures. Boho runner rugs are popular for their relaxed, global feel, highlighted by their use of design elements from various cultures

Bohemian runner rugs are extremely versatile, meshing well with a variety of home décor styles – be it farmhouse, mid-century modern or maximalist, a boho runner can add a fantastic touch of personality to your bedroom, living room, dining room or hallway.

boho runner rug

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Why A Bohemian Runner Rug?

A boho rug is a great expression of your individuality, while a runner rug is a wonderful way to instantly elevate your space – a hallway, entryway, or any other elongated space.

Choose a boho runner rug if you’re looking for a way to upgrade a narrow space where a regular area rug may not work.

Boho runner rugs provide a simple way to protect areas with high foot-traffic while adding individuality, color, texture, and patterns. For more boldness, try going for a colorful bohemian runner in shades of green, blue, pink or a mixture of two shades.

A bohemian runner rug will also enhance the overall aesthetic of your space and create a cohesive look and atmosphere.

Boho runner rug

Rug Care Instructions

  • If you notice a stray thread on your rug, trim it neatly using scissors, just as you would with clothing. 
  • Gently brush your rug using a hand brush to keep its natural appearance fresh. 
  • Every so often, give your rug an upside-down shake to dislodge trapped dirt. 
  • Tackle any stains right away using a top-notch carpet cleaner or a gentle detergent. Be cautious not to over-wet it to avoid damage. 
  • Steer clear of dry cleaning. 
  • Unless your rug's label suggests otherwise, avoid machine washing. 
  • When vacuuming, use a soft attachment and be gentle. 
  • Shield your rug from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


What Is A Boho Runner Rug?

A boho rug is a rug evoking the calm, coziness, and sense of globality and multiculture of the bohemian decor style. A bohemian runner rug is a great way to elevate hallways and other elongated spaces while welcoming this sense of laid-back worldliness.

Where Should I Buy Boho Runner Rugs?

There are countless online stores offering boho style runner rugs. We suggest using a rug visualizer like DressMyCrib to preview the rugs in your room, then shopping from any seller you love - like Amazon, Wayfair, Target or IKEA!