Black and White Area Rugs - See in Your Room Before You Buy

An area rug is a popular way of carpeting when you need to cover only a part of the floor. Modern area rugs are usually made of woven materials and do not cover the whole floor area. Consumers choose area rugs because they can be easily washed and dried while maintaining their main characteristics. If you have small kids or pets that can muddy carpeting, an area rug is just what you need. DressMyCrib offers a wide range of black and white area rugs plus an AR tool that helps to pick the perfect one.

Black and white area rugs have a handful of advantages. As for the color, it is classy and easily combined with any furnishing. And as for the durability and washability, area rugs have proven high quality and endurance even in high-traffic spots. Designers love black and white area rugs for one more reason: these rugs help define a space, making it a focal point of the interior and becoming the last puzzle piece towards a trendy, fresh room design.

Black and white area rugs 8x10

Area rugs are a great way to fill the space and make it stand out. 8x10 feet black and white area rugs are used for flooring big rooms and bringing cozy, pleasant vibes to your home. The most popular question is where these rugs should be placed. Designers give several recommendations: placing it in the middle of the room, you will create a balance of things and an epicenter of the home area; putting the furniture edge, you will divide the room into zones in a fashionable, easy-going way; laying the rug in a high-traffic area will mean you have defined the main spot in the interior and will draw all attention to this area. The decision is all up to you. If you stagger about the perfect place for the area rug, visit DressMyCrib and try out our Augmented Reality tool. It will help you visualize the rug in real space.

Black and white striped area rugs

Dream of a breath-taking interior but don’t know how to create one? A black and white striped area rug is what you are looking for. Its fresh, unorthodox, absolutely stunning ornament will stand out in your home space, catch the eye, and shake off rusty, boring interior patterns. Put it anywhere you’d like to bring definition: a living room, office, bedroom, bathroom. The best thing is that it fits any design, so you don’t need to break your head on how to combine the rug with the room furnishing.

Modern black and white area rugs

Modern black and white area rugs are rich in design patterns and materials. They are stylish-looking, soft, and warm. Designers recommend them if you are unsure how to incorporate the rug into the interior but have a great desire to transform your home space into something modern, luxurious, and outstanding. Striped, geometric, abstract, oriental, and checkered are only a few patterns you can choose from. Not to get lost in the teeming rug market, go to DressMyCrib’s AR tool. Try on a real area rug in real home space before purchasing. Choose smarter, not harder.


How to choose a black and white area rug?

The choice of area rugs in the market is endless and can confuse even seekers who know what they want. DressMyCrib took care of this and launched a cutting-edge Augmented Reality tool that helps to visualize and only then buy the perfect area rug.

Where to buy a black and white area rug?

The biggest online retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Ikea are fighting for your attention by offering a huge choice of area rugs. It can be challenging to settle for one area rug. DressMyCrib offers you to leave this frustration in the past and rely on Augmented technology. You can see how a picked area rug will fit in your real home space with only a smartphone.