5x7 Rugs

A 5x7 rug is a decent size rug that can be put in a lot of different rooms. The rug size can be tricky to choose, so the question is how you do that when shopping online.

Naturally, you first want to see the rug in your space, and now you can do that more efficiently. So, to ensure that you have the best-fitting carpet, we present you with a tool - AR.

This article will give tips on style and different things about 5x7 rugs that might become your favorite rug size choice.


5x7 area rugs

You have decided to freshen up your home with a new rug, and the first thing you need to choose is the space you want to change. After that, you need to determine the size of the carpet. If you put the rug in your living room, you can start by looking at the area rugs. 

Martha Stewart says: "Buy the right size for your room" - you can read the whole article about Area rugs. Well, we completely agree with that; one of the safe options for a rug size is a 5x7 rug. For example, the living room space is the center for any family activity, so naturally, you want a carpet that would cover the part next to the sofa for more comfort. 

The 5x7 rug can help create a focal point in the smaller living room, but you can always play up with different materials or patterns of the area rug that would make your room more lively and exciting. 

The material of the 5x7 rug. The rug's material for living room space can be vital because it can complete the style and feel you are going for. You can choose an area rug made from sisal or jute material if you want a texture. 

The patterns of the 5x7 rug. Patterns tie together the look that you want to go for. There are a lot of area rugs that can help you make the living room space more exciting. From bold stripes, various circles, or intricate designs to flower patterns, every pattern can bring out the best features of the area in which you put the rug. 

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5x7 outdoor rug

If you are looking for a 5x7 outdoor rug, the most important thing is the rug's material. The best-lasting rugs for outdoor spaces are made of synthetic material because they can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

For example, outdoor rugs can withstand the harsh UV rays on the rug, and the carpet can lose color. So, to help you choose one, here are a few synthetic materials that can be put in outdoor spaces:

  1. Polypropylene 5x7 outdoor rug. It is one of the most popular choices for outdoor spaces. Polypropylene material rugs are resistant to UV rays, so if you choose a colorful 5x7 rug for outdoor space, the color won't fade in the hot, blazing sun. Also, these rugs are stain-resistant and low-maintenance.

  2. Olefin 5x7 outdoor rug. This material is stain-resistant and lightweight, perfect for outdoor spaces. If you choose an olefin rug, it will get mildew or mold because it's resistant, and the elements won't damage the carpet.

  3. Polyester 5x7 outdoor rug. Out of all of the synthetic rugs for outdoor space on the market, it probably is the only one that can withstand anything. So, one of the things that most people tend to choose is the durability factor that helps the rug to stay in the best condition for a long time. 

  4. Nylon 5x7 outdoor rug. Even though synthetic rugs are affordable, nylon is expensive because it is more costly to manufacture. But it's a perfect choice if you have a high-traffic area in your outdoor space. 

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5x7 rug pad

The right rug choice can be challenging, but nothing stops you, only your imagination. So, when looking for a new rug, you have endless possibilities to have a best-completed look in your home space. 

Of course, there are some standard sizes or shapes for the rugs. And the extent that you choose can be determined accordingly to your room; if you have a smaller space, you can easily fit a 5x7 carpet. It will help you complete the look and tie everything together. 

5x7 rugs are incredible in smaller rooms, or you can put such size rugs in your kid's room. Different colors, patterns, and materials can help you create a perfect look in your kid's room or tie together the elements to have a more cohesive look. 

So, when selecting the rug, you must ensure you're safe with the carpet. To protect yourself, you can use a rug pad. A rug pad is a sheet of material usually made from rubber that you can use on wood or tiled floors or PVC for carpeting flooring. 

If you have a 5x7 rug, you will need a smaller pad than the rug. The recommended size for a rug pad should be 4x6, which means that the pad should be a few inches less in each dimension. This way, you won't see the rug pad peaking from under the rug, and no one will notice that you use one. 

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5x7 shag rug

Shag rugs became popular in the 60s and 70s, and the world of interior design was affected by a transition of styles. So, accessories, like shag rugs, became a staple in the home. Shag rugs are often associated with hippy culture, but now it gives more of a luxurious feeling and can come in various colors and sizes, for example, 5x7.

The shag rug is all about the material and the pile formed, so most people choose such rugs in the living room because they bring comfort and elegance to the space. These rugs not only get you comfort or elegance but also have other benefits, such as:

  • Insulating properties - shag rugs are soft to the touch but also keep the warmth in the room. For example, you have hardwood flooring that usually is exceptionally cold, or you live in a colder area, so having such a rug can insulate the warmth, especially in the winter. 

  • Comfort - we have mentioned the rug's softness, but it's your magic touch. Not only will it feel good under your feet, but it also will bring coziness to the room. To have the rug for a long time, you need to clean it regularly - vacuum once a week and once a year, do the deep cleaning.

  • Stylish and visually appealing - many interior designers highly value this rug. If you want to elevate your interior style, the shag rugs are the answer. The beauty behind it is that you can choose from different colors and materials. 

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5x7 jute rug

According to Wikipedia: "Jute rugs are made from the jute plant. The origins of this plant are in India and Bangladesh's tropical lowlands." This plant is widely farmed in comparison to cotton. These rugs are highly appreciated because they're known as "golden fiber" and have a lovely texture and organic feel. Also, it is environmentally beneficial, as jute is biodegradable. 

The question is how to style a 5x7 jute rug. Since the carpet is relatively more minor in size, here are a few suggestions that you can do with this rug:

  1. For a modern feel in any space. Jute rugs have a relaxed, seaside design that brings the vibe of simple and sophisticated decor. The carpets are versatile and stylish so that you can match jute with any home decor, and nowadays, interior designers choose to incorporate jute rugs in new and trendy styles. This way, you can achieve a balance that adds coverage and exciting texture to the home.

  2. A fashionable choice for bedroom space. By placing a jute rug in your bedroom, you can create a warm, welcoming environment and have a comfy spot for your feet next to the bed. These rugs are also incredible for muffling the noises of foot traffic. 

  3. Longevity for living room space. Even though jute rugs are a natural material, it's surprising because they can withstand much foot traffic. This is one of the best durable rugs; they bear wear and tear without getting affected. 

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Where to buy a 5x7 rug?

When looking for a perfect 5x7 rug, the first place we look is online. You can find a lot of different and beautiful rugs in that size, and you can make your own choice accordingly to what you are looking for. 

But let's face it - the rug market is enormous, so it often can feel overwhelming, and you can easily get lost while looking for a perfect match. To help you narrow it down, we made a short list of retailers where you can find 5x7 rugs: 

  • Walmart rugs 5x7. Since Walmart is a multinational retail corporation, you can find anything there, including 5x7 rugs. There you can see from Oriental or abstract design rugs to different colors of carpets that you can use in any space.

  • Amazon rugs 5x7. Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies where you can find all your new rugs. You can see monochrome design rugs or outdoor carpets, depending on what you are looking for.

  • Target rugs 5x7. Target is considered a big box department store, so naturally, you can see from geometrical design rugs to different colors of carpets that you can use in any space.

  • Wayfair rugs 5x7. Wayfair is an online home store where you can find things from rugs to furniture. They have a wide selection of rugs in 5x7 that might fit your needs and style. 

And we want to ensure you that every time you buy a new rug, you'll have the carpet that is the best quality and fit just for you. The AR tool lets you see the 5x7 rug before you make the final decision. The tool is designed on your phone - no particular app is needed - so you can easily pick and choose the rug from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean a 5x7 rug?

To clean an 5x7 rug, you will need a vacuum. First, vacuum the carpet and spot-clean it with a damp cloth and dish soap. Let the spot dry completely. For deep cleaning, you can do that once a year with the help of professionals.

2. How to choose a 5x7 rug?

Choosing the right 5x7 rug is hard because first, you need to see it in your space. You can do that by using the AR tool to select a jute rug. This tool lets you see the carpet in your home area; you only need your smartphone.