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Oushak Rugs

Oushak rugs are considered traditional ones that use a particular family of designs passed down from generation to generation. But in the modern world, the biggest challenge is choosing one.

First, you need to see how that rug looks in your space to make it more efficient. So, to ensure that you get the best-fitting carpet, we present you with a tool - AR. Click the video below to see how this tool works!

In this article, you will find the secrets of this unique Middle East gem that might become your favorite rug style.



Turkish Oushak rug

Oushak or Ushak rugs are woven in Western Turkey. They have distinct designs, for example, angular large-scale floral patterns. 

The beauty behind Turkish Oushak rugs is that they evoke calmness and peacefulness in a room which is an excellent addition if you want to put it in your bedroom. Since this rug is made more on the western side, the production of Oushak rugs continues with a contemporary feel and look. For more information on Oushak rugs, you can read here

The craftsman who makes these rugs or manufacturers who make the rugs give the most attention to the quality. Since these rugs are considered some of the finest in history, their aesthetic appeal is highly appreciated. The material for most of the Turkish Oushak rugs was cotton, wool, and silk. Take this into consideration before looking for a Turkish Oushak rug:

  • If the rug is hand-knotted, the more knots, the better rug;

  • The carpet's coloring can be dyed with organic vegetable dye; this is a more traditional way to dye the yarn.

A Turkish Oushak rug is an excellent addition to your home. You can see it in your space before purchasing with the AR tool if you need clarification on whether this is the best fit for you.

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Modern Oushak rug

When designing your home interior, you must tackle the living room first if you want a specific vibe in your home space. This is where you might spend a lot of time with family members, playing games with your friends, watching TV, or doing other activities. 

So, naturally, you want to make this space inviting and cozy so you can spend more time there. Since you know the living room can be a busy place in the house, you should choose a safe rug for everyone in your family, especially if you have children. 

Most modern Oushak rugs fit in the friendly category, so that they might have qualities like - ease of cleaning, durability, and non-toxicity. To help you make the best choice, here are the criteria explained:

  1. Easy to clean. Accidents happen all the time. This criterion is closely related to the rug's material. The ideal material will be the one you can quickly wipe down, and you won't need to worry about the carpet having the stain. So, the best material that is easy to clean - like wool. And most of the modern Oushak rugs are made from this material. 

  2. Durability. Living room space is one of the high-traffic areas in the home, so naturally, you would want to have a rug that you will have for a long time and won't wear too fast. This quality also depends a lot on the material. An excellent choice is a wool material rug, but if you don't want wool, the other great material is synthetic, for example, polypropylene or polyester. 

  3. Non-toxicity. This is one of the essential qualities you need to consider when decorating your home space if you have children or pets. Naturally, the most concerning thing are to have non-toxic rugs made without any added chemicals that can be pretty harsh - this information can be found on retailers' website or the rug label. 

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Oushak rugs 9x12

Nothing pulls a room together like a large rug. In an open-plan space, a large area rug, like Oushak rug in size 9x12, can define the specific area and visually separate it from the rest of your home. It can also dictate a room's mood and overall theme in an enclosed space. 

While 9x12 rugs belong to the large rug category, choosing which rug size to buy for your living room, dining room, or bedroom can be challenging. Here are some styling tips for Oushak rugs 9x12:

  1. Leave the carpet to shine through - make it a significant element in the room. The 9x12 rug must be LARGER than the largest piece of furniture in the space you want to put it. Ensure that the longest side of the carpet is more prolonged, at least 6 inches, than the largest piece of furniture. 

  2. Remember to leave some visible floor space. The golden rule is that you must distinguish between the floor and the rug; with this, try to create layers of colors, textures, and patterns using different materials. 

  3. Leave space for walkways. Another golden rule with styling a 9x12 rug is leaving about 18 inches from the carpet to the wall. This may not apply if you have a sofa against the wall. 

  4. PROPORTION. When it comes to a harmonious look in your home space, you must ensure that the rug is proportionate to the furniture and space! You want to avoid disbalance like a large rug and a small table, and vice versa.

  5. USE TAPE TO MEASURE. The great hack is to use the blue painter's tape to mark out the area of the 9x12 rug and then put your furniture there and see how that looks, or you can use our AR tool. 

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Blue Oushak rug

One of the most important things when looking for a rug is the color. Colors have a lot of emotional support or have meaning, and those meanings can help you make sure that you place the correct color rug in a suitable space and create the perfect atmosphere. So, for example, one of the most popular colors for an Oushak carpet is blue. 

The blue color, in general, is soothing and relaxing. This color is associated with peace and physical or mental relaxation. The perfect place to put a blue Oushak rug is in the bedroom. It can provide you with confidence, security, and even sincerity. 

Jeff Arcari says, "For years, the design world was ruled by grays and blues," so why not adding some blue-toned Oushak rugs in our space for maximum coziness. The beauty behind adding something blue is that you can quickly adapt such a rug to any room. 

A blue rug can help you reduce stress and create an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation. Other blue shades also have different meanings; for example, a light blue carpet can evoke healing, tranquillity, and understanding, which can be a great addition to the outdoor area or living room where you come to spend time with your family. Or dark blue can signify knowledge, power, and integrity, which can be put in your home office so that you can focus on your work. 

One of the rules is that there is no point in trying to perfectly match the color of your rugs to the existing colors in your room. Sometimes not matching can create a more cohesive look. And if you are trying too hard to fit everything, you will most likely have a depressing space.

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Vintage Oushak rug

One thing about vintage rugs is that people need help knowing where to start when looking in such a category. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to look up any information on the internet. Of course, the rug industry is enormous, so finding the perfect match can be quite a task. 

Vintage Oushak rugs, in general, are becoming more and more popular among a lot of homeowners. This happens because different materials and patterns of this type of rug can help you complete the look of your home space. A vintage rug can be a perfect addition to the dining area. In this area, most people tend to have quality family time so that you can create an ideal atmosphere. 

Most of the vintage Oushak rugs come in sizes that can cover a lot of flooring. The difference from wall-to-wall carpet is that you can still see the beautiful flooring. So, you need to be careful while choosing the rug size; if you put it in a smaller room, you can make that room feel smaller. So, the best way is to put it in a more prominent place. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an Oushak rug?

Created in Western Turkey, antique Oushak (or Ushak) rugs are known for their distinct features, such as an angular large-scale floral design.

  1. How to choose an Oushak rug?

Choosing the best Oushak rug is to see it in your space. You can do that by using the AR tool. This tool lets you see the carpet in your home; all you need is your smartphone.